An Examination of the Impact of Magnetic Field on the Convective Heat Transfer in Tuneable Nanofluids

R. Azizian, E. Doroodchi, T. McKrell, J. Buongiorno, L.W. Hu, B. Moghtaderi
The University of Newcastle, AU

Keywords: magnetic field, convective heat transfer, tuneable nanofluids


This study examines the thermal enhancement properties of magnetite ferro-based nanofluids subjected to an external magnetic field (i.e. tuneable Nanofluids). Recent studies and indeed our own investigations indicate that the thermal conductivity of magnetite ferro-fluids can be raised to levels much higher than any other nanofluids when subjected to an external magnetic field. A comprehensive series of experimental and modelling investigations were carried out to better understand the role and impact of the magnetic field on the convective heat transfer properties of tuneable nanofluids. This paper summaries the results of these investigations. For more details please refer to the attached abstract.