Nanoparticle Analysis with a Tunable Pore Sensor for Monitoring of Drug Delivery Systems

Y. Ganor
Izon Science Ltd, US

Keywords: nanoscale structure analysis


Promising nanoscale drug delivery structures such as contrast agent microcapsules, liposomes and virus-like-particles, can be monitored, analysed and quantified by a novel size-tuneable pore sensor that allows the measurement of particles suspended in an ionic buffer. The sensor is based on the Coulter principle at the nano scale, and operates by detecting transient changes in the ionic current generated by the transport of the target particles through a single nanopore in a polyurethane membrane. The transport rate is adjusted by an electric field and bulk pressure across the membrane. This technology opens the route for rapid and detailed characterization of particle size distribution, concentration, aggregate formation, and relative surface charge distribution, all determined simultaneously.