Multifunctional Nanocomposites: Modeling and Characterization

J.M. Wernik, S.A. Meguid
University of Toronto, CA

Keywords: nanocomposite, multifunctional, carbon nanotube


Unlike traditional adhesive bonds, where only one material property is enhanced, multifunctional systems are capable of fulfilling several design requirements (e.g., strength/toughness, sensing, actuation, and condition monitoring). In this research, we intend to introduce this intelligent multifunctionality by homogeneously dispersing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) into epoxy adhesives. Specifically, we are interested in improving the mechanical properties and the electrical conductivity of the adhesive. The increased electrical conductivity would facilitate the use of the embedded nanofillers for sensing in situ local damage, thus allowing the quantitative in-flight self-health monitoring of structural adhesive bonds in modern aircraft.