Photocatalytic activity of mesoporous titanium dioxide nanoparticles under visible light irradiation

Y. Ikuma, S. Kida, R. Kuramoto, K. Niwa, S. Anandan
Kanagawa Inst. of Tech., JP

Keywords: photocatalysis, titanium dioxide, mesoporous, hydrogen, visible light


Using surfactant and other chemicals, nano-template consisting of SiO2 was first prepared. Then the template was treated in titanium tetra-isopropoxide dissolved in 1-propanol to convert silicon into titanium. The product was heated in air or nitrogen atmosphere to several different temperatures to form mesoporous titanium dioxide nanoparticles. The surface area of nanoparticles was about 250 m2/g. X-ray diffraction revealed that the particles were well crystallized. Photocatalytic activity of the final products was studied by exposing to visible light, and other light with different wave length to the nanoparticles when they were placed in methanol solution. For nanoparticles fired at 500oC in nitrogen atmosphere, the amount of hydrogen was larger than the amount of hydrogen produced by nanoparticles fired in air.