FreeNano - Test Methods for Release of Pigment-Nanoparticles Into the Environment at the End of Life Cycle

M. Stintz
TU Dresden, DE

Keywords: nanoparticle, nano-object, release, pigment, surface coating


Several coatings with and without nanoscaled additives and pigments were exposed to artificial aging and weathering, before they experienced a mechanical treatment by sanding with process parameters similar to professional sanding condition. The miniature sanding test setup was built up in a particle free environment for the quantification of the potential nanoparticle release into air. The released particles were moved by a defined air flow to a fast mobility particle sizer and other aerosol measurement equipment to enable the calculation of a specific particle release rate additionally to the particle size distribution. First results on artificially UV-light aged and moisture and temperature weathered surface coatings show an increase of the nanoparticle release, possibly caused by embrittlement of the matrix material, since no free nanoscaled pigments were observed during TEM analyses.