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TechConnect World 2011 Program - Thursday June 16

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7:30Thursday - TechConnect World RegistrationRegistration Area
8:30Cleantech Capital: VC, PE & M&A MarketsRoom 304
Session chair: Andrew Heckler, Brightfield Energy, US
-D. Malkani, Rockport Capital Partners, US
-M. Nordan, Venrock, US
-R. Day, Black Coral Capital, US
-J. Matheson, Flagship Ventures, US
-A. Atwan, BlackRock, Inc., US
8:30Superhydrophobic/hydrophilic Surface ApplicationsRoom 202
Session chair: Lisa E. Friedersdorf, nanoSTAR Institute
8:30Self Cleaning Polymers and Surfaces (invited presentation)
K.Y. Law, V. Sambhy, H. Zhao, Xerox Corporation, US
9:00Impact of Temperature and Humidity on Superhydrophobicity of Polyurethane/Organoclay Nanocomposites
Y.H. Yeong, A. Steele, I. Bayer, C. Lakeman, G. De Combarieu, E. Loth, University of Virginia, US
9:20Super-Hydrophobic Nano-Composite Films
F. Helmrich, Integrated Surface Technologies, US
9:40Hydrophobic patterning to enhance pool boiling
A. Betz, J. Xu, H. Qiu, D. Attinger, Columbia University, US
8:30Soft Nanotech: Applications of Liquid Crystal - Beyond DisplaysRoom 203
Session chair: Peter Schurtenberger, Lund University, Sweden
8:30Using liquid crystals to improve the performance of luminescent solar concentrator (invited presentation)
M. Debije, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
9:00Liquid Crystal/Polymer Composites as Novel Responsive Motifs (invited presentation)
K. Lee, M. McConney, L.V. Natarajan, V. Tondiglia, T.J. White, T.J. Bunning, Wright-Patterson AFB, US
9:30Thermotropic liquid crystal phase of gold nanorods (invited presentation)
P. Luchette, AlphaMicron, US
8:30Nanoelectronics Technologies & Applications 1Room 207
Session chair: Frank Register, Univeristy of Texas, US
8:30Impact of Nanoscale Dimensions on Optical Properties (invited presentation)
A. Diebold, SUNY Albany, US
9:00Opening of a tunable bandgap in graphene via oxygen plasma treatment: An building block for graphene-based electronics
A. Nourbakhsh, M. Cantoro, A. Klekachev, S. De Gendt, B. Sels, IMEC, BE
9:20Analysis of Graphene, Molecular Wires and Inorganic Materials for Nanoelectronics and Low Power Integrated Circuits
S.E. Lyshevski, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
9:40Electron Transition Between Weakly Coupled Concentric Quantum Rings
I. Filikhin, S.G. Matinyan, J. Nimmo, B. Vlahovic, North Carolina Central University, US
8:30Manufacturing at the Nanoscale: Overcoming Barriers to Commercialization - NNI Signature Initative FocusRoom 208
Session chair: Ahmed Busnaina, Northeastern University
8:00Welcome to Nanomanufacturing
A. Busnaina, Northeastern University, US
8:35Nanomanufacturing by Directed Assembly; a Manufacturing Paradigm Shift (invited presentation)
A. Busnaina, Northeastern University, US
9:00Functionalized Acenes for High-Rate Manufacture of Thin-Film Organic Electronics (invited presentation)
G. Miller, University of New Hampshire, US
9:25Rapid Manufacturing of Polymer Nanostructures (invited presentation)
J. Mead, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
9:50Sustainable Nanomanufacturing (invited presentation)
J. Isaacs, Northeastern University, US
8:30MEMS-Based Systems Solutions and Integration ApproachesRoom 209
Session chair: Roger Grace, Roger Grace Associates, US
8:30Welcome and Introduction
R. Grace, Roger Grace Associates, US
8:45Think Beyond the Chip: Challenges of Smart System Integration and the Critical Role of the European Platform for Smart Systems (Keynote)
S. Coffa, ST Microelectronics, IT
9:30MEMS-Based System Solutions: Review and Overview with a Focus on Current and Emerging High Volume Applications (invited presentation)
R. Grace, Roger Grace Associates, US
9:50Power Optimization of heterogeneous and MEMS based systems: “Consume more to consume less” (invited presentation)
C. Van Hoof, IMEC, BE
8:30Workshop on Compact Modeling 5Room 201
Session chair: Mansun Chan, HKUST, HK
8:30Hardware accelerated interconnect capacitance extractor for VLSI design (invited presentation)
N. Arora, Silterra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., US
9:00High-Voltage MOSFET Compact Modeling (invited presentation)
