Targeted Nanosponges as Superior Delivery Systems: Practical Synthesis and Efficacy Testing

E.M. Harth
Vanderbilt University, US

Keywords: nanosponge, drug delivery


The presented delivery system, features a 3-D nanoscopic degradable organic network, that similar to sponges can entrap the drug molecule in the interior. Furthermore, the globular nano-network can be functionalized with targeting units to guide the delivery system to the tumor cell and vasculature. The developed Click-chemistries allow for an easy attachment and do not compromise the nanoparticle backbone or the peptide targeting units. We have investigated three different targeting units that are able to deliver the device to a variety of cancer types. Tailored linear release kinetics have been developed that release the drug in a constant rate that can be tuned to a fast, medium and slow release. These drug release profiles governed by the versatility in the nanosponge design are suited to personalize clinical protocols and prevent over or under-dosing of the therapeutic. We have observed in three tumor models up to five times higher efficacy of drug molecules as the result of a combination of drug solubility, release and targeting.