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TechConnect World 2011 Program - Wednesday June 15

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7:30Wednesday - TechConnect World RegistrationRegistration Area
8:30Smart Grid & Storage Utility Needs & PartneringBall Room A
Session chair: Chet Geschickter, GTM Research, US
-B. Lawrence, Lockheed Martin, US
-C. Serna, Northeast Utilities, US
-P. Duffy, Cisco, US
-L. Wigle, Intel Corporation, US
8:30Green Chemistry and Materials: KeynotesRoom 209
Session chair: Andrew Hunt, University of York
8:30Building Innovation Through Green Chemistry (invited presentation)
J. Warner, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, US
9:00Green Chemistry and Sustainability (invited presentation)
J. Clark, S. Breeden, A. Hunt, A. Matharu, D. Macquarrie, University of York, UK
9:30Processing Electronic Materials from Aqueous Solutions (invited presentation)
W. Wang, A. Telecky, J.K. Stowers, D.L. Olynick, D.A. Keszler, Oregon State University, US
8:30Nanomaterials for Catalysis: KeynotesRoom 207
Session chair: Pankaj Dhingra, CEO, Nanostellar, Inc.
8:30Market Opportunities for Latest Generation Nano-based Catalysts (invited presentation)
D. Himebaugh, Blue Nano, Inc., US
9:00An Effective Catalyst Facilitating NOx Reduction in Diesel Exhaust Gas (invited presentation)
X.K. Hao, Nanostellar Inc., US
9:30Beyond Binding: Nanomaterials that provide true catalytic enhancement
M. Myers, Nissan Chemical America Corporation, US
8:30Carbon Nano Structures: KeynotesRoom 210
Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, CEMES, Univ. of Toulouse, FR
8:30Aligned Carbon Nanotubes for Fundamental Studies and Practical Applications (invited presentation)
Z. Ren, Boston College, US
9:00Some recent advances in our understanding of carbon nanostructures from a 50 year perspective (invited presentation)
M. Dresselhaus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
9:30CNT Manufacturing and Applications - Lockheed Martin Perspective
S. Rawal, Lockheed Martin, US
8:30Soft Nanotech: Microstructure Design 1Room 204
Session chair: Fiona Case, NSTI
8:30Arrested coalescence of droplets with adsorbed colloids (invited presentation)
A. Pawara, M. Caggioni, P.T. Spicer, Procter & Gamble Co., US
9:00Dynamics of Assembly of Colloidal Particles at Liquid Interfaces (invited presentation)
D.M. Kaz, R. McGorty, G. Meng, M. Mani, J. Fung, V.N. Manoharan, Harvard University, US
9:30Shear Thickening Dispersions & Applications (invited presentation)
N.J. Wagner, University of Delaware, US
8:30Novel MEMS & NEMS Devices: Design & FabricationRoom 203
Session chair: Cy Wilson, NASA, US
8:30Sensor Fusion Solution with MEMS Sensors
J. Esfandyari, STMicroelectronics, US
8:50Programmable MEMS-Based Silicon Timing Solutions Change the Game
M. Lutz, SiTime Corp, US
9:10Space Applications for Wireless Sensors
W.C. Wilson, G.M. Atkinson, NASA Langley Research Center, US
9:30AC and DC Applications of Three-Dimensional Nano-electro-mechanical-systems
A.B. Kaul, A.R. Khan, K.G. Megerian, L. Bagge, L. Epp, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US
9:50Design of a g-force meter on Si wafer, based on motor driven by photons
J. Valenzuela, S. Mil’shtein, University of Massachusetts, US
8:30Nanoelectronics for 2020 and Beyond - NNI Signature Initiative Special SessionRoom 208
Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments, US
8:30Nanoelectronics Research Initiative: A Public-Private Partnership Supporting Collaboration (invited presentation)
C. Merzbacher, Semiconductor Research Corporation, US
8:55Exploiting the Intrinsic Nature of Small Scales (invited presentation)
J. Rogers, DARPA, US
9:20Graphene Nanoelectronics (invited presentation)
S.K. Banerjee, L.F. Register, E. Tutuc, D. Akinwande, L. Colombo and G. Carpenter, University of Texas at Austin, US
9:45Logic and communications technologies beyond conventional Si CMOS (invited presentation)
S. Guha, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, US
11:15Shared Topic Presentation - Room 206 at 11:15, Next Generation Electronic Products
C. Jean, Teledyne Dalsa Semiconductor, CA
8:30Workshop on Compact Modeling 1Room 201
Session chair: Xing Zhou, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
8:30UF “Compact” Models: A Historical Perspective (invited presentation)
J.G. Fossum, University of Florida, US
9:00Complete Surface-Potential Modeling Approach Implemented in the HiSIM Compact Model Family for Any MOSFET Type (invited presentation)
M. Miura-Mattausch, M. Miyake, H. Kikuchihara, U. Feldmann, S. Amakawa, H.J. Mattausch, Hiroshima University, JP
9:30Towards a Scalable EKV Compact Model Including Ballistic and Quasi-Ballistic Transport (invited presentation)
C.C. Enz, A. Mangla, J.-M. Sallese, EPFL, CH
8:30Cancer Nanotechnology 1Room 304
Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University, US
8:30Cancer Nanotechnology – Opportunities and Challenges – View from the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer (invited presentation)
P. Grodzinski, National Cancer Institute, US
9:15Cancer Nanotechnology: Path to the Clinic (invited presentation)
V. Torchilin, Northeastern University, US
8:30Canada Innovates! - Canadian Breakthroughs in CleantechRoom 206
8:30Welcome to Canadian Innovation
C. Denter, Technology Partnering Officer, Consulate General of Canada to New England, CA
8:40Opening Remarks
P. Binns, Consul General, Consulate General of Canada to New England, CA
9:00Canadian Energy RD&D and Clean Technology Developments
P. St-Jean, Natural Resources Canada, Energy Technology Policy, CA
9:15Canada-US CleanTech collaboration Opportunities
G. Murphy, Director, Natural Resources Canada, CA
9:30On the Rise – Conversion Efficiency in Organic Photovoltaics
Y. Tao, National Research Council (NRC), CA
9:45Utilizing Renewable Energy Resources for Distributed Power
K. Kassam, Ballard Power, CA
10:00Networking Coffee BreakRegistration Area
10:30Water: Novel Technologies & Case StudiesRoom 308
Session chair: Armin Völkel, PARC, US
10:30Innovative Technology for Selective Contaminant Removal
A.R. Völkel, M.H. Lean, N. Chang, J. Seo, A. Kole, H.B. Hsieh, K. Melde, PARC, US
10:50Effects of membrane pore morphology on fouling behavior of polymeric micro-fabricated membrane during crossflow micro-filtration
M.E. Warkiani, H.Q. Gong, A.G. Fane, F. Wicaksana, Nanyang Technological University, SG
11:10Naturally Chlorine Resistant, High Salt Rejection Cellulose Acetate Reverse Osmosis Membranes
S. Delagah, Bureau of Reclamation, US
11:30The Intersection Between Water Scarcity and Renewable Energy
J.C. Muys Jr., J.M. Karp, V.P. Hildebrand Jr., Sullivan & Worcester LLP, US
11:50The Effects of Bioaugmentation in Collection System
A. Newbold, R. Dickerson, M. Kelter, In-Pipe Technology, US
10:30Solar Technology Innovation SpotlightsRoom 312
Session chair: Loucas Tsakalakos, General Electric, US
10:30Designing Scalable, Low-Cost Photovoltaic Materials
T. Buonassisi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:00Konarka Technologies - From Concept to Manufacturing
H. Berke, R. Gaudiana, Konarka, US
11:30Anisotropic Nano-photocatalysts: Toward Solar Fuels Applications
S.E. Hunyadi Murph, Savannah River National Laboratory, US
10:30Smart Grid Innovation SpotlightsRoom 313
Session chair: Cheemin Bo- Linn, Peritus Partners, US
10:30Securing Smart Grid Customer Portals
A. Bochman, IBM, US
10:45Voltage Optimization (CVR) – the fastest growing clean tech segment?
B. Ironside, MicroPlanet, US
11:00Smart Grid Here and Now: Integration of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response
D. Harding, EnerNOC, Inc., US
11:15Self Provisioning Energy Informatics: Next Generation CVR and DR
J. LoPorto, Power Tagging, US
11:30Networking the Smart Grid
H. Robertson, Tropos Networks, US
10:30Technology & Policy of Climate ChangeRoom 311
Session chair: Paul Dickerson, Mintz Levin and WoodRock & Co., Former COO, DOE, EERE
-W. Rickerson, Meister Consultants Group, US
-L. Hodes, The Gold Standard Foundation, US
-J. Maynard, Silicon Valley Bank, US
-R. Day, Black Coral Capital, US
10:30Cleantech Regional Cluster InititiatvesRoom 309
Session chair: Peter Rothstein, NECEC, US
-J.M. Granholm, Former Governor of Michigan, University of California, Berkeley, US
-R. Bagley, Nortech, US
-B. Biemann, Maine Technology Institute, US
-L. Peterson, Texas Foundation for Innovative Communities, US
-E. Reynolds, MIT Industrial Performance Center, US
10:30Green and Sustainable Products: Case StudiesRoom 209
Session chair: Douglas Keszler, Oregon State University, US
10:30Electrochemical Production of Environmentally Friendly Oxidizer Potassium Ferrate (invited presentation)
C. Nelson, N. Bestaoui-Spurr, Lynntech, US
11:00Industrial symbiosis and green chemistry: one’s waste is another’s resource!
A.J. Hunt, J.R. Dodson, H.L. Parker, V.L. Budarin, A.S. Matharu, J.H. Clark, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, UK
11:20Biobased Chemicals: Commerical Focus
J. van Walsem, M. Senechal, Metabolix, Inc, US
11:40(withdrawn) Solvent-Free Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) of Polymers: Commercialization and Scale-Up
H.G. Pryce Lewis, N.P. Bansal, A.J. White, E.S. Handy, GVD Corporation, US
12:00STARBONS®: Preparation, applications and transition from laboratory curiosity to scalable product
P.S. Shuttleworth, V.L. Budarin, S.W. Breeden, D.J. Macquarrie, R.L. Luque, R. White, J.H. Clark, University of York, UK
10:30Nanomaterials for Catalysis: Theory & Modeling ApproachesRoom 207
Session chair: Pankaj Dhingra, CEO, Nanostellar, Inc.
