Enerize Corporation


Florida, United States


Elena Shembel



Primary Industry: 

Energy Storage

Executive Summary: 

Enerize - an early-revenue company commercializing advanced solid state Li-based batteries and advanced manufacturing methods. Key advantages - battery COG, working temperature to 300° C, flexible form factors, low capacity fade, potential to 2x current 600 Wh/L volumetric, 300 Wh/kg gravimetric energy density. Prototyped cells show better performance than current consumer electronics LiCoO2 batteries, at lower cost, with much higher safety. Our nanostructured binderless Si:C anodes manufactured using high rate gas detonation deposition have 1,100 mAh/g capacity. Our proprietary, stabilized solid electrolyte permits charging to 4.8V, prevents gas evolution, slows capacity fade by nearly 50%, resulting in extended cell working life and longer run time per cycle. Our very experienced battery development team has 20 PhDs, 12 US patents granted, 24 pending, 1 UK patent, 14 international PCT patent applications. Current funding is from sweat equity, revenues, and angels. Funding goals are (1) close $600,000 angel funding to implement marketing & sales program and establish business partnerships with two or three large corporations in US, EU, East Asia, (2) close $10 million A round CY 2012 to establish pilot battery production in Silicon Valley and support business partners globally.