TechConnect World 2013 Program - Thursday May 16

8:15Agency One-on-One Meetings (0830-1200)Baltimore 3-4
8:15Track 1: Operational Hurdles and Legal Issues Faced by Small BusinessAnnapolis 1-2
8:15What Should I Know About Fraud, Waste and Abuse?Annapolis 1-2
Session chair: Jere Glover, Brand & Frulla PC, US
-E. Saracino, NASA, US (bio)
-M. Fisher, NSF, US
9:05Data Rights – How Does SBIR/STTR Differ From Other Federal Programs?Annapolis 1-2
Session chair: Dave Metzger, Arnold & Porter LLC
-J. Williams, Department of Navy, SBIR/STTR, US (bio)
10:15What should I know about ITAR?Annapolis 1-2
-M. Ginsberg, Arnold & Porter LLC, US (bio)
-D. Shack, ONR, US (bio)
11:05What Are My Options in Developing a Manufacturing Competency?Annapolis 1-2
Session chair: Clara Asmail, NIST Manufacturing Extension Program, US
-C. Owens, Lockheed Martin, US (bio)
-P. Fleming, NIST MEP, US (bio)
-T. Mulligan, Hydronalix Inc., US (bio)
8:15Track 2: How Successful Small Businesses Have Used the SBIR and STTR ProgramsAnnapolis 3-4
8:15Small Firms Discuss the Keys to Their DOD SBIR Program SuccessAnnapolis 3-4
Session chair: Chris Rinaldi, OSD OSBP DOD, US
9:05Small Business Discuss the Keys to Their Non-DOD SBIR Program SuccessAnnapolis 3-4
Session chair: Robert Brooke, VA Center for Innovative Technology, US
-T. Wavering, Intelligent Automation, Inc., US (bio)
-C. Crump, A-Frame Digital, US (bio)
-E. Wagener, Tetramer Technologies, US (bio)
10:15Pre-Award Accounting SystemsAnnapolis 3-4
Session chair: Ed Jameson, Jameson & Co., US
-C. Andrezze, DOD, US (bio)
11:05What SBIR/STTR Support is Available at State, Regional or Local Levels?Annapolis 3-4
Session chair: Rick Shindell, Zyn Systems, US
-R. Friesenhahn, Montana State University, US (bio)
-R. Keller, Louisiana State University, US (bio)
8:15Track 3. Business Development and Success StoriesBaltimore 1-2
8:15Changes to Size Standard and Certification Process Based on SBIR ReauthorizationBaltimore 1-2
Session chair: Edsel Brown, SBA, US
-M. Guerzon, SBA, Office of General Counsel, US (bio)
-A. Lee, SBA, Office of Innovation, US (bio)
9:05How Do I Approach Potential Investors?Baltimore 1-2
Session chair: Julia Spicer, Mid-Atlantic Venture Association, US
-P. Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US (bio)
-D. Novak, Inventis Group, US (bio)
-S. Mallon, VA Center for Innovative Technology Gap Fund, US
10:15Outreach to Women- and Minority-Owned BusinessesBaltimore 1-2
Session chair: Tyrone Taylor, National Research Council, US
-A. Millman, Springboard Enterprises, US (bio)
-N. Jain, Golden Seed, US (bio)
-E. Aldophe, CenterScope Technologies, US (bio)
-R. Shepard, Science and Engineering Alliance, US (bio)
-S. Shivakumar, National Academies of Science, US (bio)

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