10:30Multiscale Modeling for Rational Design of Catalyst Nanoparticles (invited presentation)
K.J. Cho, The University of Texas at Dallas, US
11:00Fundamental insights into Rh Nanoparticle Sites Responsible for CO Hydrogenation to C1 Hydrocarbons and C2 Oxygenates
N. Kapur, X. Hao, C. Sampara, J. Hyun, B. Shan, J.B. Nicholas, B. Davis, K. Cho, Nanostellar Inc, US
11:20Nanostructured TiO2 for Photovoltaic Hydrogen Production
M. Patel, Imperial College London, UK
11:40Core-Shell Nanocatalysts for Applications in Fuel Cells and Water Electrolysis
J.X. Wang, C. Ma, Y. Zhu, Y. Zhange, R. Si, Y-C. Hsieh, M. Vukmirovic, K. Sasaki, R.R. Adzic, Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
12:00Accurate modelling of intermolecular interactions as predictive tools for the development of high capacity hydrogen and carbon dioxide adsorbents
G. Ricchiardi, NIS Centre of Excellence - Università di Torino, IT
10:30CNT: Carbon Nano StructuresRoom 210
Session chair: Zhifeng Ren, Boston College, US
10:30In-Situ Nanomechanics of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene (invited presentation)
J.Y. Huang, Sandia National Laboratories, US
11:00Highly Organized Two and Three Dimensional Singlewalled Carbon Nanotubes-Polymer Hybrid Architectures
B. Li, M.G. Hahm, Y.L. Kim, S. Kar, Y.J. Jung, Northeastern University, US
11:20Continuous Growth of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Forests
R. Guzman de Villoria, B.L. Wardle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:40Carbon Nanotube Arrays with Tunable Wettability and Their Applications
A. Indrat Aria, California Institute of Technology, US
10:30Nanoparticle: Synthesis and ProcessingRoom 202
Session chair: S.E. Pratsinis, ETH Zurich & Larry Mann, Cabot Co
10:30Production of High Surface Area Oxygen Sensitive Powders by Na Flame Synthesis (invited presentation)
L. Mann, Cabot Corporation, US
11:00Nanoscale Plasma Surface Modification of Powders
C. Roth, A. Sonnenfeld, Ph.R. von Rohr, ETH Zurich, CH
11:20Hybrid Fluorescent Dyes-Silica Nanoparticles: Toward a Possible Molecular Control of the Photophysical Properties
G. Alberto, G. Viscardi, G. Caputo, S. Coluccia, G. Martra, Univerity of Turin, IT
11:40Synthesis, tuning of electrical conductivity and self-assembly of niobium doped titania nanoparticles
Y. Liu, J. Rathousky, T. Bein, D. Fattakhova-Rohlfing, University of Munich (LMU), DE
12:00Eco-friendly and Sustainable Processing of Nanoparticles and their Engineering Applications
K-L. Choy, University of Nottingham, UK
10:30Nanoparticle Release During Life Cycle of Consumer Products and Nanocomposites 1Room 102
Session chair: Tinh Nguyen, NIST, US & François Tardif, CEA, Grenoble, FR
10:30Release-ability of nano fillers from different nanomaterials (invited presentation)
F. Tardif, L. Golanski, A. Guiot, M. Pras, CEA-Grenoble, FR
11:00Do CNT’s Release During Life Cycle Performance of Polymer Nanocomposites? (invited presentation)
T. Nguyen, B. Pellegrin, C. Bernard, X. Gu, M. Zhao, J. Chin, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
11:30New aspects in life cycle analysis of nanoparticle modified coatings (invited presentation)
R. McMullin, BYK USA Inc, US
12:00Characterization and Release of Nanomaterials in Consumer Products (invited presentation)
T.A. Thomas, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, US
10:30Nanostructured Polymer CoatingsRoom 205
Session chair: Kock-Yee Law, Xerox
10:30On the Durability of Polymer Nanocomposite Super-Hydrophobic Coatings (invited presentation)
I. Bayer, Italian Institute of Technology, IT
11:00Application of Silsesquioxane Thin Films in Lithography
Y.Q. Rao, B. Weaver, J. Fenton, R. Jenkins, R. Auger, C. Sullivan, M.B. Clark Jr., The Dow Chemical Company, US
11:20Silica–Polyacrylate Nanocomposite Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
R. Shanks, RMIT University, AU
11:40Poly(butyl terephthalate)/oxytetramethylene + oxidized carbon nanotubes hybrids: mechanical and tribological behavior
W. Brostow, G. Broza, T. Datashvili, A. Kopyniecka, TUHH, DE
12:00Magnetically Induced Drop Movement on Nanorough Micropatterned Nanocomposites
A. Milionis, D. Fragouli, G.C. Anyfantis, I. Bayer, R. Cingolani, A. Athanassiou, Italian Institute of Technology, IT
10:30Soft Nanotech: Microstructure Design 2Room 204
Session chair: Patrick T. Spicer, Procter & Gamble Company
10:30Designer Nanoparticles for Therapeutic Delivery (invited presentation)
S. Mitragotri, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
11:00Responsive nanoparticles as versatile building blocks for nanomaterials with tunable photonic properties (invited presentation)
P. Schurtenberger, Lund University, Sweden, SE
11:30Nanostructured Organogel Networks Self-Assembled from Alkylated Isophthalic Acid and Benzimdizalone Compounds
D.A. Makeiff, R. Carlini, Xerox Research Center of Canada, CA
11:50Fast gelation of self-assembling peptide nanofibres triggered by electromagnetic radiation heating
M. Mazza, S. Gaisford, D. McCharty, A. Schatzlein, I.F. Uchegbu, The School of Pharmacy, University of London, UK
12:10Passive Microrheology : Non Intrusive Measurement of the Emulsions Stability
C. Tisserand, M. Fleury, L. Brunel, P. Bru, G. Meunier, Formulaction, FR
10:30Biofluidic DevicesRoom 103
Session chair: Daniel Attinger, Columbia University and Edward P. Furlani, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
10:30Control in Microfluidic Assay and Synthesis Systems (invited presentation)
M.A. Burns, University of Michigan, US
11:00Sensors and Microfluidics (invited presentation)
R. Potyrailo, GE Global Research, US
11:30The Physics of Pressure Powered Micro-Flow Focusing Device for the Encapsulation of Live Cells
J. Berthier, P. Dalle, F. Rivera, R. Renaudot, S. Morales, P-Y. Benhamou, P. Caillat, CEA-Leti, FR
11:50Use of Silica Nanosprings in an Enzyme-Based Continuous Flow Reactor
D.C. Hyatt, T. Cantrell, M. Yahvah, M. Grant Norton, D.N. McIlroy, G. Corti, GoNano Technologies, Inc., US
10:30Nanoscale Materials Characterization: Vendor ShowcaseRoom 208
Session chair: Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, France
10:30Maintaining a Stable Engineered Nanomaterials Process through Material Characterization during the Nano Product Life Cycle (invited presentation)
A.W. Salamon, PerkinElmer Corporation, US
11:00Passive Microrheology : Non Contact Measurement of Viscoelastic Properties of Biopolymers
C. Tisserand, A. Kotzev, M. Fleury, L. Brunel, P. Bru, G. Meunier, Formulaction, FR
11:20A Novel Method for Measuring the Sizes and Concentrations of 5-500 nm Particles in Colloidal Suspensions
H.G. Van Schooneveld, M.R. Litchy, D.G. Grant, CT Associates, Inc, US
11:40Single Particle Resolution Zeta Potential Technique
D. Griffiths, W. Bernt, P. Hole, J. Sullivan, A. Malloy, B. Carr, NanoSight USA, US
10:30NanoFab: Novel Fabrication & Metrology Techniques 1Room 203
Session chair: Jason Haaheim, NanoInk, US
10:30Photonic Sintering of Silver for Roll-to Roll-Printed Electronics
S. Ahmed, Xenon Corporation, US
10:50Development of Methanol Based Reactive Ion Etching Processes for Nanoscale Magnetic Devices
M.T. Moneck, J.-G. Zhu, Carnegie Mellon University, US
11:10Patterning Technology for Nanomanufacturing
H.I. Smith, M. Walsh, F. Zhang, G. Hourihan, J. Ferrera, M. Jaspan, LumArray, US
11:30Picosun SUNALE™ ALD process tools for nanoscale coatings – seamless transition from R&D to industrial production
M. Toivola, P.J. Soininen, T. Lehto, T. Pilvi, Picosun Oy, FI
11:50Fabrication and Recording of Bit Patterned Media Prepared by Rotary Stage Electron Beam Lithography
M.T. Moneck, W. Lin, S. Powell, T. Okada, J. Fujimori, T. Kasuya, M. Katsumura, T. Iida, K. Kuriyama, J. Bain, J.-G. Zhu, Carnegie Mellon University, US
10:30Applications of Nanofluids 1Room 104
Session chair: Thomas J. McKrell. MIT and Lin-wen Hu, MIT
10:30Results of an International Benchmark Study on the Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids (invited presentation)
T.J. McKrell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:00Nanofluid applications in oscillating heat pipes (invited presentation)
H. Ma, University of Missouri, US
11:30Thermal Conductivity and Viscosity Measurements of Water-Based Silica Nanofluids
S. Bobbo, L. Colla, M. Scattolini, F. Agresti, S. Barison, C. Pagura, L. Fedele, CNR-Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, IT
11:50An Experimental Determination of Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductivity of Cyclohexane-Based Nanofluids
L. Fan, J.M. Khodadadi, Auburn University, US
10:30Workshop on Compact Modeling 2Room 201
Session chair: Mitiko Miura-Mattausch, Hiroshima University, JP
10:30Compact Models for sub-22nm MOSFETs (invited presentation)
Y.S. Chauhan, D. Lu, S. Venugopalan, T. Morshed, M.A. Karim, A. Niknejad, C. Hu, University of California Berkeley, US
11:00Xsim: An Unified Compact Model for Bulk/SOI/DG/GAA MOSFETs (invited presentation)
X. Zhou, Nanyang Technological University, SG
11:30Compact Subthreshold Modeling of Rectangular Gate and Trigate MOSFETs (invited presentation)
T.A. Fjeldly, U. Monga, Norwegian University of Technology, NO
10:30Bio Nano Materials: Cell Supports & Scaffolds 2Room 310
Session chair: Giuseppe Battaglia, The University of Sheffield
10:30Biomimetic Polyurethanes for Regenerative Medicine
G. Ciardelli, S. Sartori, P. Serafini, M. Boffito, A. Caporale, A. Silvestri, E. Bernardi, F. Boccafoschi, Politecnico di Torino, IT
10:50Nanoskin for Medical Applications
P. Basmaji, Innovatecs, BR
11:10Three-dimensional cell instructive scaffolds to direct stem cell fate
P. Viswanathan, S. Chirasatitsin, G. Reilly, A. Engler, G. Battaglia, University of Sheffield, UK
11:30An investigation of nano patterned surfaces and their influence of cell behavior
M. Baum, C. Vetter, M. Wiemer, T. Gessner, Fraunhofer ENAS, DE
10:30Cancer Nanotechnology 2Room 304
Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University, US
10:30Nanotechnology for Early Cancer Diagnosics (invited presentation)
M. Cima, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:00Targeting Tumors by Nano-Engineering Immune Cells (invited presentation)
D. Irvine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:30Microfluidic Platforms for Early Cancer Detection (invited presentation)
S. Stott, Massachusetts General Hospital, US
12:00Interventional Oncology and Nanotechnology (invited presentation)
S.N. Goldberg, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, US
10:30Canada Innovates! - Canadian Breakthroughs in NanotechRoom 206
10:30Breadth of Nano Research in Canada
M. D'Iorio, Director General, National Institute for Nanotechnology, CA
10:45Nanotechnology Research Landscape in Canadian Universities
F. Gu, University of Waterloo, CA
11:00Towards Industrialization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
B. Simard, NRC Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, CA
11:15Next Generation Electronic Products
C. Jean, Executive VP & General Manager, Teledyne Dalsa Semiconductor, CA
11:30Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) How to help fund your Research in Canada
M. Machado, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, US
10:30TechConnect Corporate Partnering: Cleantech and NanotechRoom 306
Session chair: Catherine Ives, Boston College
10:30Dow TechConnect Partnering
P. Ansems-Bancroft, Dow, US
10:50Omron TechConnect Partnering
D. Uchida, Omron, US
11:10Kodak TechConnect Partnering
B. Johnston, Eastman Kodak, US
11:30Applied Materials TechConnect Partnering
A. Kamannavar, Applied Materials, US
11:50Toray TechConnect Partnering
T. Yamashiki, Toray, US
12:00Expo & Networking LunchExpo Hall
1:30Transportation & Storage Corporate & PartneringRoom 313
Session chair: Bob Wilson, ETA Partners
1:30General Motors Corporation
J. Mercurio, General Motors Corporation, US
B. Reinert, Toyota, US
2:10A123 Systems
W.L. Mitchell, A123 Systems, US
1:30Power Electronics Innovation SpotlightsRoom 310
Session chair: Andrew Ray, Bingham McCutchen LLP, US
1:30Low Weight, Low Cost Commercial-Scale PV Inverter
P. Bundschuh, Ideal Power Converters, US
1:45Silicon Carbide Power Devices in Renewable Energy Applications
R. Singh, GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc., US
2:00Distributed Energy Optimization for Photovoltaic Systems with a Module-Integrated Balancing Converter
J. Stauth, Solar Semiconductor, Inc., US
2:15New Capacitor Materials for Power Electronics
G. Welsch, Case Western Reserve University, US
2:00Fraunhofer presents: The German High Tech Champions Award 2011 - in PhotovoltaicsRoom 309
2:00PV Technology from Basic Science to Application
R. Schindler, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, US
2:20Business Case Ion Layer Gas Reaction
R. S. Araoz, H. Zentrum, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, DE
2:40Business Case Protective PV Module Coating
U. Lommatzsch, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials, DE
3:00Business Case Time Resolved Photoluminescence Imaging
D. Kiliani, University of Konstanz, DE
3:20Business Case Direct Laser Interference Patterning
A. Lasagni, Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology, DE
1:30Nanomaterials for CatalysisRoom 207
Session chair: Pankaj Dhingra, CEO, Nanostellar, Inc.
