Surfactants Nanocarriers to Enhanced oil Recovery (EOR)

R.S.V. Nascimento

Keywords: EOR, nanocarriers, surfactant, interfacial tension


The use organic surfactant nanocarriers as interfacial tension reducing agents is proposed in this work. These particles are able to permeate into the pores of the reservoir and release the surfactant by solubilization of the surfactant nanocarrier in the oil surface and consequently reducing the loss of surfactant by adsorption on the rock surface, as well as increasing the efficiency of the recovery process. Different types of nanoparticles were obtained and their morphology was characterized by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and their size was measured by light scattering techniques (photon correlation spectroscopy - PCS). The efficiency of the process using the surfactant nanocarriers developed was evaluated by interfacial tension measurements between the aqueous nanoparticles suspensions and hydrocarbon mixtures using the Du Nouy ring and spinning drop methods.