E. Seebacher, austriamicrosystems AG, AT
9:30Modeling of High Voltage Devices for ESD Event Simulation (invited presentation)
Y. Zhou, J. Salcedo, J.-J. Hajjar, Analog Devices, Inc., US
8:30Keynotes: Interactions between Nanostructures & Living SystemsRoom 206
Session chair: Fiona Case, NSTI
8:30Quantitative Bionanoscience, a Rational Basis for Understanding Nanoparticles Interactions with Living System (invited presentation)
K.A. Dawson, University College Dublin, IE
9:00Biological interactions of engineered nanomaterials - implications and novel assessment methods (invited presentation)
R. Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
T. Thomas, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, US
8:30Bio Nano Materials: Self assembly & applicationsRoom 210
Session chair: Giuseppe Battaglia, The University of Sheffield
8:30Interbilayer-crosslinked multilamellar vesicles: Engineering lipid vesicle nanostructure for enhanced drug and vaccine delivery (invited presentation)
D. Irvine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
9:00Responsive Materials (invited presentation)
C. Lo Presti, Merck Serono, IT
9:30Polymersome nanoreactors as artificial organelles (invited presentation)
J.C.M. van Hest, S.F.M. van Dongen, W.P.R. Verdurmen, R.J.R.W. Peters, R.J.M. Nolte, R. Brock, Radboud University Nijmegen, NL
10:00Networking Coffee BreakRegistration Area
10:30Energy Storage TechnologiesRoom 311
Session chair: Dhiraj Malkani, RockPort Capital Partners
10:30High Dispersion CNT-Enhanced Cathodes for Next Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries
D. Arthur, SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc., US
10:50Magnetic Method of SOC for Electrical Energy Storage Devices
L. Hoover, G.T. Tso, Methode Electronics Inc., US
11:10Automotive Lithium Ion SuperPolymer Batteries for Utility Energy Storage Applications
R. DasGupta, Electrovaya, CA
11:30Thin Film Lithium Batteries. Nanomaterials for Electrodes and Solid Electrolytes. Nanotechnology and Equipment for their Fabrication
E. Shembel, V. Redko, A. Markevich, V. Tutyk, I. Maksuta, T. Pastushkin, A. Tron, N. Klyui, V. Khandetskyy, O. Kolomoetz, Enerize Corporation, US
11:50Nickel-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries – the High Performance, Low Cost, Clean Solution for Hybrid Vehicles
D. Squiller, PowerGenix, US
12:10Analytical Techniques for Characterizing Battery Materials
S. Patel, J. Newman, K. Putyera, I. Mowat, Evans Analytical Group, US
10:30Solar: Advanced Solar ConceptsRoom 309
Session chair: Loucas Tsakalakos, General Electric, US
10:30Novel Building Integrated Solar Concentrators (invited presentation)
A.J. Chatten, D.J. Farrell, R. Bose, A. Dixon, C. Poelking, K.C. Gödel, M. Mazzer, K.W.J. Barnham, Imperial College London, US
11:00Analysis of CIGS for Composition
G.R. Mount, U. Sharma, J. Moskito, K. Putyera, L. Wang, T. Buyuklimanli, Evans Analytical Group, US
11:20Design of a Fiber-based Luminescent Solar Concentrator Fabric
E. Banaei, A.F. Abouraddy, University of Central Florida, US
11:40Polymers for High Performance Solar Cell Devices
L. Wei, Imperial College London, UK
12:00Atomistic effects in the Grätzel solar cell
J. Korppi-Tommola, J. Helbing, P. Hamm, L. Antila, K. Honkala, V. Koskinen, M. Kemell, M. Heikkilä, M. Leskelä, L. Kettunen, T. Kovanen, University of Jyvaskyla, FI
K. Kamath, Abound Solar, US
10:30Water: Novel Nano Materials for Water TechnologiesRoom 310
Session chair: Armin Völkel, PARC, US
10:30Selective Separation of Oil from Water via Superhydrophobic Magnetic Foams
D. Fragouli, I. Bayer, G. Bertoni, P. Calcagnile, G.C. Anyfantis, R. Cingolani, A. Athanassiou, Italian Institute of Technology, IT
10:50Increasing the Efficiency of Photocatalytic Water Treatment with Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles by Control of Crystal Shape
D. Rickerby, European Commission Joint Research Centre, IT
11:10Removal of Selenium from Aqueous Solutions Using Magnetite Nanoparticles as Adsorbent
X. Wei, S. Bhojappa, L.-S. Lin, R.C. Viadero, SUNY Institute of Technology, US
11:30Organic Solvent Nanofiltration Thin Film Composite (TFC) membranes
M.F. Jimenez Solomon, Y. Bhole, A.G. Livingston, Imperial College London, UK