1:30Nanoengineering the active site in heterogeneous catalysis (invited presentation)
A.F. Lee, Cardiff University, UK
2:00Self-Assembly Synthesis of Heterogeneous Catalysts with Novel Nanoarchitectures and Improved Selectivities (invited presentation)
F. Zaera, University of California, US
2:30Ordered arrays of shape-selective nanoparticles: fabrication, characterization, and potential catalytic properties
K.J. Heroux, S. Hunyadi Murph, Savannah River Site, US
2:50Pt-Au Core/Shell Nanorods: Preparation and Applications as Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
C-W Liu, National Central University, TW
1:30Simulation of Polymer NanomaterialsRoom 205
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, Dow Chemical Company
1:30Computational Research for Aerospace Materials Development (invited presentation)
B.L. Farmer, Air Force Research Laboratory, US
2:00On the mechanical properties of polymeric nanofibers and their nonwoven membranes (invited presentation)
C-L. Pai, M.C. Boyce, G.C. Rutledge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
2:30Multiscale Rheology: New Results for the Kinetic Scale
B. Kallemov, G. H. Miller, S. Mitran and D. Trebotich, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
2:50Coarse-grain tunable dissipative particle simulation method for entangled polymeric systems
M. Yamanoi, O. Pozo, J. Maia, Case Western Reserve University, US
3:10From Games and Films to Molecular Simulation and Design
C. Olguin, W. Zhao, Autodesk, Inc., US
1:30CNT CompositesRoom 210
Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, CEMES, Univ. of Toulouse, FR
1:30Interfacial Shear Strengths of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymer Composites
J.M. Wernik, B.J.C. Ornwell-Mott, S.A. Meguid, University of Toronto, CA
1:50Brittle Ductile Transition in Carbon Nanotube Bundles
C.F. Cornwell, J.B. Allen, C. Marsh, T. Carlson, P. Stynoski, B. Newcomb, B. Masters, R. Ebeling, C.R. Welch, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, US
2:10Highly conductive nanotube-filled polymers with exceptional properties
T. Tiano, R. Czerw, R. Coffin, R. Adams, NanoTechLabs Inc., US
2:30Diamond Like Composites- Experimental Development of an Allotropic Carbon Nanocomposite
S. Gardner, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, US
2:50Microstructure characterization of in situ grown CNFs reinforced Unidirectional Carbon/Carbon composites
Y.Q. Liu, X.F. Lu, P. Xiao, L.L. He, Institute of Metal Research, CAS, CN
1:30Functional NanoparticlesRoom 202
Session chair: K.L. Choy, University of Nottingham, UK & S.E. Pratsinis, ETH Zurich
1:30Engineered Pigment Nanoparticles: Bottom-up Synthesis, Characterization, and Performance Properties
R. Carlini, D.A. Makeiff, C.G. Allen, S.J. Gardner, F. Paraguay-Delgado, M. Malac, P. Li, Xerox Research Centre of Canada, CA
1:50Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica: An New Class of Optically Functionalized Hybrid (invited presentation)
T. Tani, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., JP
2:20Re-dispersible ZrO2 powders for transparent high RI nanocomposite
S.H. Wang, Y.S. Sun, A.S.T. Chiang, National Central University, TW
2:40Silver Chloride – Wool Nanohybrid Materials: Synthesis and Properties
J.H. Johnston, F.M. Kelly, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
3:00Dielectric Constant, Loss and Breakdown for Ultem containing BaTiO3 Nanoparticles
J.F. Lomax, E.A. Lomax, S.C. Lu, J.P. Calame, J.J. Fontanella, C.A. Edmondson, M.C. Wintersgill, U.S. Naval Academy, US
3:20Synthesis of Nano-Sized Ferrite Materials for H2 Generation from High Temperature Water-Splitting Reaction
R. Bhosale, R. Shende, J. Puszynski, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
1:30Nanoparticle Release During Life Cycle of Consumer Products and Nanocomposites 2Room 102
Session chair: Tinh Nguyen, NIST, USA, and François Tardif, CEA, Grenoble, France
1:30Comprehensive Study of Release from Nanocomposites: Normal-Use vs. Do-It-Yourself vs. Weathering (invited presentation)
W. Wohlleben, S. Brill, M.W. Meier, M. Mertler, G. Cox, S. Hirth, B. von Vacano, L. Ma-Hock, R. Landsiedel, BASF SE, DE
2:00Nanoparticle Release from Polymer Nanocomposites Used for Potable Water Infrastructure and Food Packaging: Current Progress & Beyond (invited presentation)
A.J. Whelton, T.V. Duncan, J.L. Koontz, T. Nguyen, University of South Alabama, US
2:30Characterization of airborne particles released by the combustion of Nanocomposites (invited presentation)
C. Motzkus, C. Chivas-Joly, E. Guillaume, S. Ducourtieux, L. Saragoza, D. Lesenechal, T. Macé, Laboratoire National de Metrologie et d’Essais, FR
3:00New Evidence Towards the Release of Airborne Carbon Nanotubes when Burning Nanocomposite Polymers
D. Fleury, B. R’Mili, A. Janes, A. Vignes, J.A.S. Bomfim, S. Sinesi, J.X. Bouillard, INERIS, FR
3:20Characterization of Nanoparticle Release from Polymer Nanocomposites Due to Fire
N.M. Uddin, M.R. Nyden, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
1:30Novel Membrane and Film MaterialsRoom 204
Session chair: Jan Sumerel, Rambus, Inc.
1:30Electrochemical activities of hybrid nanocomposite membrane
U. Thanganathan, Okayama University, JP
1:50Silicon and Germanium Nanocrystal Thin Films Prepared Using Innovative Nonaqueous Electrophoretic Deposition
M. Haag, J. Sipe, Universal Nanotech Corporation, US
2:10Nano-structured Organically Modified Silica Thin Films for Functional Surfaces
M. Bayindir, A. Yildirim, H. Budunoglu, M. Yaman, H. Deniz, M.O. Guler, Bilkent University, TR
2:30Graphene Nanoplatelet Membranes for Aerospace Applications
S. Rawal, J. Ravine, R. Czerw, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, US
2:50Pseudoplastic Deformation of Thin Nanostructured Porous Ceramic Films
H. Hofmann, Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne, EPFL, CH
3:10Wetting Dynamics and Phase Change Phenomena on Nanoengineered Surfaces (invited presentation)
K.K. Varanasi, A. Paxson, H. Kwon, J.D. Smith, T. Deng, M. Hsu, N. Bhate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
1:30Nanoscale Materials Characterization: Nano-objects and domains (multi-technique)Room 208
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota and NSF Materials Research Facilities Network
1:30Nano-mapping Material Interfaces via Hot Electrons
K.E.J. Goh, C. Troadec, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, SG
1:50Laser Postionization Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry for Analysis on the Nanometer-Scale – the Followup
I.V. Veryovkin, S.V. Baryshev, A.V. Zinovev, C.E. Tripa, Q. Peng, J.W. Elam, M.J. Pellin, Argonne National Laboratory, US
2:10Solution NMR Methods to Study the Surface Chemistry of Colloidal Nanoparticles from the Ligand’s Point of View
J.C. Martins, Z. Hens, Universiteit Gent, BE
2:30Using proton NMR to characterize functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes
D.J. Nelson, University of Oklahoma, US
2:50Synthesis of Polypyrrole within Polymeric Nanotemplates in Aqueous Environment
X. Li, C. Maladier-Jugroot, Royal Military College of Canada, CA
3:10In-situ observation of fracture of the interface between an individual fiber and the pyrocarbon matrix in C/C composites
G.H. Zhou, L.L. He, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Acadmy of Sciences, CN
3:30Energy Harvesting in ZnO Nanowires: an In-Situ Observation
R.S. Yassar, A. Asthana, K. Momeni, H.A. Ardakani, Y.K. Yap, Michigan Technological University, US
1:30NanoFab: Novel Fabrication & Metrology Techniques 2Room 203
Session chair: Aaron Stein, Brookhaven National Lab, US
1:30Advances in Direct-Write Nanoscale Deposition and Patterning
J. Haaheim, N. Amro, J. Bussan, E. Solheim, V. Val, J. Fragala, M. Nelson, NanoInk, US
1:50The SEM/FIB Workbench: Automated Nanorobotics System Inside of Scanning Electron or Focussed Ion Beam Microscopes
V. Klocke, I. Burkart, R. Kaufmann, Klocke Nanotechnik GmbH, DE
2:10Sidewall Roughness Measurement using New Three Dimensional Atomic Force Microscope
B.-W. Ahn, J.H. Kim, S.-J. Cho, Park Systems, KR
2:30New Electrodeposition Process for Complex 3D Nanostructures
D. Dlesk, M.-F. Yu, Nanofab3D Inc., US
2:50Mechanisms of Photonic Curing™: Processing High Temperature Films on Low Temperature Substrates
K.A. Schroder, NCC Nano, LLC, US
3:10Plasmon assisted two-photon direct laser writing of micro-structures composed of chiral Ag nanoparticles
X. Vidal, W.J. Kim, A. Baev, H. S. Jee, V. Tokar, M.T. Swihart and P.N. Prasad., The Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics, ES
1:30Transport Phenomena in Micro and Nano FluidicsRoom 103
Session chair: Daniel Attinger, Columbia University and Edward P. Furlani, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
1:30Microfluidic synthesis of tailored nanostructures (invited presentation)
K.F. Jensen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
2:00Simulating the Fast Transport of Water Through Carbon Nanotubes
W.D. Nicholls, M.K. Borg, J.M. Reese, University of Strathclyde, UK
2:20Capillary Electrophoresis in Nanofluidic Channels
P.J. Atzberger, F. Gibou, S. Pennathur, University of California Santa Barbara, US
2:40Experimentally-validated theory for the effective zeta potential in microchannel with gate electrodes
F. Bonotto, A. Lenzi, F. Viola, M. Napoli, J. Frey, S. Pennathur, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
3:00High Deborah number flows through 3D contractions at the microscale
M.S.N. Oliveira, A.M. Afonso, F.T. Pinho, M.A. Alves, FEUP - Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, PT
1:30Applications of Nanofluids 2Room 104
Session chair: Thomas J. McKrell. MIT and Lin-wen Hu, MIT
1:30Using nanofluids to enhance the operation of solar energy systems (invited presentation)
T. Otanicar, Loyola Marymount University, US
2:00Refrigerant-based Nanofluid Application for Power Electronics Thermal Management (invited presentation)
L-W. Hu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
2:30A Comparative Study of Nanofluids Exchanging Heat with a Thermal Energy Reservoir
J.A.R. Parise, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, BR
1:30Workshop on Compact Modeling 3Room 201
Session chair: Christian Enz, EPFL, CH
1:30Trends and Challenges in Compact Modeling – a Foundry Supplier’s Perspective (invited presentation)
S-W. Lee, Semiconductor Manufacturing Internation (Shanghai) Corp., CN
2:00MOSFET threshold voltage: definition, extraction, and applications (invited presentation)
M.B. Machado, O. Siebel, M.C. Schneider, C. Galup-Montoro, Federal University of Santa Catarina, BR
2:303D Analytical Modeling of Triple-Gate MOSFET structures (invited presentation)
B. Iñiguez, R. Ritzenthaler, F. Lime, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, ES
1:30Integrated NEMS & MEMS Sensors: Application & FabricationRoom 209
Session chair: Cy Wilson, NASA, US
1:30Tin oxide nanowire sensors for highly sensitive detection of toxic gases
A. Koeck, E. Brunet, C. Griessler, T. Maier, G. Mutinati, S. Steinhauer, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, AT
1:50Nanospring Mats for Detection of Explosives
V. Dobrokhotov, Western Kentucky University, US
2:10Novel Low Temperature Fabrication Method for Label-Free Electronic Sensing of Biomolecules in Nanofluidic Channels with Integrated Electrodes
