A better biomaterial for bone regeneration: type II collagen

Y.H. Tsai
Taipei Medical University, TW

Keywords: type II collagen, hNSC, osteogenesis, calcium deposition, bone regeneration


Type II collagen facilitates osteogenesis and suppresses adipogenesis simultaneously during early stage of MSC differentiation, mediated through the same signaling cascades. Type II collagen-coated plates enhanced BMSC mineralization better than did either non-coated or type I collagen-coated groups. While implanted in the fracture bone of rats, the type II collagen-HA/TCP (nano-particle) scaffold group showed significant faster bone formation at the reunion site, higher SFI scoring of foot-stepping and better locomotion as comparing to that of control group or type I collagen-HA/TCP group did. Collectively, type II collagen serves as an important modulator during early osteogenic differentiation of BMSCs, and enhance bone defect repair through an endochondral ossification-like process. The information advances our understanding about the cartilaginous ECM-BMSC interaction and provides perspective strategies for faster bone regeneration