10:30Emissions & Waste Management TechnologiesRoom 308
Session chair: Laura Benold, CTSI, US
10:30The Development of a Waste to Fuels Strategy for the Plastics and Rubber Fractions of MSW
J.D. Hensel, Polyflow, US
10:45Dilute Methane Pollution Control That Produces Continuous Clean Renewable Energy
J. Blair, P. Fukumoto, FlexEnergy, US
11:00Technology Development for Large Scale Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to Useful Products
A.S. Agarwal, Y. Zhai, D. Hill, N. Sridhar, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), US
11:15Carbon Capture and Recycling by photocatalysts supported on Silica Nanosprings
T. Prakash, O.G. Marin-Flores, T. Cantrell, M. Grant Norton, D.N. McIlroy, G. Corti, GoNano Technologies, Inc., US
11:30Thermal acoustic insulating materials from paper-mill waste
D. Contu, Nesocell, IT
10:30Efficiency, Low Carbon and Building Innovation SpotlightsRoom 305
Session chair: Jim Newman, Linnean Solutions/USGBC, US
10:30Ener-G-Rotors, Inc. – The Power of Waste Heat
M. Newell, Ener-G-Rotors, US
10:45The right tools for consumer energy management
M. Li, Tri-Cascade, US
11:00Advanced Materials for High Efficiency Thermoelectric Devices
A. Atti, Phononics Devices, US
11:15Retroficiency – Enabling Building Efficiency and Sustainability
B. Fisher, Retroficiency, US
11:30Filling the Building Management Gap
N. Gayeski, KGS Buildings, LLC, US
10:30Device Design and Simulation 1Room 205
10:30Design of Microassembly through Process Modeling in Virtual Reality
A.N. Das, H.E. Stephanou, University of Texas at Arlington, US
10:50Simulation of Field-Plate Effects on Surface-State-Related Lag and Current Slump in GaAs FETs
T. Tanaka, K. Itagaki, A. Nakajima, K. Horio, Shibaura Institute of Technology, JP
11:10Performance Study of Nitride-Based Gunn Diodes
G. Aloise, S. Vitanov, V. Palankovski, Advanced Material and Device Analysis Group, AT
11:30The role of Electromechanical coupling in AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMTs
B. Padmanabhan, D. Vasileska, S.M. Goodnick, Arizona State University, US
10:30CNT Applications and DevicesRoom 210
Session chair: Zhifeng Ren, Boston College, US
10:30Optical Properties and Solar Cell Applications of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (invited presentation)
Y. Wang, South China Normal University, CN
11:00Effective carbon nanotube materials and design strategies for CNT-based electronics
S. Sinton, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, US
11:20Scalable Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Separation: from Process to Product
S. Fogden, K-C Kim, C. Ma, G. McFarlane, Linde Electronics, US
11:40Cabon Nanotube Based High Power Thermoelectric Device
D.S. Lashmore, T. VanVechten, Nanocomp, US
12:00Luminescent Single-walled Carbon Nanotube/Silica Composite Materials
A.M. Dattelbaum, G. Gupta, J.G. Duque, C.E. Hamilton, K.A. Obrey, S.K. Doorn, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
12:20Infrared, Optical and Raman Investigation of Double-walled Carbon Nanotubes Prepared from C60@SWNT Peapods
K. Kamaras, A. Pekker, A. Botos, B. Botka, R. Hackl, Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics, HU
12:40Carbon nanotubes transistors based Selective Gas sensors : from laboratory to mass production
L. Gorintin, Thales Research and technology, FR
10:30Functional NanocompositesRoom 203
Session chair: Tom Twardowski, US
10:30Mechanical Reinforcement of Epoxy Resins using Magnetic Aligned Halloysite
S. Mendoza-Bello, S. Barrientos-Ramirez, G. Montes de Oca, L. Flores-Santos, A. Gonzalez-Montiel, Macro-M, S.A. de C.V., MX
11:00Magnetic assisted self-assembly
M. Furlan, M. Lattuada, ETH Zurich, CH
11:20Rapid one-step chemical synthesis of polyaniline-manganese ferrite nanocomposites without external initiator and mechanical agitation
E.F.C. Chimamkpam, T. Schweizer, A. Schilling, J.M.F. Ferreira, Centre for Research in Ceramics and Composite Materials, PT
11:40Synthesis of a CNT Nano-Coating on Carbon Fibers: its Role on Strength, Toughness & Damage Tolerance of Polymer Matrix Composites
G. Prabhu-Gaunkar, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, IN
10:30Novel Nanostructured CoatingsRoom 202
Session chair: Jan Sumerel, Rambus, Inc.