T. Wynne, X.T. Huang, S. Pennathur, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
2:30Magnetic nanoparticles as components of magnetoresistance sensors: the gGMR-sensor
A. Weddemann, I. Ennen, A. Regtmeier, A. Hütten, M. Zahn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
2:50Parallel Fabrication of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube based Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors
B.R. Burg, T. Helbling, C. Hierold, D. Poulikakos, ETH Zurich, CH
3:10Design and Fabrication of a Multi-Axis MEMS Force Sensor with Integrated Carbon Nanotube Based Piezoresistors
M.A. Cullinan, R.M. Panas, M.L. Culpepper, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
3:30Current research at CSHR: towards ElectroMioGraphy (EMG) sensor network
M. Pzaleari, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IT
1:30Drug & Gene Delivery Using Soft NanostructuresRoom 311
Session chair: Lori Henderson, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, NIH
1:30Polymersome macromolecule delivery across intact human skin
C. Pegoraro, S. MacNeil, G. Battaglia, University Of Sheffield, UK
1:50Dendrimers: New Opportunities to Treat and Prevent Human Disease
D.J. Owen, Starpharma Pty Ltd, AU
2:10Lipid nanoparticles: tumor-targeting nanocargos for drug and contrast agent delivery
T. Delmas, F. Navarro, J. Gravier, J.S. Thomann, E. Heinrich, J. Mérian, A. Fraichard, R. Boisgard, B. Tavitian, S. Dufort, J.L. Coll, J. Bibette, P. Boisseau, A.C. Couffin, I. Texier, CEA Grenoble, FR
2:30Liposomes loaded with rifampicin and tobromycin for anti-Staphylococcus aureus action
M.N. DeSilva, W.W. Zhao, S.T. Schultz, K. Whang, L. Chu, Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio, US
1:30Bio Nano Materials: Cellular & Nanostructure Material InteractionsRoom 302
Session chair: Giuseppe Battaglia, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
1:30Nanostructured Materials Direct Cell Behavior (invited presentation)
A.J. Engler, University of California, San Diego, US
2:00Nanomaterials can influence living biological systems with nanometer sensitivity
S. Sabella, V. Brunetti, G. Maiorano, L. Rizzello, B. Sorce, G. Vecchio, A. Galeone, R. Cingolani, P.P. Pompa, Italian Institute of Technology, IT
2:20Investigation of carbon nanotube degradation in vitro and in vivo using Raman spectroscopy
J. Conroy, A.A. Shvedova, V.E. Kagan, A. Meade, A. Knyazev, D. Kelleher, Y. Volkov, Trinity College Dublin, IE
2:40Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs) Interaction with Nanoporous Titania Substrates
D.K. Nagesha, J.T. Maniscalco, D. Guarnieri, V. Belli, P.A. Netti, S. Sridhar, Northeastern University, US
3:00Mechanistic studies of in vitro cytotoxicity of PAMAM dendrimers in mammalian cells
S.P. Mukherjee, F.M. Lyng, A. Garcia, M. Davoren, H.J. Byrne, Focas Research Institute, Dublin Institute of Technology, IE
3:20Neuronal differentiations by nanoscale surface interactions
D. Cecchin, M.V. Flores-Merino, G.C. Reilly, A.J. Engler, G. Battaglia, The University of Sheffield, UK
1:30Cancer Nanotechnology 3Room 304
Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University, US
1:30Polymeric Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy (invited presentation)
M. Grinstaff, Boston University, US
2:00Targeted Polymeric Nanoparticles (invited presentation)
O. Farokhzad, Harvard Medical School, Brigham And Women’s Hospital, US
2:30Nanosystems for RNAi in Cancer (invited presentation)
S.N. Bhatia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
3:00Novel Nano-Therapies for Pancreatic Cancer (invited presentation)
A. Maitra, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, US
3:30Nanotechnology Platforms for Cancer Therapy: from Bench to Bedside (invited presentation)
S. Eliasof, Cerulean Pharmaceuticals, US
1:30TechConnect IP Partnering: Advanced Materials/ChemicalsRoom 305
Session chair: Keith Ritala, Washington Technology Center, US
1:30Carbon-coated Magnéli Phase Nanoparticles
K. Elcess, Brookhaven Science Associates/Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
1:40(withdrawn) Suspensions of barium titanate nanopowder
A. Ragulya, Frantsevich Institute for problems in Materials Science, UA
1:50Magnesium alloy and Production Method
2:00Superhydrophobic Coatings
A. Detrana, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
2:10High quality plastic optical fiber manufacturing process
T. Martinuzzo, Univalor, CA
2:20RAFT Polymerisation for Agricultural applications
P. Stasinos, CSIRO-Australia, AU
1:30TechConnect IP Partnering: Biotech & MedicalRoom 303
Session chair: Lynn Foster, BPT Pharma, US
1:30Cellular Gradient Polymer Composites
P. Bourban, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), CH
1:40Magnetic nanoparticles for drug targeting
M. Kempe, Lund University, SE
1:50Novel biomarker signature as a predictor of breast cancer outcome
O. Novac, McGill University, CA
2:00Portfolio of Scaffolds and Biomaterials for Multiple Orthopaedic and Medical Applications
S. Hartford, University of Notre Dame, US
2:10Microfluidic Lab-on-Chip Platform for Point of Care Testing
2:20New Technology for Micro- and Nanonization & Encapsulation of Molecular Compounds of Interest
1:30TechConnect IP Partnering: Energy & EfficiencyRoom 301
Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
1:30Buckled Silicon Nanostructures on Elastomeric Substrates for Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
B. Loux, AzTE, US
1:40Enhancement of biogas production in anaerobic digestors using iron oxide nanoparticles.
1:50Non-equilibrium Synthesis of High Efficiency Thermoelectrics
K. Elcess, Brookhaven Science Associates/Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
2:00Aluminum-Ion Battery to Transform 21st Century Energy Storage
J. Caldwell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
3:00TechConnect IP Partnering: PharmaceuticalsRoom 303
Session chair: Belen Martinez, CaramelTech, MX
3:00New Strategies For Secure, Non-Invasive Transitional for Brain Cancer Treatment
C. Michel, SOCPRA, CA
3:10Treatment of Influenza Virus-Mediated Lung Injury: Blocking the A1-Adenosine Receptor
I. Davis, The Ohio State University, US
3:20High-Throughput Label-Free Nanoparticle Detection And Size Assay
F. Caporale, University of California Santa Barbara, US
3:30Radionuclide-Loaded Liposome
C. Burke, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, US
3:40Cerium oxide nanoparticles for treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and disorders associated with free radical production and/or mitochondrial dysfunction.
B. Rzigalinski, Virginia Coll. of Osteopathic Medicine, US
3:00TechConnect IP Partnering: Semiconductors, Sensors & MicrosystemsRoom 305
Session chair: Ryan Williams, Fraunhofer, US
3:00High-speed feedback controller
P. Lamoureux, Valeo Management, CA
3:10Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Optical Amplifier with Wavelength Conversion
L. Loerchner, University of Waterloo, CA
3:20Inertial Sensors Based on Magnetic Levitation
F. Barrot, CSEM SA, CH
3:30Low cost production of single crystal-like films
S. Lux, ETH Zurich - ETH transfer, CH
3:40Tunable High Sensitivity or Low Cost Gas Detectors
D. Nugent, University of Minnesota, US
3:00TechConnect IP Partnering: Water TechnologiesRoom 301
Session chair: Didier Leconte, MSBi Valorisation, CA
3:00Direct Electric Liquid Heater
J. Callahan, ISI Technology LLC, US
3:10A tubular solar still: simple, elegant, inexpensive, even revolutionary, distillation.
W. Possidento, Self, US
3:20Sub-Surface Evaporative Lift Irrigation System
C. Pianta, AgroSci Inc., US
3:30Chemically Modified Nanofiltration Hollow Fiber Membranes
T. Chong, National University of Singapore, SG
1:30Canada’s Hottest Innovative Cleantech Companies - ShowcaseRoom 206
Session chair: Sean Wise, Ryerson University, CA
1:30Intoduction to Innovation Showdcase
S. Wise, Ryerson University, CA
1:40Hydrostor (Grid Scale Storage)
C. VanWelleghem, Hydrostor, CA
1:50ProDalG (Bio Fuels - Algae)
M. Sales, ProDalG, CA
2:00Sine Slice (Energy Efficiency & Management)
C. Webb, Sine Slice, CA
2:10Grid Co (Energy Efficiency & Management)
C. Napior, Grid Co, CA
2:20Odotech (Emissions Management)
T. Pagé, Odotech, CA
2:30VBINE (Wind Energy)
D. Siman, VBINE, CA
2:40BDR Technol (Bio Fuels)
K. Lawless, BDR Technol, US
2:50Free Breeze (Wind Energy)
S. Labus, Free Breeze, CA
3:20Enviro Save (Transportation)
B. Ingebrigston, Enviro Save, CA
3:30Corvus Energy (Energy Storage)
G. Brown, Corvus Energy, CA
3:40Carbon Sense Solutions
R. Niven, Carbon Sense Solutions, CA
3:50Refficient (Recycle)
S. McLarty, REfficient, CA
4:00SWITCH Materials Inc. (Smart Windows)
J. Sargent, SWITCH Materials Inc., CA
4:10Zero Waste
B. Coxhead, Zero Waste, CA
1:30US-China Nanotech ConnectExpo Hall Theater
1:30Introducing Suzhou Industry Park- a Vibrant and Progressive High-tech Hub in China
D. Zhang, Technology and Development Bureau, Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), CN
1:45Overview of Suzhou Nano-manufacturing Capabilities
L. Liu, NanoGlobe, CN
2:00Printed electronics R&D in China and collaboration opportunities
Z. Cui, Suzhou Institute of Nanotech and Nanobionics (SINANO), CN
2:15Intradermal Drug Delivery Devices Based on Proprietary Functional Micro Array (FMA) Technology
B. Xu, Suzhou Natong Bionanotechnology Ltd. (Nanomed), CN
2:30Experience Sharing: Growing Venture Businesses in China
N. An, New England Chinese Information and Networking Association, CN
2:45Technology Partnership and Business Development Opportunities in Nanopolis Suzhou Q&A
L. Liu, NanoGlobe, CN
3:30US-China Nanotech Connect - Networking Reception - Booth 930 Expo Hall C (3:30 - 4:00)Expo Hall Theater
3:00Carbon Capture Innovation SpotlightsRoom 310
Session chair: Jim Matheson, Flagship Ventures, US
3:00Solids Characterization of Phase-Changing Aminosilicone-Based CO2-Capture Absorbents
T.E. Westendorf, B.R. Wood, S.E. Genovese, R.J. Perry, R.M. Enick, L. Hong, GE Global Research, US
3:20Improve efficiency through capture & reuse of C02, a new domestic resource
J. Maceda, Gibbs Energy, LLC, US
3:35Molecular Sieve Materials for Post-Combustion Carbon-Dioxide Capture
P. Balbuena, Texas A&M University, US
3:50Supercapacitive Swing Adsorption (SSA): Efficient, reversible control of CO2 adsorption using electrical potentials
D. Moore, K. Landskron, Lehigh University, US
4:05Novel CO2 Capture Materials
J. McLellan, Nano Terra, Inc., US
4:20The New Sky Process: A Innovative Chemical Pathway that converts CO2 from Pollutant to Resource
D. Little, New Sky Energy, US
4:35Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide - Opportunities and Challenges
M. Grant Norton, GoNano Technologies, Inc, US
3:00Energy Storage Innovation SpotlightsRoom 313
Session chair: Andrew Heckler, Brightfield Energy, US
3:00Advanced p- and n-Dopable Polymer Supercapacitors
Y.-G. Kim, P.J. Kinlen, J.-H. Jung, J. Mbugua, S. Besic, M. Birschbach, G. Tregre, H.-L. Nguyen, Crosslink, US
3:15Adsorption-Enhanced Compressed Air Energy Storage
T. Havel, Energy Compression, US
3:30Flywheel Energy Storage for Frequency Regulation: Commercial  Experience and Outlook
G. Hunt, Beacon Power Corporation, US
3:45Energy storage solutions to increase grid flexibility and renewable energy integration
D. Hayslip, Xtreme Power, US
