TechConnect World 2013 - Full Program - All Sessions

Sunday May 12

9:00Sunday - Technology Innovation Short Courses
5:00TechConnect Welcome & Short Course Mixer (no host), Belvedere Lobby Bar

Monday May 13

7:00Monday - TechConnect & National Innovation Summit Registration
8:15Techconnect World and National Innovation Summit - Keynotes
10:00Expo - Coffee Break
11:00Carbon Nanostructures
11:00Nanoparticles: Gas phase sythesis & processing of nanoparticles
11:00Novel Nanocomposites I
11:00Soft Nanotechnology & Colloids I
11:00Catalysis: Nano-Magnetic Catalysts
11:00Bio Nano Materials: Self-assembling & biomimetic materials
11:00Green Electronics
11:00Micro & Nano Fluidics: Particle & cell transport
11:00Cancer Nanotechology I
11:00Energy Storage
11:00Reconfigurable Nanofabs for Nanoscale Printing of Electronics and Sensors
11:00NNI National Signature Initiative - Keynotes
11:00Carbon Capture I
11:00Nanoscale Materials Characterization: Indirect space I
11:00Innovation Spotlights: Electronics & Energy
11:00Chemistry and Materials Science for a Sustainable Future: BASF Special Session
12:00Networking Lunch (for purchase) - Expo Hall A
2:00CNS: Electronics & Devices
2:00Nanoparticles: Functionalized & wet synthesis of nanoparticles
2:00Novel Nanocomposites II
2:00Nanotechnology Knowledge Infrastructure - NNI Signature Initiative Symposium
2:00Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Collection and Conversion I
2:00Soft Nanotechnology & Colloids II
2:00Catalysis: Nanomaterials for Catalysis
2:00Bio Nano Materials for pharmaceutical applications
2:00Organic & Flexible Electronics I
2:00Coatings & Surfaces: Superhydrophobic/hydrophilic surface applications I
2:00Micro & Nano Fluidics: Biofluidic Devices
2:00Cancer Nanotechology II
2:00Nanomaterials EHS: Progress in methods, research, and test strategies
2:00Energy Storage: Batteries & Electrochemical Storage
2:00Nanoscale Materials Characterization: Indirect space II
2:00INTO-RAM ATHENA: Multi-organ Platform for Rapid Assessment of Medical Countermeasures - DTRA Special Session
2:00Carbon Capture II
2:00Innovation Spotlights: Advanced Materials I
2:00Innovation Spotlights: Defense & Energy
4:00Innovation Spotlights: Electronics, Security & Defense
4:00Innovation Spotlights: Materials & Energy
4:30Strategic Partnership & Nanotech Opportunities in China
6:00Thermo Scientific - Open Workshop
7:00Student Mixer - National Pastime Sports Bar - Atrium Level (no host)
4:30TechConnect Poster Session I & Reception
Solar: Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Collection and Conversion NNI Signature Initiative - Posters 4:00
Solar: Technologies & Devices I - Posters 4:00
Nano Electronics Devices - Posters 4:00
Soft Nanotechnology & Colloids - Posters 4:00
Bio Nano Materials I - Posters 4:00
NanoFab: Advanced Nanoscale Fabrication I - Posters 4:00
Environmental Health & Safety - Posters 4:00
Carbon Nano Structures & Devices I - Posters 4:00
Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications I - Posters 4:00
Nanostructured Coatings, Surfaces & Membranes - Posters 4:00
Nanoscale Materials Characterization I - Posters 4:00
Nanomaterials for Catalysis I - Posters 4:00
Green Chemistry & Materials - Posters 4:00
Renewable Energy Technologies - Posters 4:00
Cancer Nanotechnology - Posters 4:00
Biosensing, Diagnostics & Imaging I - Posters 4:00
Micro & Nano Fluidics - Posters 4:00
Modeling & Simulation of Microsystems - Posters 4:00

