Bioprinting Technology for Regenerative Medicine Applications

J. Yoo
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, US

Keywords: inkjet, medicine, tissues


Advances in micro- and nano-scale processing technologies have provided various therapeutic opportunities in the field of medicine. While techniques developed for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications have had initial successes in building a number of tissues clinically, challenges still exist in developing complex tissue systems. One challenge that hampers rapid clinical translation is the lack of effective delivery methods for cells and biomaterials. Living tissues maintain inherent multi-cellular heterogeneous structures, and rebuilding of such complex tissue structures requires subtle arrangements of different cell types and extracellular matrices at their specific anatomical target sites. Biofabrication using an inkjet printing technology has been proposed as a tool to address this endeavor. In this session novel and versatile approaches to building tissue structures using biofabrication technology will be discussed. Development strategies that facilitate a rapid clinical translation will also be discussed.