Method Development and Application for Nanostructured Material Exposure Assessment in Mixed Dust Environments

M.L. Kreider, W.D. Cyrs, M.T. Tosiano, J.M. Panko
Cardno ChemRisk, US

Keywords: exposure assessment, occupational, cascade impactor


The purpose of this study was to develop a methodology using a low pressure cascade impactor to conduct quantitative exposure assessment of nanostructured materials in mixed dust settings, using carbon black and amorphous silica. We collected air samples using the Dekati Electrical Low Pressure Impactor (ELPI) in a tire manufacturing facility and developed a methodology to analyze the size-fractionated samples for carbon black and amorphous silica, using scanning transmission electron microscopy, coupled with electron dispersive spectroscopy. We will review the method development and present the results from facility sampling to demonstrate the utility of the methodology. With pending development of occupational exposure estimates for nanoscale materials, this methodology will allow occupational health and safety practitioners to estimate worker exposures to specific materials, even in scenarios where many particle types may be contributing to total particulate exposure.