10:30Coatings of Polymers with TiO2 Nanoparticles by Sonochemical Method
N. Perkas, A. Gedanken, Bar-Ilan University, IL
10:50Rendering superhydrophobic laser-induced rough surfaces by transfering on them Teflon nanoparticles
A. Athanassioua, I. Bayer, F. Brandi, R. Cingolani, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IT
11:10Adhesion strength and superhydrophobicity in polyurethane/organoclay nanocomposites
A. Steele, I. Bayer, Y.H. Yeong, E. Loth, University of Virginia, US
11:30Nano-Scale Surface Coatings
S. Coulson, P2i Ltd, UK
11:50Conductive, Transparent, Flexible, Stretchable Films of Copper Nanowires
A.R. Rathmell, B.J. Wiley, Duke University, US
10:30Nano and Micro Technologies for Oil & GasRoom 303
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Dimatix, US
10:30Microfluidics and Microsensors for Downhole Oilfield Applications
C. Harrison, M. Sullivan, R. Schroeder, E. Smythe, P. Dryden, Schlumberger-Doll Research, US
10:50Design and Application of Novel Nano Drilling Fluids to Mitigate Circulation Loss Problems during Oil Well Drilling Operations
V. Mostafavi, M.Z. Ferdous, G. Hareland, M. Husein, University of Calgary, CA
11:10The Separation of Hydrocarbons from Sand Using Ionic Liquids
P. Painter, B. Miller, A. Lupinsky, P. Williams, Penn State University, US
10:30NanoFab: Synthesis & processing - creating nanostructured materials and devicesRoom 204
Session chair: Guy DeRose, Caltech, US
10:30Sub-wavelength metal nanostructure fabrication by parallel dip-pen nanolithography
J-W Jang, S. Nettikadan, NanoInk Inc, US
10:50Large Area Self Assembly of Gold Nanoparticle Clusters with Tunable Plasmon Resonance
F.L. Yap, S. Krishnamoorthy, Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, SG
11:10Laser Writing of Metallic Nanostructures in a Polymer Matrix with Applications to Metamaterials
S. Shukla, X. Vidal, E.P. Furlani, M.T. Swihart, P.N. Prasad, Harvard University, US
11:30Recent Nanofiber Technologies, Mass Production and its Applications
B-S. Kim, K. Watanabe, N. Kimura, I-S. Kim, Shinshu University, JP
11:50Templateless electrodeposition of oriented polypyrrole nanowire array
C. Debiemme-Chouvy, CNRS - UPMC, FR
10:30MEMS-Based Systems Solutions and Integration ApproachesRoom 209
Session chair: Roger Grace, Roger Grace Associates, US
10:30MEMS sensors enable high-performance devices and unique system-level applications (invited presentation)
A. Oja, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI
10:50Integration Approaches of Combining Micro and Nano Technologies (invited presentation)
A. Rouzaud, Ph. Robert, J.-Ph. Polizzi, N. Sillon, Léti, FR
11:10Integration Challenges for High Performance Inertial Sensors (invited presentation)
R. Scannell, Analog Devices, Inc., US
11:30Optofluidics: exciting integration of two microsystem technology platforms (invited presentation)
A. Leinse, J. Walker, LioniX BV, US
11:50Integration Strategies for Magnetic Microsystems (invited presentation)
D. Harris, Advanced MicroSensors, Inc., US
10:30Workshop on Compact Modeling 6Room 201
Session chair: Narain Arora, Silterra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
10:30A Phase-Change Random Access Memory Model for Circuit Simulation (invited presentation)
M. Chan, HKUST, HK
11:00Modeling Strategies for Flash Memory Devices (invited presentation)
A. Padovani, L. Larcher, P. Pavan, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, IT
11:30A Universal Memory Model for Design Exploration (invited presentation)
C.-C. Wang, Y. Cao, Arizona State University, US
10:30Nanoelectronics Technologies & Applications 2Room 207
Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments, US
10:30Phase Transition Oxide Electronics (invited presentation)
S. Ramanathan, Harvard University, US
11:00Graphene Nanoelectronics Beyond Current Technological Limitations (invited presentation) a Simulation Perspective
F. Register, D. Basu, X. Mou, D. Reddy, S.K. Banerjee, G. Carpenter, A. Hassabi, A. MacDonald, University of Texas Austin, US
11:30A Five Input Majority Gate in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automatta
R. Akeela, M.D. Wagh, Lehigh University, US
