Production technologies for large area flexible electronics

T. Kolbusch, K. Crone
Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, DE

Keywords: printed Electronics, coating, printing, laser, nano-imprint, scaling-up processes, production lines


There is a wide variety of printed large area flexible electronic devices and at the same time a number of different visions and estimates for this new emerging industry and market. But as every new industry or technology, printed electronics has to overcome technology red brick walls and be competitive enough against existing technologies. The talk gives a broad picture on new products and describes the potential market outlook, tries to give a definition of common characteristics for printed electronics and shows how to scale up processes from lab to fab. Then the talk gets more detailed into needed processes, parameters, printing systems, laser scribing, nano-imprint and coating systems. The equipment solutions of today and tomorrow will be described and an outlook into large scale factory solutions will be given.