Smart Colloid and Its Applications in Microdevices

W. Wen
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK

Keywords: soft materials, smart colloid


Electrorheological (ER) fluid is considered as a kind of smart colloid which is able to be used for microdevice systems to achieve active and precise control of fluid by electrical signal, while such materials with “smart” character can broaden and enhance the functionalities of micro/nano chips. Microfluidics, especially droplet microfluidic, attracts much attention recently from diverse research fields due to its highly integration, digitalization and computer-controlled characteristics. Here, we will introduce some of our experimental results of ER fluid-based microfluidic droplet generation and manipulation. Two methodologies by employing ER fluid into microfluidic system: digital generation, manipulation of “smart droplets” and droplet manipulation by ER fluid will be presented. Once it is combined with real-time detection, electrorheologically integrated chip with many functions can be realized. Some other applications of using GER fluid in microfluidic chips, such as the microfluidic logical gates, are also introduced.