Tuesday May 14

8:30Keynote Panel: The Future of National & Global Innovation
9:00DOE - Technology Transfer Working Group (9:00 - 5:00)
9:00Nanomedicine NNBM Editorial Board Room (9:00 - 5:00)
10:00Expo - Coffee Break
10:30Innovation Spotlights: Advanced Materials
10:30Innovation Spotlights: Biotech & Biosciences
10:30Modeling & Simulation at the Nanoscale
11:00CNS: Synthesis & Applications
11:00Nanoparticles: Synthesis of Nanoparticles
11:00Coatings & Surfaces: Superhydrophobic/hydrophilic surface applications II
11:00Bio Nano Materials: Cellular interactions & tissue regeneration
11:00Materials for Drug & Gene Delivery I
11:00Organic & Flexible Electronics II
11:00Nanoparticle release during life cycle of consumer products & nanocomposites I
11:00Energy Storage: Fuelcell Technologies & Applications
11:00Nanotech & Cleantech for Oil & Gas
11:00Bio Sources for Materials & Fuels
11:00Nano Electronics for 2020 and Beyond I
11:00MEMS & NEMS: Novel Applications & Devices I
11:00Nanoscale Materials Characterization: Vendor Sessions
11:00Biosensors: Nanoparticles in Imaging Technologies
12:00Networking Lunch (for purchase) - Expo Hall A
1:00National SBIR Conference: Agency Roundtables (1:00 - 4:00) ALL Attendees Encouraged to Join
1:00SBIR Short Course - Phase I SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation (1300-1700, additional registration required)
1:00SBIR Short Course - Phase II SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation (1300-1700, additional registration required)
1:00SBIR Short Course - Cost Accounting and Passing an Audit (1300-1700, additional registration required)
1:30TechConnect Poster Session II
Solar: Technologies & Devices II - Posters 1:30
Sustainable Nanomanufacturing NNI Signature Initiative - Posters 1:30
Nanotech for Sensors & Sensors for Nanotech NNI Signature Initiative - Posters 1:30
Nanotechnology Knowledge Infrastructure NNI Signature Initiative Symposium - Posters 1:30
Modeling & Simulation at the Nanoscale - Posters 1:30
Bio Nano Materials II - Posters 1:30
NanoFab: Advanced Nanoscale Fabrication II - Posters 1:30
Photonic Materials & Devices - Posters 1:30
Carbon Nano Structures & Devices II - Posters 1:30
Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications II - Posters 1:30
Nanoscale Materials Characterization II - Posters 1:30
Power Grid & Distribution - Posters 1:30
Nanotech & Cleantech for Oil & Gas - Posters 1:30
Nanomaterials for Catalysis II - Posters 1:30
Bio Sources for Materials & Fuels - Posters 1:30
Materials for Drug & Gene Delivery - Posters 1:30
Biosensing, Diagnostics & Imaging II - Posters 1:30
Organic & Flexible Electronics - Posters 1:30
Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication - Posters 1:30
MEMS & NEMS Devices & Applications - Posters 1:30
1:30DOE - Technology Transfer Working Group
2:30Innovation Spotlights: Transportation & Energy
3:00Innovation Spotlights: Materials & Chemicals
3:00Nanoparticle release during life cycle of consumer products & nanocomposites II
3:00Nano Electronics for 2020 and Beyond II
3:00Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Collection and Conversion II
3:45Solar: Organic Solar Technologies
3:00NanoFab: Advanced Patterning & Fabrication Methods
3:00Nanoscale Materials Characterization: Direct Imaging
3:00Biosensors: Clinical/health Applications
3:30Compact Modeling & Device Modeling of Microsystems
3:30Advanced Materials for Green Building
3:30MEMS & NEMS: Novel Fabrication & Materials
3:30Nanocellulose Composites
3:30Materials for Drug & Gene Delivery II
3:30Micro & Nano Fluidics: Devices
4:00Coatings & Surfaces: Modeling
4:00CNS: Aerospace
4:00Nanofluids: Oil & Gas Industry Applications
4:00Grid & Power Distribution
4:00Innovation Spotlights: Energy Storage & Efficiency
4:30Innovation Spotlights: Pharma & Medical Devices
5:00Nanomedicine - NNBM Editorial Meeting (5:00 - 6:30)
5:30National Innovation & Federal Agency Showcase
7:00Nanomedicine - NNBM ''Meet the Editor'' Reception (7:00 - 9:00)

