Fluorescence-Raman Endomicroscopic Imaging System for Mu

D.H. Jeong
Seoul National University, KR

Keywords: fluorescence, Raman, endoscopy, multiplex molecular diagnosis


Optical-based endoscopic imaging techniques have been intensively explored for use in the diagnosis of specific cancers or for the determination of pathological conditions in suspicious lesions. In this study, to improve the accuracy and efficiency of endoscopic diagnosis,we developed the fluorescence-Raman endomicroscopic imaging system (FREIS) for in vivo multiplex molecular diagnosis involving fluorescence-SERS active nanoprobes (F-SERS dots). The FREIS was designed to simultaneously detect both of fluorescence and Raman signal that allowed to diagnose pathological conditions based on fluorescence images to track the targeted location, and Raman spectra to identify the types of targeted probes. To provide proof of our main concepts, various concentrations and mixtures of the F-SERS dots were measured using FREIS. Furthermore, in vivo targeting in a xenograft tumor model in living mouse was investigated; these experiments showed that FREIS has significant potential as a clinical endoscopic diagnosis tool that can be utilized during routine endoscopic procedures.