Abstract Preparation Instructions

Authors are invited to prepare abstracts, two pages in length, including text and figures. Text should be placed on the first page, figures occupying the second page. The abstract must explicitly highlight the new aspects of the work and conclusions that can be drawn; main results must be clearly indicated. The abstract shall be no more than 500 words in length, using no smaller than 12-point type.

The abstract should include the paper title, author’s name, affiliation, address, fax and telephone numbers and e-mail. Underline the presenting author and at the bottom of your abstract, indicate the topic area of your paper.

Abstracts will be reviewed and selected according to how well they address the following questions:

  • What are the significant new accomplishments?
  • What is new in relation to previous work? Provide references to relevant literature (including publications by the author’s group).
  • What is the goal or motivation of the work?
  • What is the impact or significance of the results to the nanotechnology, clean technology, microtechnology, or biotechnology fields?
  • If your work involves modeling and simulation, state unambiguously whether results have been compared to experimental data, and provide details.

Contributed papers will be considered for either oral or poster presentation unless the authors specifically request the poster session. Oral presentations will be allotted 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion.

In addition to the technical program, an exciting series of networking events are being prepared to allow attendees ample opportunity to network and interact socially.

Electronic Format for Abstract Submission

The Adobe PDF© electronic file format must be used for submission of abstracts.


  • There is a 4MB file size limit for upload of your PDF file
  • DO NOT ENCRYPT your PDF file
  • You will need to use a revision 4.0 (or later) browser to upload your abstract
  • Use normal security setting for your browser
  • Your file must have the correct file extension: .pdf
If you are unable to submit you abstract online, send it by e-mail to the conference secretariat: .

Journal Submissions


You may request that a revised and extended version of your paper be considered for submission to one of the following journals. During the online abstract submission, select the journal you wish to be considered for. Note: this does not guarantee acceptance or inclusion to the selected Journal.

Authors who have requested special Journal consideration will be contacted directly by the journal editors after the event. Accepted authors will be given specific instructions for submitting to the Journal. We do not make the Journal acceptance decisions.

Conference Technical Proceedings


Accepted oral and poster presenters must provide a 4-page paper for publication in the

The conference Technical Proceedings (CDROM), consisting of articles submitted by authors of both oral and poster presentations will, be distributed to participants at registration.

Visas and Invitation Letters

For our international attendees, information about obtaining visas for travel to the United States is posted here.

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