11:50Artificial Nanostructure Materials for Optical Power Control Devices
Y. Ofir, A. Donval, D. Cheskis, T. Fisher and M. Oron, KiloLambda, IL
12:10Hybrid CMOS/nanodevice circuits with tightly integrated memory and logic functionality
D.B. Strukov, University of California at Santa Barbara, US
10:45Manufacturing at the Nanoscale: Overcoming Barriers to Commercialization - NNI Signature Initative FocusRoom 208
Session chair: Ahmed Busnaina, Northeastern University
10:45Multiscale Automation for Nanomanufacturing at the Systems Level (invited presentation)
H. Stephanou, University of Texas at Arlington, US
11:10Experiential Issues Encountered While “Bridging the Nanotech Gap” Towards Commercialization (invited presentation)
R.F. Praino Jr., Chasm Technologies Inc., US
11:35Innovations and Applications in Carbon Nanotubes Based Nanomaterials (invited presentation)
P. Antoinette, Nanocomp Technologies, Inc., US
10:30Bio Nano Materials: Novel bio nano materials and applicationsRoom 313
Session chair: Giuseppe Battaglia, The University of Sheffield
10:30New versatile nano/microstructured surfaces: Applications in anti-icing, prevention of biofouling and self-cleaning oleophobic materials (invited presentation)
J. Aizenberg, Harvard University, US
11:00Biomimetic High Filler Content Composites using Bisphenol-A Ethoxy Diacrylate
N. Daud, R.A. Shanks, RMIT University, AU
11:20Nanoviricides as Anti-Influenza Agents
A.R. Diwan, J.G. Tatake, R.W. Barton, K. Menon, Nanoviricides, Inc., US
11:40Colloido-Polymersomes: Capsules consisting of a composite layer of particles and polymer
H.C. Shum, University of Hong Kong, HK
12:00RAFT Polymerisation for delivery of bioactives
J. Chiefari, CSIRO, AU
10:30Biosensors: General ApplicationsRoom 304
Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Labs, US
10:30From Rational Design to Probe Optimization: the Role of Nanoparticle Valency in Single Cancer Cell Detection in Blood via Magnetic Relaxation
C. Kaittanis, S. Santra, J.M. Perez, University of Central Florida, US
10:50Highly robust array of nanosensing platform for biosensing application
I. Stateikina, A. Ng, R. Chinnappan, H. liu, M. Ahmed, M. Zourob, INRS, CA
11:10Electrochemistry in nanopore/electrode structures - from pore fabrication to DNA sequencing-by-tunneling
T. Albrecht, Imperial College London, UK
11:30Bio-inspired Optoelectronic Digital Nose
M. Bayindir, A. Yildirim, M. Vural, M. Yaman, Bilkent University, TR
10:30Environmental Health and Safety: Bio ImpactRoom 206
Session chair: Rashi Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
10:30In vivo nanotoxicity assessment: the role of size, surface coating, nanostructuration and dose-metrics
G. Vecchio, A. Galeone, V. Brunetti, G. Maiorano, M.A. Malvindi, S. Sabella, R. Cingolani, P.P. Pompa, Italian Institute of Technology, IT
10:50A novel technique for toxicological characterization of engineered nanomaterials
P. Demokritou, G.A. Sotiriou, E. Diaz, J. Godleski, J. Brain, S.E. Pratsinis, Harvard University, US
11:10Cell Culture Media elicit a different dynamic Formation of Protein-NP Complexes: Effects on the Cellular Response
S. Sabella, G. Maiorano, B. Sorce, V. Brunetti, M.A. Malvindi, R. Cingolani, P.P. Pompa, Italian Institute of Technology, IT
11:30Effect of Carbon Nanotubes on Chinese Hamster Ovarian Cells
H.H. Chen, J.A. Luca, M. Chen, Point Loma Nazarene University, US
11:50Significant NIOSH Activities Specific to Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers
C.L. Geraci, L. Hodson, NIOSH, US
10:30TechConnect Corporate Partnering: Venture PartneringRoom 306
Session chair: Dina Lozofsky, University of California Santa Barbara, US
10:30BASF Corporate Partnering
P. Mukherjee, BASF Venture Capital America, US
10:50Panasonic TechConnect Partnering
I. Nydick, Panasonic, US
11:10Cabot TechConnect Partnering
T. Kodas, Cabot Corporation, US
11:30Honda TechConnect Partnering
N. Sugimoto, Honda, US
12:00Lunch - for purchase Boylston Hallway 3rd Floor
1:00TechConnect Ventures: Advanced Materials/ChemicalsRoom 305
Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
1:00Aeonian Bricks
D. Blalock, Aeonian Bricks, US
1:10Catacel Corp.
