Evaluation of the potential of single particle ICP-MS to assess the influence of the coating on the stability of AuNPs

A.R. Montoro Bustos, M.R. Winchester, E.J. Petersen
National Institute of Standards and Technology, US

Keywords: gold nanoparticles, single particle ICP-MS, coating, sizing and counting


This communication explores the outstanding capabilities of the emerging and promising technique of Single particle inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (spICP-MS)for the quantitative evaluation of the influence of different coatings on the stability of AuNPs. It is expected that the highly valuable information provided by spICP-MS could offer a deeper understanding of the role of the coating in the behavior of AuNPs in suspension at environmentally relevant concentrations. In addition, the effect of different factors important in aqueous media, such as pH, buffer composition, salts, and organic matter, in the stability of the nanoparticulate species, their solubility, and their agglomeration/aggregation state will be presented. To further address the usefulness of spICP-MS for this type of application, we will also report the results of a statistical study to evaluate the variability of spICP-MS results for the size characterization of NIST reference materials 8012 and 8013 AuNPs obtained by several laboratories around the world.