Wednesday May 15

8:00National SBIR Conference - Opening Keynotes
8:30Nano Medicine I
8:30Nanoparticle release during life cycle of consumer products & nanocomposites III
8:30MEMS & NEMS: Novel Applications & Devices II
8:30NanoNuclear Materials, Fuels, Applications
8:30Polymer Nanotechnology
8:30Solar: Novel Technologies for Solar
8:30Energy Storage: Supercapacitors & Magnetic Storage I
8:30NanoFab: Advanced Processing
8:30Nanoparticles: Life Sciences & Biomaterials
8:30Biosensors: Novel Approaches & Instrumentation
8:30Graphene Keynotes
8:30Special Session: The importance of Characterization to Technology
8:30Coatings & Surfaces: Novel coatings and surfaces
8:30Nanotechnology Knowledge Infrastructure (NKI) Town Hall - NNI Signature Initiative Symposium
9:00DOE Industry Collaborations with the National Laboratories - Special Session
10:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase - Coffee Break
10:15DOE, NASA, NIH & NSF SBIR/STTR: Program Summary
10:15DOD SBIR/STTR: Program Elements & Service/Component Summary
10:45DOD Services/Components Summary
10:15EPA, DHS, DOAg, DOT, NIST, NOAA: Program Summary
10:30Materials for Drug & Gene Delivery III
10:30Photonic Materials & Devices I
10:30Nano Medicine II
11:00EHS: Safer Design Principles I
11:00Energy Composites
11:00Nanofluids II
11:00Sustainable Nanomanufacturing I - NNI Signature Initiative
11:00Nanotechnology for Sensors and Sensors for Nanotechnology I - NNI Signature Initiative
11:00Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication
11:00Nano Electronics: Material Characterization
11:00Nanowires Applications
11:00Energy Storage: Supercapacitors & Magnetic Storage II
11:00Graphene: Innovations in synthesis & production
11:00Innovation Spotlights: Pharma & Biotech
11:00Innovation Spotlights: Water
11:00How National User Research Facilities Can Give Your Company an Advantage - Special Session
12:00Innovation Showcase Networking Lunch (for purchase) - Maryland Ballroom
1:00Agency One-on-One Meetings (1300-1700)
1:15Track 1: Commercialization & Partnering (Non-DOD)
1:15Non-DOD Agency Commercialization Programs and Expectations
2:05Developing Strong Commercialization (Transition) Plans
3:15Forming Partnerships with Large Firms (Non-DOD firms)
4:05Forming Partnerships: Universities, Federal Labs, FFRDCs
1:15Track 2: DOD Services and Components SBIR/STTR Programs
1:15What Are the Elements of Winning DOD Phase I and II Proposals?
2:05DOD Commercialization Readiness Program
3:15Partnering with DOD Prime Contractors
4:05What Should I Know About the DOD Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF)?
1:15Track 3: Application & Evaluation (Non-DOD)
1:15How Do I Apply For a Grant Using “”?
2:05What Constitutes a Winning Proposal for Granting Agencies?
3:15Does My Technology Have Varied Agency Applications? Find Out!
1:30Nano Medicine III
2:00Graphene: Nanoelectronics
2:00Natural Nanocomposites
2:00Nanofluids III
2:00Sustainable Nanomanufacturing II - NNI Signature Initiative
2:00Nanotechnology for Sensors and Sensors for Nanotechnology II - NNI Signature Initiative
2:00Polymers for Drug and Gene Delivery
2:00Photonic Materials & Devices II
2:00Inkjet Applications
2:00EHS: Safer Design Principles II
2:00Advanced Water Technologies
2:00Energy Storage: Novel Storage & Harvesting
2:00Innovation Spotlights: Materials & Chemicals
2:00Innovation Spotlights: Energy Management & Security
3:30Nano Medicine IV
4:00Innovation Spotlights: Medical Devices
4:00Innovation Spotlights: Renewable & Novel Energy
4:00Understanding the Ins and Outs of University-Industry Collaborations and How to Benefit from Them - UIDP Special Session
5:00National Innovation & Federal Agency Showcase
7:00SBIR Innovators Mixer, National Pastime Sports Bar - Atrium Level (no-host)
5:00TechConnect Poster Session III
Composite Materials - Posters 5:00
Polymer Nanotechnology - Posters 5:00
Graphene - Posters 5:00
Nanofluids - Posters 5:00
Nanostructured Materials & Devices - Posters 5:00
Water Technologies - Posters 5:00
Energy Storage & Novel Generation - Posters 5:00
NanoNuclear Materials, Fuels, Applications - Posters 5:00
Advanced Materials for Green Building - Posters 5:00
Materials for Drug & Gene Delivery - Posters 5:00
Nano Medical Sciences - Posters 5:00
7:00TechConnect Innovators Banquet (additional registration required)

Thursday May 16

8:15Agency One-on-One Meetings (0830-1200)
8:15Track 1: Operational Hurdles and Legal Issues Faced by Small Business
8:15What Should I Know About Fraud, Waste and Abuse?
9:05Data Rights – How Does SBIR/STTR Differ From Other Federal Programs?
10:15What should I know about ITAR?
11:05What Are My Options in Developing a Manufacturing Competency?
8:15Track 2: How Successful Small Businesses Have Used the SBIR and STTR Programs
8:15Small Firms Discuss the Keys to Their DOD SBIR Program Success
9:05Small Business Discuss the Keys to Their Non-DOD SBIR Program Success
10:15Pre-Award Accounting Systems
11:05What SBIR/STTR Support is Available at State, Regional or Local Levels?
8:15Track 3. Business Development and Success Stories
8:15Changes to Size Standard and Certification Process Based on SBIR Reauthorization
9:05How Do I Approach Potential Investors?
10:15Outreach to Women- and Minority-Owned Businesses

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