W. Whittenberger, Catacel Corp., US
1:20Cline Technologies
N. Holmquist, Cline Technologies, SE
1:30CondAlign AS
M. Buchanan, CondAlign AS, NO
1:40Pixelligent Technologies
C. Bandes, Pixelligent Technologies, US
1:50Opalux Incorporated
A. Arsenault, Opalux Incorporated, CA
2:00SixPoint Materials, Inc.
T. Hashimoto, SixPoint Materials, Inc., US
2:10MesoCoat Inc.
A. Sherman, MesoCoat Inc., US
1:00TechConnect Ventures: Biotech & MedicalRoom 303
Session chair: Belen Martinez-Lopez, CaramelTech
1:00Cellanyx Diagnostics
C. Ashok, Cellanyx Diagnostics, US
1:10Quegen Biotech Co.
J.D. Lee, Quegen Biotech Co., US
1:20BIO-FD&C Co., Ltd.
S.H. Moh, BIO-FD&C Co., Ltd., KR
1:30Sharklet Technologies, Inc.
M. Spiecker, Sharklet Technologies, Inc., US
1:40NanoMedical Systems, Inc.
R. Goodall, NanoMedical Systems, Inc., US
1:50Cosmas Therapeutics Development Inc.
M. Atkin, Cosmas Therapeutics Development Inc., CA
2:00WaveGuide Corporation
L. Fritzemeier, WaveGuide Corporation, US
1:00TechConnect Ventures: Energy & EfficiencyRoom 301
Session chair: Cheemin Bo- Linn, Peritus Partners, US
1:00Angstron Supercapacitor Co.
R. Beech, Angstron Supercapacitor Co., US
1:10BioDiesel Reactor Technologies Inc.
K. Lawless, BioDiesel Reactor Technologies Inc., CA
1:20Cube Catalytics
W. Majek, Cube Catalytics, US
1:30Energy Compression Inc.
T. Havel, Energy Compression Inc., US
M.S. Oh, I.OP, US
S. Elliott, MountainLogic, US
2:00Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc
E. Chen, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc, US
2:10Rolith, Inc.
B. Kobrin, Rolith, Inc., US
1:30Green Build Corporate Needs & PartneringRoom 308
Session chair: Jim Newman, Linnean Solutions/USGBC, US
R. Wilkins, Danfoss, US
1:50Schneider Electric
P. Hamilton, Schneider Electric, US
2:10Johnson Controls
D. Armano, Johnson Controls, US
1:30Manufacturing at the Nanoscale: Overcoming Barriers to Commercialization - NNI Signature Initative FocusRoom 208
Session chair: Ahmed Busnaina, Northeastern University
1:30Carbon Nanotubes EMI-Shielding (invited presentation)
T. Tiano, NanoTechLabs Inc., US
1:551D Functional Nanoscale Materials for Renewable Energy Generation and Storage (invited presentation)
H. Shin, Kookmin University, KR
2:20Surface Nanopatterning for Spintronics (invited presentation)
H. Tanaka, Osaka University, JP
2:45High Resolution Electrohydrodynamic-Jet Printing: from Concept to Production (invited presentation)
K. Barton, University of Michigan, US
1:30Marine & Wind Energy GenerationRoom 310
Session chair: Wayne Gears, CAMG, US
1:30Mobile Wave Energy Harvesting System
A. Sharon, J. Briggs, H. Wirz, Boston University - Fraunhofer CMI, US
1:50Performance Comparison of Different Rotors on Cross-Axis Hydrokinetic Turbines for Power Generation in Water Canals
W.B. Hamner, Hydrovolts Inc., US
2:10Offshore Wave and Wind Together - Afloat
N.A. Brown, Float Incorporated, US
2:30Offshore Renewable Resources – Improving the Cost-of-Energy
S. Roznitsky, HighSeasWind, US
2:50Process-Fluid-Lubricated Polycrystalline Diamond Bearings for application in Marine Hydrokinetic Machines
T.N. Sexton, C.H. Cooley, US Synthetic Corp., US
1:30Nanoparticles in Imaging TechnologiesRoom 202
Session chair: J. Manuel Perez, University of Central Florida, US
1:30Nanoparticles for biomedical imaging and their potential for clinical translation (invited presentation)
H.S. Choi, J.V. Frangioni, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, US
2:00Engineering Viral Nanoparticles as Smart Devices for Nanomedicine (invited presentation)
N.F. Steinmetz, Case Western Reserve University, US
2:30Making the Good Better: Enhancing Solution Phase Antibody/Antigen Binding with Homogeneous Magnetic Fields (invited presentation)
L. Josephson, Harvard Medical School, US
M. Nahrendorf, Massachusetts General Hospital, US
