Applying Plasmon Resonant Coating to Commercial Liposomal Delivery Systems

S.S. Knights-Mitchell
University of Arizona, US

Keywords: liposome, plasmon resonance, controlled release


Multiple drug-encapsulated liposomes have been successfully marketed as pharmaceuticals within the past two decades. Some of these liposomal drugs have been shown to selectively localize within tumors. However, one limitation is the inability to control content release once the drug gets to its desired location. We have described a process to coat liposomes with gold to form nanoshells. These constructs possess a complex refractive index that allows plasmon resonance to occur in the visible and near infrared range. Specifically, the plasmon resonant coating facilitates the release of encapsulated contents upon laser light illumination. We have demonstrated that these gold-coated liposomes are capable of releasing their contents in a spectrally-controlled manner, whereby the content is released only upon illumination with a wavelength of light matching their plasmon resonance band, enabling various multiplexed release assays , . This provides the unique ability to control where and when liposomal contents are released. This study focuses on the ability to make commercially available Doxil plasmon resonant.