4:00Building Better Battery Systems: Driving EVs, Utilities and Portables with Green Energy
C. Lampe-Onnerud, Boston Power, US
4:00Workshop on Compact Modeling 4Room 201
Session chair: Tor Fjeldly, Norwegian University of Technology, NO
4:00HiSIM-DG for Extracting Statistical Variations of Measured I-V Characteristics
Y. Shintaku, Hiroshima University, JP
4:20Modeling of the impurity-gradient effect in high-voltage MOSFETs
Y. Maekawa, K. Fukushima, A. Tanaka, H. Kikuchihara, M. Miyake, H.J. Mattausch, M. Miura-Mattausch, Hiroshima University, JP
4:40Charge Partition in Lateral Nonuniformly-Doped Transistor
J. Zhang, X. Zhou, G. Zhu and S. Lin, Nanyang Technological University, SG
5:00Comparison and insight into long-channel MOSFET drain current models
L. Zhang, Peking University, CN
5:20Analytic potential model for asymmetricunderlap gate-all-around MOSFET
S. Wang, Peking University, CN
4:00Piemonte Agency For Investments, Export And Tourism Reception - Nanotech booth 1607, Cleantech booth 707Expo Hall
4:00Massachusetts Clean Energy Center - Catalyst Awardee SpotlightsExpo Hall Theater
5:30Cleantech Open - National Semifinalist Awards & ReceptionExpo Hall Theater
Session chair: Rex Northern, Cleantech Open, US
6:00Canada Networking Reception (6:00 - 8:00)Sheraton Hotel, Back Bay Room D
4:00Innovation Showcase & Poster Session - Reception (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall
Nano & Micro: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software ToolsExpo Hall
-Modeling a plane 3 DOF compliant micromanipulator
M. Verotti, University of Rome la Sapienza, IT
-Simplifying the Designing of a MEMS-based Nanoscale Material Testing Device
R. Bansal, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
-Nonparabolicity Effects of the Ultra-thin Body Double-gate MOSFETs
H. Lou, Peking University, CN
-An Efficient Iterative Grid Selection Strategy for Time-Mapped Harmonic Balance Method
Z. Xu, Peking University, CN
-High-Fidelity Modeling of Single Molecule Quantum Electronic Devices
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-A Drift-Diffusion Model of Pinned Photodiode Enabling Opto-Electronic Circuit Simulation
S. Mei, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, CN
-Compact Modeling of Signal Transients and Integrity Analysis for Dispersionless Interconnect
W. Zhao, PKU HKUST Shenzhen Institution of IER., CN
-Neuromorphic Logic Networks and Robust Stochastic Computing Under Large Perturbations and Uncertanties
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-A Systems Design Framework Based in Matlab That Integrates Sugar, Spice, Simulink, Fea Comsol, and GDS-II Layout
P. Marepalli, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
-A Model for Enhanced Chemiluminescence Reactions in Microsystems
J. Berthier, P. Joly, F. Rivera, P. Caillat, CEA-LETI, FR
-An Online Mems Design Tool That Lays Out and Simulates a Parameterized Array from a Reference Device
P. Marepalli, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
Harvard and MIT Technology Innovation Poster Presentations, Exhibit Hall, Booth 1030Expo Hall
-Rapid and Effective Cell Separations Using Multiphase Systems of Aqueous Polymers
G. Whitesides, C. Mace, Harvard University, US
-Nanowire Delivery of Biomolecules to Cells
H. Park, A. Shalek , Harvard University, US
-Robust Slippery Surfaces as Optically Transparent, Oleophobic, and Anti-icing Materials
J. Aizenberg, T.S. Wong, S.H. Kang, Harvard University, US
-Ultrasensitive, Handheld, Real-Time Biomedical Sensor For Diagnostics and Food Safety
M. Loncar, Q. Quan, Harvard University, US
-Micro-spectrometer for Real-Time Diagnostics and Quality Control
M. Loncar, P.B. Deotare, O. Quan, Harvard University, US
-Nanopore Sequencing by Nano-FET from Local Electrical Potential Measurement
C. Lieber, P. Xie, Harvard University, US
-A new chemical for low-temperature deposition of transparent conductors and semiconductors for applications to solar cells and to transparent electronics
R. Gordon, J. Heo, P. Sinsermsuksakul, Harvard University, US
-Electrochemical Carbon Nanotube Filter for Water Treatment Applications
C. Vectis, Harvard University, US
-Nanowire Investigations of Cells and Tissues
C. Lieber, T. Cohen-Karmi, Harvard University, US
-Repelling Water Droplets to Prevent Ice Formation
J. Aizenberg, L. Mishchenko, Harvard University, US
-Chemically Encoded 3D Photonic Crystals: From Multilevel Encryption to Colorimetric Fluid Identification
M. Loncar, J. Aizenberg, I. Burgess, Harvard University, US
-Mechano-responsive buckled surfaces for switchable privacy screens and decoration
J. Aizenberg, P. Kim, Harvard University, US
-Coating Plastics and Other Soft Materials with Silica Using a Room Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure Process: A Poor Man’s ALD
J. Aizenberg, B. Hatton, Harvard University, US
-MIT Technology Available for Licensing Poster Session will include posters highlighting research in the area of energy efficient networking, biomedical glucose sensors, medical devices, thermopower wave portable energy sources, and antifogging and hydrophilic surfaces to name a few. Over 20 technologies will be highlighted on posters located adjacent to booth #1031.
Nanoscale Materials CharacterizationExpo Hall
-Influence of Cu Content and Nanograin Size on Microstructure, Mechanical and Sliding Tribological Behaviors of Cu-DLC Films
X. Yu, C. Wang, Z. Peng, Z. Fu, W. Yue, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), CN
-Magnetic Nano-Structures Growing by Laser Ablation Deposition
L. Allocca, C. Bonavolontà, A. Morone, M. Valentino, M.F. Verrastro, V. Viggiano, CNR, IT
-Effect of surface reconstruction on the growth of self-assembled Ag nanostructures on Si(111) surfaces
D.K. Goswami, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, IN
-Development of the high performance GFRP with multiwall carbon nanotubes
N. Tarumoto, Hodogaya chemical Co., Ltd, JP
-Uniqueness of intraband plasmon dispersion of a single layer graphene
S.Y. Shin, C.G. Hwang, S.J. Sung, P.L. Lee, J.G. Kim, N.D. Kim, J.W. Chung, Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR
-The Effects of gamma-ray Radiation on n-channel MOSFET
M.A. Iqbal, University of the Punjab, PK
-Residual Stress Dependency on Wafer Location of Thin Film PECVD Silicon Nitride
J.R. Godin, S.-H.P. Won P.M. Nieva, L.N. Phong, University of Waterloo, CA
-Electromagnetic wave shielding effectiveness of SWNT-coated, transparent, conducting panels
I.W. Nam, H.K. Lee, J.B. Sim, S.M. Choi, KAIST, KR
-Physical stability of nanoparticle dispersion
M. Fleury, Y. Lefeuvre, C. Tisserand, L. Brunel, G. Meunier, Formulaction, FR
-Scanning Probe Microscopy Study of M13 on Graphite
N. Steinsultz, P. Sharma, Suffolk University, US
-Controllable growth of ZnO nanorod-carbon nanotube heterojunction arrays by low-temperature wet chemical bath deposition method for using in dye solar cell
F. Dehghan Nayeria, E. Asl Soleimania, S. Darbaria, J. Sabbaghzadehb, S. Mohajerzadeha, Tehran of University, IR
-A Novel Approach for Modeling Mechanical Behavior of Porous Media
B.S. Altan, M. Mollamahmutoglu, Bayburt University, TR
-Assessing the Manufacturing and Environmental Life Cycle of Engineered Nanoparticles Using the NexION 300TM ICP-MS
C. Stephan, PerkinElmer, CA
Carbon Nano Structures & DevicesExpo Hall
-Tearing Graphene
M.J.B. Moura, M. Marder, University of Texas at Austin, US
-Controllable Sequential Low Temperature Plasma Assisted Growth of Vertical Multi-wall & Single-wall CNTs
Z. Kolahdouz, S. Darbari, S. Mohajerzadeh, University of Tehran, IR
-Tailoring of Transport Properties of Carbon Nano Tubes
V. Lamba, Sandeep Dhariwal, Ajay Kumar, Haryana College of Technology & Management, Kaithal, IN
-Visible Photoluminescence Emission from Chemically Synthesized MWCNT/TiO2 Hybrid Nanostructure
R. Paul, P. Kumbhakar, A.K. Mitra, National Institute of Technology Durgapur, IN
-Role of interlayer interaction in the mechanical properties of a multi- walled carbon nanotube and a single-walled carbon nanotube bundle
K. Talukdar, A.K. Mitra, National Institute of Technology Durgapur, IN
-Magnetic Carbon-Nanotube Thermoplastic Polyurethane Composites
I. Kong, S. Spoljaric, R.A. Shanks, RMIT University, AU
-Improved Nanoreinforced Composite Material Bonds with Potential Sensing Capabilities
D. Starikov, A. Price, T. Glenn, F. Attia, M. Fischer, M. Bokadoum, A. Bensaoula, Integrated Micro Sensors Inc, US
-Interactions Between Carbon Nanotubes and 5CB Liquid Crystal
G.Y. Georgiev, E.A. Gombos, M.B. McIntyre, P. Cebe, Assumption College, US
-Carbon Nanotubes Speed Crystallization of Polymers
G. Georgiev, S. Schoen, D. Ivy, L. Wielgus, Y. Cabrera, P. Cebe, Assumption College, US
-Rapid Determination of Purity of Carbon Nanotubes
M. Wall, J. Hodkiewicz, Thermo Fisher Scientific, US
Nanoparticle Synthesis & ApplicationsExpo Hall
-One Pot vs Two Steps Synthesis of Fluorescent Gold Nanoparticles and Capping with Thiolated Organic Linker
S.K. Rastogi, B.D. Denn, A.L. Branen, University of Idaho, US
-The morphology and properties of silica nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel reaction in elastomer matrix
M. Lipinska, M. Zaborski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
-Novel optical property of Ag@PPy nanoparticles
S. Ye, S. Chen, Y. Lu, Nanjing University, CN
-Tuning the Gas Pressure Discharge of Nanoenergetic materials by Boron and Carbon Nanotube Additives
K.S. Martirosyan, L. Wang, D. Luss, University of Texas at Brownsville, US
-Synthesis, Characterization and Sampling of GaP Nanoparticles for Light Emissive Devices
S.L. Pyshkin, J. Ballato, S. Belevschii, E. Rusu, A. Racu, D. Van DerVeer, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, MD
-Bimodal size distributed silver nanoparticles on copper substrate: in situ heat treating under air and protective atmospheres
J. Sopousek, J. Bursik, J. Zalesak, Z. Pesina, Masaryk University, CZ
-Application of zinc and magnesium oxides nanoparticles in crosslinking of carboxylated butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber
M. Lipinska, M. Zaborski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
-Optical Properties of Ternary Alloyed Cd1-xZnxSe Semiconductor Nanocrystals
I.-H. Chen, K.-W. Wang, S.-R. Chung, National Formosa University, TW
-Inverter Circuits Based on Low-Temperature Solution-Processed ZnO Nanoparticle Thin-Film Transistors
K. Wolff, F.F. Vidor, U. Hilleringmann, University of Paderborn, DE
-Color tunable nanophosphors
G.A. Sotiriou, M. Schneider, S.E. Pratsinis, Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zurich, CH
-Monitoring of glass transition at a polymer surface by localized surface plasmon resonance
A. Kaan Kalkan, R.K. Putla, Oklahoma State University, US
-Nano-structured Ni.15Cu.25 Zn.6Fe1.96 Ferrite
H. Zhang, R. Karmacharya, R. Tomcavage, D. Schofield, D. Xiao, Inframat Corporation, US
-Self-assembled fluorescent magnetic nanoprobes for multimode-biomedical imaging
E.-K. Lim, S. Haam, Yonsei University, KR
-Europium-doped gadolinium sulfide nanoparticles as a multimodal imaging agents for bio-application
J.K. Park, S.J. Lee, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, KR
-Hydrothermal approach to a carbon graphite encapsulated FeCo nanocrystals for diagnosis, hyperthermia therapy and siRNA delivery
