3D printing: How emerging materials, applications, and business models will disrupt manufacturing and enhance future innovation

A.C. Vicari
Lux Research, US

Keywords: additive manufacturing, 3D printing


From personalized medicine to personal drones, 3D printing – the additive manufacturing of objects by depositing and patterning successive layers of material – has been touted as an enabling platform for many compelling applications. Among all the hype, the true impact of 3D printing is uncertain: Some believe the technology will eventually be more disruptive than the Internet and printing press combined, while others consider its impact to go little beyond hobbyists and artists with too much free time. Like most emerging technologies, the specific trajectory 3D printing actually takes along this disruptive innovation continuum will largely depend on conquering commercialization challenges. This talk will examine how advances in 3D printing methods, printing equipment, and printable materials technology will impact manufacturing in major industries including aerospace, medical, automotive, and consumer goods.