Fabrication of amine-functionalized polymer reduced graphene oxide core-shell microsphere

J.S. Oh, S.H. Kim, J.P. Hong, T.S. Hwang, S.C. Hong, J.D. Nam
Sungkyunkwan University, KR

Keywords: graphene, core-shell, microsphere, composite


We demonstrate the self-assembly of GO sheets onto amine-functionalized polymer microspheres and subsequent chemical reduction of the assembled GO sheets, forming reduced graphene oxide (RGO) shell on polymer microspheres with core-shell structures. After the chemical reduction process, the RGO/polymer core-shell microsphere shows electrical conductivity resulting from partial restoraration of graphene structure. This technique is simple and readily capable of producing large-volumes of conductive core-shell microspheres with uniform size. We believe that the developed core-shell structures may find potential uses in electronic packaging and various optoelectronic devices.