J.K. Park, J.J. Jung, P. Subramaniam, B. Shah, C.J. Kim, J.K. Lee, K.B. Lee, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, KR
-Silica coated nanophosphors for bio-imaging
G.A. Sotiriou, D. Franco, A. Ferrari, D. Poulikakos, S.E. Pratsinis, Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zurich, CH
-Biological synthesis of copper nanoparticles using plant extract
H-J Lee, G. Lee, N.R. Jang, J.H. Yun, J.Y. Song, B.S. Kim, Chungbuk National University, KR
-Fabrication of glassy nano-spheres via Rayleigh instabilities in multi-material fibers
J. Kaufman, S. Shabahang, G. Tao, A.F. Abouraddy, University of Central Florida, US
Bio Nano MaterialsExpo Hall
-An investigation of nano patterned surfaces and their influence of cell behavior
M. Baum, C. Vetter, M. Wiemer, T. Gessner, Fraunhofer ENAS, DE
-Titanium Tungsten Coatings for Bioelectrochemical Applications
R. Wierzbicki, L. Amato, J. Lopacinska, A. Heiskanen, J. Emneus, P. Boggild, K. Molhave, DTU Nanotech, DK
-Fabrication of electrochemical stem cell chip using nanostructured titanium substrate
C.-H. Yea, W.A. El-Said, J.-W. Choi, Sogang University, KR
-Formation of Hydroxyapatite Nanocrystal on the RBM Treated Titanium by Hydrothermal Treatment in Deionized Water
W.J Lee, S.H. Lee, H.N. Jung, M.H. Kim, J.M. Doh, B.S. Lim, Seoul National University, KR
-Synthesis and Characterization of Anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody-conjugated Magnetic Poly (glycidyl methacrylate) Particles and their Application on CD4+ Lymphocyte Separation
N. Pimpha, S. Chaleawlert-umpon, N. Chruewkamlow, W. Kasinrerk, National Nanotechnology Center, TH
-Nanoskin Bacterial cellulose structured- Towards the development of regenerative medicine
G.M. Olyveira, L.M.M. Costa, P. Basmaji, UFABC, BR
-Characterization of Nanostructural Modifications Introduced into a Model Pectic Homogalacturonan by Esterases or Chemical Saponification and Modeling of Enzyme Mode of Action
R.G. Cameron, G.A. Luzio, Y. Kim, P. Vasu, B.J. Savary, M.A.K. Williams, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, US
-Hybrid bionanomaterials based on nanocrystalline TiO2 and catechol-grafted polymers: the effect of composition and morphology on photo and bioactivity
F. Cellesi, University of Manchester, UK
Micro & Nano FluidicsExpo Hall
-Accommodation coefficient investigation in rectangular micro-channels for large Knudsen number range
M. Hadj Nacer, I. Graur, P. Perrier, Université de Provence, FR
-Superhydrophobic porous silicon surfaces
G. Bolognesi, University of Roma “La Sapienza”, IT
-Synthesis of Fine Pharmaceutical Particles by a Gaseous Antisolvent Mechanism
Y. Bakhbakhi, S.M. Alfadul, A. chafidz, A. Ajbar, King Saud University, SA
-Red Blood Cell Deformation in Flows through a PDMS Hyperbolic Microchannel
T. Yaginuma, M.S.N. Oliveira, R. Lima, T. Ishikawa, T. Yamaguchi, FEUP - Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, PT
-Label-free Cardiomyocyte Enrichment in Microfabricated Device
A. Hsieh, A. Sofla, M. Radisic, University of Toronto, CA
-Hot spots active-cooling micro-channel heat sink device, using electro-osmotic flow
M.F. Al-Rjoub, A.K. Roy, S. Ganguli, R.K. Banerjee, University of cincinnati, US
-High efficiency E. coli concentration via dynamic light-induced optoelectro-osmosis flow
S.M. Yang, National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Array-Nozzle EHD Print Head and its Drop-on-Demand Experimentation
S. Son, S. Lee, Y-J Kim, K. An, J. Choi, J. Sin, W.H. Lee, M. Wijesundara, H.E. Stephanou, Sungkyunkwan University, KR
-System for Measuring Drop Volume and Consistency in Lab-on-Chip Applications
Y. Kipman, P. Mehta, ImageXpert Inc., US
-Molecular Isolation on the Micro and Nanoscale
J.B. Edel, Imperial College London, UK
-Liquid-Phase Hydrogenation on Palladium-Coated Silica Nanosprings™ in a Continuous Flow Reactor
O.G. Marin-Flores, T. Cantrell, T. Prakash, S. Ha, M. Grant Norton, D.N. McIlroy, G. Corti, GoNano Technologies, Inc., US
-Microchannel for IOP Relief and Glaucoma Treatment
D. Barth, J. Heureaux, B. Pilapil, P. Ponce de Leon, K. Zhao, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
-Self-alignment of Silicon Chips on Wafers: the Effect of Spreading and Wetting
J. Berthier, K. Brakke, L. Sanchez, L. Di Cioccio, CEA-LETI, FR
-A General Route to Inkjet Printing Robust Carbon Nanotube Patterns on Compliant and Non-Compliant Subtrates
A.R. Hopkins, K.C. Spurrell, D.C. Straw, The Aerospace Corporation, US
-Fabrication of Magnetic Poly (ethylene glycol) Hydrogels Blocks Using Microfluidic System for Cell Patterning Techniques
H.-Y. Chang, C.-Y. Fu, C.-Y. Lin, T.-P. Wang, National Tsing Hua University, TW
Materials for Drug & Gene DeliveryExpo Hall
-Enhanced bioavailability of peptide YY using nanoporous silicon as a drug carrier
M. Kovalainen, J. Monkare, E. Makila, J. Salonen, V-P Lehto, K-H Herzig, K. Järvinen, University of Turku, FI
-Synthesis and Characterization of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles Coated with Carboxymethylated Cassava Starch for Drug Delivery System
K. Kasemwong, P. Nanta, W. Skolpap, U.R. Ruktanonchai, Nano Delivery System Laboratory, National Nanotechnology Center, TH
-Nanosized titania reservoirs for epilepsy treatment
A. Kozina, K.A. Espinoza, E. Ortiz-Islas, I.A. Rivero, T. Lopez, Instituto Nacional de Neurologia y Neurocirugia ‘MVS’, MX
-UltraDOTs : Multifunctional Ion-Selective Delivery Capsules
J.D. Walters, E.A.H. Hall, University of Cambridge, UK
-PEG Incorporated Polymeric Microcapsules for Intramyocardial Delivery of Stem Cells Genetically Modified by Baculovirus
A. Paul, A.A. Khan, S. Abbasi, D. Shum-Tim, S. Prakash, McGill University, CA
-Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Glycol Chitosan Modified Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles
B.H. Chen, B.S. Inbaraj, Fu Jen University, TW
-A Non-toxic Cellular Staining Agent Based on Fluorescently Labeled Poly[2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl phosphorylcholine]
N.J. Warren, M. Massignani, S.P. Armes, G. Battaglia, A.L. Lewis, The University of Sheffield, UK
-Encapsulation and in vitro characterization of protein in PLGA-chitosan nanoparticles for efficient protein delivery
P. Subbarayan, V.A. Dennis, C. Lee, E. Nyairo, S.R. Singh, Alabama State University, US
-Micronization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) – from R&D to the production scale
S. Mende, NETZSCH Premier Technologies, US
-Nanoencapsulated Drug-Carrying System for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (PACT)
G.K.M. Kalapala, P.K.-L. Fu, Governors State University, US
Green Chemistry & MaterialsExpo Hall
-Polymer Coated Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles for High-gradient Magnetic Separation
R. Alvarez, T.M. Trad, K.S. Martirosyan, University of Texas at Brownsville, US
-Comparative Analysis for Pseudoboehmite Obtainded by Sol Gel Using Green Chemistry Expert System Sofware
J. Serna Saiz, G. Camargo, J.C. Moreno, A.F. Suarez, Universidad Libre, CO
NanofluidsExpo Hall
-Synthesis and Optimization of Metallic nanofluids using Electrical Explosion of Wire in Liquids
E.J. Park, H.W. Park, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (, KR
-Analytical investigation of nanofluids dispersion stability
H. Farzaneh, A. Behzadmehr, A. Samimi, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, IR
-Prediction of Thermal Conductivity of Liquid Methane/Ethane-Cu Nanofluids via Molecular Dynamics Simulations
H. Babaei, J.M. Khodadadi, Auburn University, US
-Ionic liquids for technological applications
W. Teo, P. Hunt, Imperial College London, GB
-Novel Chemistry and Dispersive Techniques for Diverse Applications
M. Hladik, Brewer Science, US
-Numerical Simulation of the Solidification Process of Nanofluids
Y.M.F. El Hasadi, J.M. Khodadadi, Auburn University, US
Nanomaterials for CatalysisExpo Hall
-Oxygen Reduction Reaction Enhancement of PdCo/C Electrocatalysts Driven by Oxidation Treatment
K-W Wang, National Central University, TW
-Palladium Quantum Dots Sensitized TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Enhancing Photoelectrocatalytic Hydrogen Generation
J.J. Gong, C.J. Lin, Xiamen University, CN
-Natural Gas in Syngas Conversion Over Nanosize Catalysts
L.S. Neiva, A.N. Simões, J.B.L. Oliveira, H.M.C. Andrade, L. Gama, Federal University of Campina Grande, BR
-Novel supported catalytic materials based on multiwalls carbon nanotubes
Y. Koltypin, S.V. Savilov, A. Gedanken, M.V. Landau, Bar-Ilan University, IL
-Nano-porous Hybrid Solid Acid with Shape-selective Catalysis
Z. Zhu, Tongji University, CN
-Catalytic activities of sputtered p-type Cu2O electrode in connection with TiO2 thin film for dye degradation
K.R. Wu, C.H. Hung, C.W. Yeh, J.C. Sun, C.J. Hsu, National Kaohsiung Marine University, TW
Nanostructured Coatings, Surfaces & FilmsExpo Hall
-Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(urethane-imide)-POSS nanocomposites
D. Gnanasekaran, B.S.R. Reddy, Central Leather Research Institute, IN
-Morphology Control in Chemically Deposited Lead Sulfide:From Nanocrystalline to Monocrystalline Thin Films
A. Osherov, Y. Golan, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, IL
-Fabrication of the Two-Dimensional Nanostructure on Dye-Doped Polymer Film by Multiple Holographic Recording
B-Y Huang, K-Y Yu, C-T Kuo, National Sun Yat-San University, TW
-Enhancement of the magneto-optical activity via surface plasmon resonance on Au-Co nanocomposite thin films
K. Yang, C. Clavero, J. Skuza, R.A. Lukaszew, College of William and Mary, US
-Variational Anodization of Aluminum for the Formation of Conically Profiled Nanoporous Alumina Templates
P. Wallace, University of Alaska Fairbanks, US
-Controllable Assembly and Thin Films Lubrication of Oxidized Graphene Materials
Z. Wei, Institute of High Energy Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
-Nanoporous Materials through Anodizing of Iron in F-containing Organic Electrolytes
A. Jagminas, K. Mažeika, V. Klimas, State research institute Center of physical sciences and technology, LT
-A novel strategy for fabrication of mesoporous crystalline tin dioxide films with large pores and fully crystalline walls
D. Fattakhova-Rohlfing, J. Rathousky, University of Munich (LMU), DE
-Simultaneous determination of guanine and adenine on nano-poly(4-aminothiophenol) patterns modified ITO electrode
W.A. El-said, T.-H. Kim, J.-W. Choi, Sogang University, KR
-Nanostructure surface layers produced by nanosecond pulsed irradiation of plasma facing materials of fusion reactors and their influence on hydrogen isotope retention by them
V.A. Gribkov, E.V. Demina, A.V. Dubrovsky, V.N. Pimenov, S.V. Maslyaev, M. Chernyshova, L. Karpinski, R.A. Miklaszewski, M. Scholz, C. Tuniz, A. Tartari, Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion, PL
-Odd-Even Effect in Self Assembly and Phase Transition of Alkanethiols Monolayers (SAMs) on Au (111) Surfaces
L. Ramin, A. Jabbarzadeh, The University of Sydney, AU
-Reinforcing Kevlar by Thin Outer Graphene Shell
K.S. Martirosyan, M. Zyskin, University of Texas at Brownsville, US
-Charge Confinement in Silicon Nanowires by Surface Functionalization
Y.-C. Shih, J.-H. Lee, C.-T. Lin, C.-S. Chen, K.-C. Wu, National Center for High-performance Computing, TW
