Industrialisation of innovative nanotechnology- based systems and devices for health applications

R.T. Tshikhudo, M. Makhafola
Mintek, ZA

Keywords: nanotechnology, health, industrialisation, commercialisation


Development of nanostructured materials (organic, inorganic or devices) with novel or new properties and understanding the principles underpinning their operation is essential towards realising the real applications of nanotechnology. In South Africa, the national nanotechnology strategy was developed in order to address key socio-economic issues facing the country. Mintek, through DST/Mintek Nanotechnology Innovation Centre (NIC) is one of the key implementing agencies of the national nanotechnology strategy by developing and commercialising innovative nanotechnology-based systems and devices for health and water application. Specifically, for the health applications, the centre develops metal nanoparticles and biomarkers products (such as noble metal nanoparticles and peptides) at industrial scale for various biomedical applications. Furthermore, advanced nanostructured materials are used to develop cost-effective novel lateral flow and electrochemical sensors devices for human and animal diseases. In this presentation, key issues pertaining to the preparation, industrialisation and our approach to commercialisation of these technologies will be discussed.