Rheological performance and NMR structure investigation of ultrasound crumb rubber modified bitumen

L. Filippelli, F.E. Antunes, L. Gentile, A. Spadafora, G.A. Ranieri, C.O. Rossi
University of Calabria, IT

Keywords: rubber asphalt, bitumen, ultrasounds, rheology, NMR


Rubber from tyres is a waste material with a highly valuable constituents. the introduction of crumb rubber in the production of asphalt rubber (AR) mixes for road pavements should be considered as a sustainable technology and a way to improve bitumen mechanical behaviour. As an asphalt additive, the wasted rubber needs to be devulcanized. In this work we investigated the influence of ultrasound treated crumb rubber modifier (UCRM) on the structure and rheological properties of bitumen binder. Ultrasounds cause the partial devulcanization of the crumb rubber and this seems to result into enhanced mechanical properties in a wide range of temperatures.