Vibration-assisted convective deposition

T. Muangnapoh, A. Weldon, J. Gilchrist
Lehigh University, US

Keywords: evaporation, film, colloid, nanoparticle, coating


There is no simpler way to modify a surface’s physical, chemical, and optical characteristics than by depositing particles on its surface. This project explored fundamental aspects and applications of “convective deposition”, an evaporation-driven thin film coating process that self-assembles nanoparticles into ordered arrays. The approach differed from previous studies by examining the effect of modifying deposition not by explicitly changing the surface, particle, or fluid properties, but by changing the flow in the thin film and altering the interactions of particles through additions of other species. This study demonstrates how addition of sinusoidal motion in the direction of deposition aids in higher speed and higher quality monolayer fabrication. Related applications in membrane formation and optical coatings will be demonstrated.