Nanomaterials for Clean & Sustainable TechnologyExpo Hall
-The Characteristics and Photocatalytic Activity of Visible Light Driven N-doped TiO2
H-J Hsu, Y-T Lin and Y-H Lin, National Chung Hsing University, TW
-Octadecylphosphonic acid Langmuir-Blodgett films and their modification by hyperthermal hydrogen projectile
R. Dey, The University of Waterloo, CA
-Improve Environmental and Economic Performance with Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA)
J.A. Shatkin, W. Larsen, CLF Ventures, Inc., US
-Boehmite nanometric with high surface area synthesized from a microwaves hydrothermal method
M.R. Quirino, M.J.C. Oliveira, D. Keyson, L. Gama, J. Bosco, Federal University of Paraíba, BR
-Nanotechnology Developments in Alberta for Energy and Environment
M. Summers, D. Nguyen, S. Singh, E. Isaacs, Alberta Innovates: Energy and Environment Solutions, CA
Nano Electronics & PhotonicsExpo Hall
-Effect of Thickness based on self-assembly of block copolymer
S.W. Lee, N.R. Park, S.Y. Kim, D.M. Shin, HongKong University, KR
-Novel Plasmon Coupled Nanophotonic Devices and Sensors Based on Encapsulated 2-D Silver Nanoparticle arrays
Y. Tzeng, C-Y Liu, H.C. Chui, C. Huang, C-H Tu, G.W.L. Chen, S. Chen, K-C Liang, Y. Chu, National Cheng Kung University, TW
-Photoalingnment using Reactive Monomers added Photodecomposition Polyimide
H.J. Kim, D.M. Shin, Hongik Univercity, KR
-Comprehensive Study on Reflectance of Si3N4 Subwavelength Structures for Silicon Solar Cell Applications Using 3D Finite Element Analysis
Z-L Lu, National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Underlap Channel Nanoscale Dopant Segregated Schottky Barrier SOI MOSFET for Low Power Mixed Signal Circuits
G.C. Patil, S. Qureshi, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, IN
-Variability Study for Silicon Nanowire FETs
Y.-B. Liao, M.-H. Chiang, K. Kim, W.-C. Hsu, National Cheng Kung University, TW
-Effects of Random Work Function Fluctuations in Nanoszied Metal Grains on Electrical Characteristic of 16 nm High-/Metal Gate Bulk FinFETs
H-W Cheng, Y-Y Chiu, Y. Li, National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Biomolecular, Organic and Inorganic Processing Fabrics: Design and Synthesis of Processing Cells and Primitives
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-C-V Data and Geometry Parameters of Self-Assembled INAS/GAAS Quantum Rings
I. Filikhin, V.M. Suslov, B. Vlahovic, North Carolina Central University, US
-Single Molecule Quantum-Effect Electronic Devices
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-Annealing effects on electrical and optical properties of
S.M. Faraz, NED University of Engineering & Technology, PK
-Characteristics of co-doped device with hole and electron transport material
N.R. Park, G.Y. Ryu, D.H. Lim, S.J. Lee, Y.K. Kim, D.M. Shin, Hong-ik University, KR
-Photon-Induced Biomolecular Sensing and Processing: Towards Engineering, Science and Medical Applications
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-Nanoporous thin-film waveguide resonance sensors with wavelength interrogation over a broad bandwidth
Z-M Qi, Z. Zhang, Q. Liu, D. Lu, Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
-VerilogA modeling and simulation of Memristor for circuit application
D. Xia, L. He, San Jose State University, US
-Self-assembled monolayer (SAMs) and electroplating process for Cu filling on 32-nm trench
M. Hong, Hanyang university, KR
NanoFab: Manufacturing & InstrumentationExpo Hall
-Roll transfer process of single crystal silicon (SCS) film for thin film transistor fabrication
H.J. Choi, J.H. Kim, B.K. Jang, H.J. Ng, J.H. Ahn, H.J. Lee, D.P. Kim, Korea instituted of machinery and materials (KIMM), KR
-A new route to control the enhancement of structural and anisotropy ordering in two-dimensional particle arrays
A. Regtmeier, F. Wittbracht, I. Dück, T. Rempel, A. Weddemann, A. Hütten, Bielefeld University, DE
-Large area transfer of nano-thick single crystal silicon on polymeric substrate
J.-H. Kim, H.-J. Choi, B. Jang, K.-S. Kim, H.-J. Lee, J.-Y. Kim, K.-S. Kim, B.-I. Choi, KIMM(Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials), KR
-Continuous flow synthesis of fluorescent and magnetic nanoparticles
J. Niehaus, D. Ness, S. Becker, H. Tran, H. Weller, Center for Applied Nanotechnology, DE
-Chip Scale Focussed Electron Beam Induced Etching of a Silicon Nitride Membrane with Unique Beam Writing Strategies
K.E. Burcham, J. Fridmann, J. Klingfus, J.E. Sanabia, Raith USA, US
-Embossed and Intaglio Nano-Patterning using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM System
S.M. An, K.Y. Lee, W.H. Jhe, Seoul National University, KR
-Three-Dimensional Electrodeposition for 1 micron Wire Bonds
D. Dlesk, M.-F. Yu, Nanofab3D Inc., US
-Copper Displacement Deposition on Nanostructured Porous Silicon
H. Bandarenka, S. Redko, P. Nenzi, M. Balucani, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, BY
-ALD for sustainable future – building a cleaner world from sub-nanometer level
M. Toivola, T. Pilvi, Picosun Oy, FI
-Near-field infrared nanoscopy of phonon resonant silica and silica-coated goldnoparticles
Y. Abate, California State University Long Beach, US
MEMS & NEMS Fabrication, Devices & ApplicationsExpo Hall
-Electrical performance comparison of Symmetric Toggle Switch for SiO2 and HfO2 dielectric layers
K. Maninder, Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, IN
-Gravimeter on a Chip: An Theoretical Study
F. Li, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
-Quantum Electromechanichal oscillations and Current Enhancement by Compression of Buckled Carbon Nanotube Bundle
L.T. Singh, Indian Institute of Science, IN
-A simple and low cost method for fabrication of nanochannels using water soluble nanowires
A. Joshi, Agharkar Research Institute, IN
-A Novel Silicon-based Wideband Nano Switch for RF Applications
Y.X. Yang, R. Ramer, University of New South Wales (UNSW), AU
-Meander based RF MEMS capacitive switch for Mobile Front End Terminal Antenna support
P. Chawla, R. Khanna, KITM, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra, IN
-Design and Analysis of FBAR switches for RF Front-End Mobile Terminal
P. Chawla, R. Khanna, KITM, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra, IN
-Weak Magnetic Fields Sensing Using Soft Ferrite Nanoparticles and MEMS
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-Low-cost Thin-film Transistor-based Microcantilever for Measuring Deflection
P-Y Lin, Y-J Cheng, S. Kuan and L-S. Huang, National Tainwan University, TW
-Design and Characterization of a Fully Differential Mems Accelerometer Fabricated Using METALMUMPS Technology
P. Qu, Oakland University, US
-Calibrating the AFM with Self-Calibratable MEMS: An Theoretical Study
F. Li, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
Z. Zhao, Y. Han, L. Du, Z. Fang, X. Wang, Institute of Electronics,CAS, CN
Bio Sensors, Diagnostics, Imaging & InstrumentationExpo Hall
-Thin film-resistive gas sensor with SnO2/Au nanocomposite for hydrogen sulfide detection
B-W Chang, S-J Ding, R.L.C. Chen, Hungkuang University, TW
-High-throughput multiplex protein analysis for limited sample size on a single slide
S. Rozhok, K. Ouyang, D. Dixon, M. Nelson, NanoInk, Inc., US
-Nano-plamsonics Sensing and Integration with Microfluidics for a Lab-on-chip Biosensor
J.J. Wei, M. Rexius, M. Kofke, Y. Wang, S. Singhal, D.H. Waldeck, CFD Research Corporation, US
-Plasmonic nanostructure based biosensing
S. Patskovsky, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, CA
-Experimental study of sensitivity enhancement in SPR biosensors by use of zinc oxide intermediary layers
N.-F. Chiu, A. Singh, N. Nelson-Fitzpatrick, S. Dutt, S. Evoy, C.-W. Lin, National Taiwan Normal University, TW
-Surface Plasmon Grating Coupled Emission from Organic Emitter for Detecting Refractive Index Variation
N.-F. Chiu, J.-H. Lee, C.-W. Lin, National Taiwan Normal University, TW
-Investigation of optimal separation condition in negative dielectrophoresis force based particle sorting platform
J.H. Lee, Y.H. Kim, Y.H. Kim, B.K. Kim, Korea Aerospace University, KR
-Surface-based analysis of membrane proteins in their native environment - a paradigm in protein analysis
A. Gunnarsson, L. Simonsson, P. Jonsson, F. Hook, Chalmers University of Technology / SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, SE
-Highly sensitive vascular endothelial growth factor biosensor based on poly-silicon-nanowire field-effect transistor
Y.C. Liu, J.T. Qiu, H.C. Chen, T.H. Lee, H.W. Yang, C.Y. Lin, M.C. Chen, H.Y. Chen, C.C. Huang, F.L. Yang, R.Y. Tsai, M.Y. Hua, Chang Gung University, TW
-Fabrication of PEG Hydrogel Microstructures in Microfluidic System for Multicellular Spheroid Formation, Culturing and Analysis
C.-Y. Fu, H.-Y. Chang, National Tsing Hua University, TW
-Selectivity study for a reagent-less and enzyme-free nanopore glucose sensor against interferences of non-glucose sugars and other substances
E.T. Chen, S-H Duh, C. Ngatchou, J.T. Thornton, P.T. Kissinger, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, inc., US
-Frequency-selective rotation of magnetic nanoactuators for rapid and sensitive solution-based detection of biomolecules
A. Ranzoni, G. Sabatte, J.H.B. Schleipen, L.J. van I.Jzendoorn, M.W.J. Prins, Philips Research, NL
-Detection of Human and Avian Flu Viruses Using Graphenated Infrared Screen
A. Banerjee, S. Chakraborty, H. Grebel, Institution, US
-Detecting oxidation and reduction of Cytochrome c on Single Nanoparticles in Flow Using SERRS
Y. Choi, J.B. Edel, T. Albrecht, Imperial College London, UK
-Label free monitoring of a live single cell using novel scanning probe convergence technology
G.-E. Jung, M.H. Choi, Y.S. Cho, S.-J. Cho, Park Systems, KR
-A Study of Protein Filaments Sliding through Solid-State Nanopores
A. McMullen, M. Mihovilovic, D. Stein, J.X. Tang, Brown University, US
-Lighting up Individual DNA Binding Proteins with Quantum Dots
Y. Ebenstein, S. Kim, R. Lin, Y. Kim, N. Gassman, X. Michalet, S. Weiss, UCLA, US
-Platinum Bowtie Nanostructure Arrays for Massively Parallel Single Molecule Detection Based on Fluorescence Enhancement Phenomena
T. Saito, S. Takahashi, T. Obara, N. Itabashi, K. Imai, Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, JP
-Fluorescent Nanodiamonds with Silicon-Vacancy Color Center: An Potential Cellular Biomarker
-Single molecule SERS leads to the observation of the intermediate form of green fluorescent protein chromophore
N.Z. Shafiq, Md. Shafayet Khurshid, A. Kaan Kalkan, Oklahoma State University, US
-Vitamin E-assisted Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Clusters Formation for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
J-R Lai, H-C Yen, C-Y Hsu, P-S Lai, National Chung Hsing University, TW
Cancer NanotechnologyExpo Hall
-Magnetic Nanoemulsions for Triggered Hyperthermic Chemotherapy
D.K. Nagesha, S. Ganta, M. Chamberlain, L. Moore, M. Amiji, S. Sridhar, Northeastern University, US
-Overcome the Doxorubicin Resistance by Multimodal Nanoparticles in Mice
P.-S. Lai, C.-Y. Hsu, H.-L. Lu, H.-P. Yu, W.-J. Syu, M.-J. Shieh, National Chung Hsing University, TW
-Smart fiducials with radio-sensitizer eluting nanoporous coatings for IGRT
R. Kumar, Northeastern University, US
-Multifunctional liposomes for enhanced tumor targeting.