3:30Pharmacokinetics and clearance properties of nano-sized particles and molecules as multi-modality imaging agents: Considerations and caveats
H. Kobayashi, NCI/NIH, US
3:50Clusters of SPIONs encapsulated in a hydrogel: An particle architecture generating a synergetic enhancement of the T2 relaxation
C. Paquet, H.W. de Haan, H.Y. Lin, B. Xiang, D.M. Leek, A. Kell, G. Tian, B. Simard, National Research Council, CA
1:30Micro & Nano ReliabilityRoom 205
Session chair: Jürgen Keller, AMIC GmbH and Bernd Michel, Fraunhofer IZM, DE
1:30Three-dimensional Deformation Analysis of MEMS/NEMS by means of X-ray Computer-Tomography
J. Hammacher, M. Dost, W. Faust, L. Scheiter, R. Erb, B. Michel, Fraunhofer ENAS, DE
1:50Comparative Analysis of Threshold Voltage Variations in Presence of Random Channel Dopants and a Single Random Interface Trap for 45 nm N-MOSFET as Predicted by Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulation and Existing Analytical Model Expressions
N. Ashraf, D. Vasileska, Arizona State University, US
2:10Reliability Analysis of Low Temperature Low Pressure Ag-Sinter Die Attach
R. Mrossko, H. Oppermann, B. Wunderle, T. Winkler, B. Michel, Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH, DE
2:30Fracture mechanical test methods for interface crack evaluation of electronic packages
J. Keller, I. Maus, H. Pape, B. Wunderle, B. Michel, AMIC Angewandte Micro-Messtechnik GmbH, DE
2:50Automated test system for in-situ testing of reliability and aging behaviour of thermal interface materials
M. Abo Ras, Berliner Nanotest and Design GmbH, DE
3:10Correlation of Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Dry Sliding Nanocrystalline Diamond Coatings
M. Wiora, N. Sadrifar, K. Brühne, P. Gluche, H.-J. Fecht, Ulm University, DE
3:30Ultrathin Parylene-C Gate Dielectrics for Flexible Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors
M. Mohebbi, S. Selvarasah, X. Li, B. Beauvais, M.R. Dokmeci, Northeastern University, US
1:30Device Design and Simulation 2Room 204
1:30Bottom-up device simulations: modeling electrical currents on the atomic scale
A. Blom, K. Stokbro, QuantumWise A/S, DK
1:50Advanced physics for simulation of ultrascaled devices with UTOXPP Solver
D. Garetto, D. Rideau, C. Tavernier, Y. Leblebiciand, A. Schmid, H. Jaouen, IBM corp., FR
2:10A Negative Index Metamaterial Waveguide for De-Multiplexing
X. Vidal, A. Baev, E.P. Furlani, P.N. Prasad, The Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics, US
2:30SUGARX: an Online Tool That Bridges the Gap Between Experiment and Simulation
P. Marepalli, F. Li, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
2:50A Regional Model for Threshold Switching in Phase Change Memory
L. Wang, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate Schoo, CN
1:30MEMS-Based Systems Solutions and Integration ApproachesRoom 209
Session chair: Roger Grace, Roger Grace Associates, US
1:40Monitoring and Assessing the Structural Integrity of Infrastructure Systems using Next-Generation Sensor Technologies (invited presentation)
J.P. Lynch, University of Michigan, US
2:00Pixtronix DMS™ MEMS Technology for Broad Spectrum of Display System Applications (invited presentation)
R. Payne, J. Gandhi, T. Brosnihan, L. Steyn, J. Wu, J. DeRoo, S. Lewis, G. Fike, M. Halfman, N. Hagood, Pixtronix, Inc., US
2:20Wafer level packaging solutions for hermetic sealing, temperature control and vibration isolation (invited presentation)
J. Mitchell, S. Lee, K. Najafi, ePack, Inc., US
2:40Making a MEMs Mass Flow Controller for Portable Analytics (invited presentation)
R. Meisinger, B. Kinkade, Leister Technologies LLC, US
1:30Workshop on Compact Modeling 7Room 201
Session chair: Yu Cao, Arizona State University, US
1:30Process Variability Modeling for VLSI Circuit Simulation (invited presentation)
S.K. Saha, SuVolta, Inc., US
2:00A Fully Anlytical Model for Carbon Nanotube FETs including Quantum Capacitances and Electrostatics (invited presentation)