A. Apte, E. Koren, V.P. Torchilin, Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine, Northeastern University, US
-Landscape Phage Fusion Protein Self-assembled with Pharmaceutical Nanocarriers for Targeted and Cytoplasmic Delivery of Chemotherapeutics to Breast Cancer Cells
T. Wang, V.A. Petrenko, V.P. Torchilin, Northeastern University, US
-Effects of Caffeic Acid Incorporated into Solid Lipid Nanoparticles in Cancer Cells
H.M. Kutlu, G. Guney, A. Iscan, L. Genc, Anadolu University, TR
-Importance of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy
G. Guney, H.M. Kutlu, Anadolu University, TR
-Investigation of Taxol effects on morphological and micromechanical properties of human endometrial adenocarcinoma cells by AFM
K.S. Kim, C.H. Cho, J.H. Kim, Y.J. Choi, M-H Jung, K-S Yoon, J. Woo Lee, G-J Lee, G.B. Jung, H-K Park, Kyung Hee University, KR
-In-vitro testing of realgar nanoparticles for treatment of multiple myeloma cells
P. Balaz, J. Sedlak, M. Pastorek, D. Cholujova, Z. Bujnakova, Institute of Geotechnics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK
-Sulfur-33 Nanoparticles: An Possible Target for Neutron Capture Therapy of Cancer
I. Porras, University of Granada, ES
-Dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticles in hyperthermia
K. Pala, A.M. Serwotka, The University of Wroclaw, PL
-Indium Phosphide : Cadmium Free Quantum Dots for Cancer Imaging and Therapy
H. Chibli, L. Carlini, S. Park, N. Dimitrijevic, J.L. Nadeau, McGill University, CA
-Cytotoxic studies of PEG functionalized ZnO Nanoparticles on MCF-7 cancer cells
C. Rodriguez Martinez, J.E. Ramirez Vick, O. Perales, S.P. Singh, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, US
Nanotechnology for NeurologyExpo Hall
-Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Protect Against MPTP-Induced Dopaminergic Neurodegeneration in a Mouse Model for Parkinson’s Disease
C.D. Dillon, M. Billings, K.S. Hockey, L. DeLaGarza, B.A. Rzigalinski, Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine, US
-New in Vitro Strategy of Astrocytoma (Astrocytes-like) Cells Treated with Pioglitazone ( PPAR gamma agoinst) Offers Neuroprotection Against Nanoparticle-Induced Cytotoxity
Y.Y.W. Wong, A. Jaiswal, V.V. Dukhande, A. Bhushan, S.W. Leung, J.C.K. Lai, Idaho State University, US
-Ceria Nanoparticles Reduce Disease Severity in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis
W.E. DeCoteau, A.Y. Estevez, S. Leo-Nyquist, K. Heckman, K. Reed, J.S. Erlichman, St. Lawrence University, US
-Polymersomes as model of transcytosis across Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB)
X. Tian, I. Cantón, G. Battaglia, Univ of Sheffield, UK
-Molar variation of water: alkoxy in the preparation of SiO2-DA materials and its effect on dopamine release from an implantable reservoir in the brain
T. Lopez, E. Ortiz, D. Esquivel, E. Garcia, National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, MX
-Non-invasive Lesion Imaging and Delivery of Nano-Therapeutics to the Ischemic Brain
A.O. Choi, F. Vaisheva, G.M. Soliman, D. Maysinger, McGill University, CA
-Celastrol-Based Nanomedicines as Modulators of Neuroinflammation
S. Boridy, E. Hutter, G. Soliman, D. Maysinger, McGill University, CA
Environment, Health & SafetyExpo Hall
-Differential Cytotoxic Effects of Titanium Oxide Nanoparticles on Peripheral Nervous System Neural Cells
S. Lu, A.R. Jaiswal, Y.Y.W. Wong, A. Bhushan, S.W. Leung, C.K. Daniels, J.C.K. Lai, Idaho State University College of Pharmacy, US
-Assessment of comparative toxicity of nano- and microparticles of magnetite
B.A. Katsnelson, L.I. Privalova, T.D. Degtyareva, S.V. Kuzmin, M.P. Sutunkova, I.A. Minigalieva, E.P. Kireyeva, M.Y. Khodos, V.Y. Shur, E.V. Nikolaeva, I.E. Valamina, L.G. Tulakina, S.V. Pichugova, J.B. Beykin, Federal State Institution of Sciences Medical Research Center for Prophylaxis and Health Protection in Industrial Workers, RU
-Effects of Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles on Peripheral Nervous System Neural Cell Models
A.R. Jaiswal, S. Lu, J. Pfau, Y.Y.W. Wong, A. Bhushan, S.W. Leung, C.K. Daniels, J.C.K. Lai, Idaho State University, US
-Molecular Effects of Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles on Cell Survival Signaling of Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) Neurons and Schwann Cells
A. Jain, A.R. Jaiswal, S. Lu, Y.Y.W. Wong, A. Bhushan, S.W. Leung, C.K. Daniels, J.C.K. Lai, Idaho State University, US
-Monitoring volatiles and flammable gases without electronics
J.L. Martinez-Hurtado, University of Cambridge, UK
-A proposal of AC corrosion mechanism in cathodic protection
A. Brenna, M.V. Diamanti, L. Lazzari, M. Ormellese, Politecnico di Milano, IT
-Nanosilver – Why It is Still So Hot?
K.W. Lem, J.R. Haw, D.S. Lee, Z. Iqbal, A. Salama, S. Kurmaran, S. Sund, S. Curran, C. Brumlik, A. Choudhury, Konkuk University, KR
-The Development of Control Strategies and Exposure Assessment for Occupational and Environmental Exposure of Nanomaterials
S-J Tsai, M. Ellenbecker, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
-Managing Your Environmental, Health & Safety Risk: An Guide for Nano Companies and their Insurers
P.C. Sarahan, H. Bushong, Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P., US
Micro & Nano ReliabilityExpo Hall
-FinFET reliability issue analysis by forward gated-diode method
Z. Liu, PKU HKUST Shenzhen Institution of IER., CN
-Numerical study on effect of random dopant fluctuation on double gate MOSFET based 6-T SRAM performance
X. Zhang, Peking University, CN
-Characteristics Sensitivity of FinFET to Fin Vertical Nonuniformity
J. Xu, Peking University, CN
-An Accurate Method to Extract and Separate Interface and Gate Oxide Traps by the MOSFET Subthreshold Current
C. Zhang, Peking University, CN
-Cryostructuration of latexes
I. Portnaya, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, IL
Water TechnologiesExpo Hall
-Optimizing the removal of Heavy Metals of an artificial wastewater by electrocoagulation using response surface methodology
A. Suárez, N. Agudelo, Universidad Libre, CO
-Comparative Analysis of the Glendale Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lakeland, FL Using Bioaugmentation
R. Schici, In-Pipe Technology Company, Inc., US
-Enhanced Sludge Reduction Using External Bioaugmentation at a Full-Scale Municipal
R. Shcici, A. Newbold, In-Pipe Technology Company, Inc., US
-Effects of calcination conditions and Fe/Al molar ratio on structure and properties of mixed Fe/Al-PILCs
H. Zheng, P.G. Weidler, Y. Pu, P. Cai, Y. Wu, School of Materials Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences, CN
-Modeling of Multi-Lamp Photoreactors for Aqueous Degradation of Metronidazole: an Analysis of UV Lamps Locations
M. Mohajerani, M. Mehrvar, F. Ein-Mozaffari, Ryerson University, CA
-Efficiency of Point-of-Use Water Disinfection Using Deep UV Light Emitting Diode Technology
I. Gaska, O. Bilenko, I. Shturm, Y. Bilenko, M. Shatalov, R. Gaska, Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc., US
Solar Power Technologies & MaterialsExpo Hall
-Characterization of Microcrystalline and Amorphous Thin Film Silicon Devices with Raman Spectroscopy
M. Wall, J. Hodkiewicz, Thermo Fisher Scientific, US
-Optical absorption enhancement of thin-film amorphous silicon induced by femtosecond laser pulses for solar cell fabrication
A. Kiani, K. Venkatakrishnan, B. Tan, Ryerson University, CA
-Reduction of Collection Efficiency of Charge Carriers with Increasing Cell Size in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
C-L Lee, W-H Lee, C-H Yang, H-H Yang, National Cheng Kung University, TW
-SuperSlim: the thinnest Solar Thermal Panel ever
T. Marcuccio, Costruzioni Solari, IT
-The roles of thin dense metal oxide films in inverted hybrid solar cells
O. Wiranwetchayan, Z.Q. Liang, Q. Zhang, G.Z. Cao, P. Singjai, Chiang Mai University, TH
-Design and Development of Photovoltaic Systems
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-Organic/inorganic hybrid photovoltaic cells based on substitutionally doped single wall carbon nanotubes
V. Saini, Z. Li, S. Bourdo, V.P. Kunets, S. Trigwell, V. Nteziyaremye, B. Clark, A.R. Biris, G.J. Salamo, T. Viswanathan, A.S. Biris, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, US
-Comparison Side by Side of Photovoltaic Modules at PU’U WA’A WA’A - Initial Performance Results
S. Busquet, University of Hawaii, US
-Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Parity with PJM Generation
P.M. Jansson, J.L. Schmalzel, C. Barreiro, Rowan University, US
Energy Storage, Grid & Transportation TechnologiesExpo Hall
-Regenerative Fuel Cell Based on Boron Chemistry for Solar and Wind Power
G.H. Miley, Nie Luo, Kyu-Jung Kim, University of Illinois, US
-Numerical Simulation of Ion Transport in Reverse Electrodialysis (RED) Cell for Electrical Power Generation
Y. Yang, S. Kim, S.O. Lee, G.Y. Chung, W. Ryoo, Hongik University, KR
-Palladium Quantum Dots Sensitized TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for
J.J. Gong, C.J. Lin, Y.K. Lai, Xiamen University, CN
-Investigation of a short stack PEM electrolyzer based on a nanosized IrO2 anode electrocatalyst
A. Di Blasi, S. Siracusano, V. Baglio, N. Briguglio, A. Stassi, V. Antonucci, A.S. Aricò, CNR-ITAE, IT
-Strain effect on the hydrogen storage capacity of graphite oxide
J. Kim, M. Seo, J. Kim, S. Kang, Seoul National Univ., KR
-Synthesis of TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Hydrogen Production from Photo-Assisted Water Splitting Reaction
A.Y. Kawde, A. Vats, R.V. Shende, J.A. Puszynski, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
-Increased Bandwidth of Mechanical Harvester
B. Ahmed Seddik, G. Despesse, E. Defay, CEA/Leti-Campus, FR
-The Design, Installation, and Maintenance of a Village-Sized Solar Power System in Uganda
B.M. Osende, J.P. Abraham, G.S. Mowry, University of St. Thomas, US
-Adsorption-Enhanced Compressed Air Energy Storage
T.F. Havel, Energy Compression Inc., US
-Study of the factors effect on the power storage and generation of a nano-biomimetic membrane electrode-assembling (NBMEA) for battery/fuel cell dual applications
E.T. Chen, C. Ngatchou, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
-Dynamic Model Refinement for Buoyant Energy Storage Technology
T.B. Thornbrue, R. Ghorbani, University of Hawaii at Manoa, US
-Overview of Recent Policy Changes in Electricity Markets for grid integration of renewables and energy storage technologies
R. Walawalkar, J. DeRosa, R. Mancini, Customized Energy Solutions, US
-Generation of clean energy by applying parametric resonance to quantum nonlocality clocking
S.Y. Berkovich, The George Washington University, US
-Green Regional Aircraft – the European Clean Sky Program aims for greener Aeronautics
E. Kaulfersch, M. Schüller, J. Hammacher, S. Rzepka, Fraunhofer ENAS Germany, DE
-A Wireless Sensor based solution that enables the common man to use his cell phone and enable Smart Energy Monitoring & Security Management
J. Krishnan, wifinity Tech, IN
Renewable Energy TechnologiesExpo Hall
-A Study on operatin and caracteristics of DEFC(Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell) Utilized Bio-ethanol based on Fruit Waste
N. Lee, H. Hyunsoo, J. Choi, I. Cha, Center for Organic Agrifood industrialization, KR
-Mesoporous Zr-doped TiO2/ZnO material for DSSC and H2 generation applications
A. Menan, R. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
-Power stabilization of large-scale wind power generation by pumped-up hydro power generation with Archimedean screw
A. Sugawara, K. Nishijima, M. Mitobe, S. Uehara, Niigata University, JP
-High-Power-Density Miniscale Renewable Energy Systems
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
-Green Transmission: Imperative and Pitfalls
R.H. Bezdek, R.M. Wendling, MISI, US
-Expermental Study of CH4/H2 Mixtures in Internal Combustion Engines
N. Kahraman, B. Albayrak Çeper, S.O. Akansu, M. Bayrak, Erciyes University, TR
-A Smarter Grid enables Communal MicroGrids
T. Mohn, General MicroGrids, Inc, US
-Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines for Powering Cellular Communication Towers
B.D. Plourde, J.P. Abraham, G.S. Mowry, University of St. Thomas, US
Green Building & Efficiency TechnologiesExpo Hall
-Federal Sustainability Requirements and LEED NC & LEED EBOM
J. Boggiano, Everblue Training Institute, US
-Concrete with reduced Portland Cement Clinker Content for Pavements and Transportation Structures
B. Stein, B. Kramer, R. Ryan, Twining, Inc., US
-Novel Sensors for Monitoring Indoor Air Quality
B. Deore, D.D.M. Wayner, D. Stewart, G.A. Diaz-Quijada, National Research Council of Canada, CA
-Inferring Knowledge from Building Monitoring Systems: the Case for Wireless Sensing in Residential Buildings
E. Gaura, J. Brusey, Ross Wilkins, Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre, UK
-Recycling of Waste Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) into Feedstock Monomers
M.N. Siddiqui, H.H. Redhwi, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, SA

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