L. Wei, D.J. Frank, L. Chang, H.-S.P. Wong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
2:30Single-walled Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Field Effect Transistor Device Modeling
H. Abebe, E. Cumberbatch, USC/ISI, US
2:50Hot-Carrier-Induced Current Degradation in Deep Sub-Micron MOSFETs from Subthreshold to Strong Inversion Region
L. Shihuan, Nanyang Technology University, SG
3:10Drain Induced Barrier Lowering (DIBL) Effect on the Intrinsic Capacitances of Nano-Scale MOSFETs
M.A. Karim, S. Venugopalan, Y.S. Chauhan, D. Lu, A. Niknejad, C. Hu, University of California at Berkeley, US
3:30Characterization and Modeling of Metal Finger Capacitors
N. Lu, R. Booth, D. Daley, E. Thompson, C. Putnam, IBM, US
1:30Natural & Renewable NanocompositesRoom 306
Session chair: Tom Twardowski, US
1:30Progress on Cellulose Nanofiber-filled Thermoplastic Composites (invited presentation)
Y. Han, University of Maine, US
2:00New Fluorescent Hybrid Materials Comprising Quantum Dots, Organic Fluorophores and Natural Fibre Substrates
A.J. Zeller, J.H. Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
2:20Photonic crystals with nanocellulose
G. Picard, D. Simon, Y. Kadiri, J-D. Lebreux, F. Gozayel, College Ahuntsic, CA
2:40Characterization of palladium nanoparticles embedded in a wool substrate
C. Fonseca-Paris, J.H. Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
3:00Cellulose Fiber and Nano-Fiber Composites based on Castor Oil-Polyurethane Matrix
M. Leonard, Md.A.M. Nainar, R.A. Shanks, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, MY
1:30EHS - Enviromental Monitoring, Control & RegulationRoom 206
Session chair: Rashi Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
1:30Engineering Control Strategy for Nanotechnology Industry: the Performance of Filtration for Engineered Nanoparticles
S-J Tsai, M.E. Echevarría-Vega, G. Sotiriou, C. Huang, P. Demokritou, M. Ellenbecker, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
1:50The NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon: an Industry-Driven Approach to EHS Issues
J.C. Monica Jr., Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP, US
2:10The Development of a Portable Arsenic Detector Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Rapid on-Site Testing of Groundwater
Y. Wang, G. Pan, K.Q. Wang, Agiltron, Inc., US
2:30California’s Approach for safe Nanotechnologies: Second Information Call-in from Manufacturers
H-Y. Kang, S. Takatori, Cal/EPA, US
2:50Using Carbon Nanomaterials as Novel Solid-State Junctions for Reference Electrodes
G.D. O’Neil, S.P. Kounaves, N. Chaniotakis, Tufts University, US
1:30Bio Nano Materials: Nanostructured Interfaces for Biotech IRoom 203
Session chair: Giuseppe Battaglia, The University of Sheffield
1:30Photolithographic Fabrication of Biomolecular Nanostructures (invited presentation)
G. Leggett, The University of Sheffield, UK
2:00Surface-Immobilization of Chromatographically Purified Bacteriophages for the Optimized Capture of Bacteria
R. Naidoo, A. Singh, S. Arya, B. Beadle, N. Glass, J. Tanha, C. Szymanski, S. Evoy, National Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Alberta, CA
2:20Fabrication of magnetic bio-Au nanoclusters by using SlaA-layer ghosts of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius as a template
S. Selenska-Pobell, T. Reitz, A. Geissler, T. Herrmannsdörfer, M. Merroun, Forschungszentrum Dresden Rossendorf, DE
2:30TechConnect Ventures: Energy & EfficiencyRoom 301
Session chair: Anand Kamannavar, Applied Ventures
2:30Penn State University and IL Fuels LLC
P. Painter, Penn State University and IL Fuels LLC, US
2:40Phononic Devices, Inc.
A. Atti, Phononic Devices, Inc., US
2:50(withdrawn) Polyflow
J. Hensel, Polyflow, US
A. Badruddin, Simpleafy, CA
3:10Paper Battery
S. Mehta, Paper Battery, US
2:30TechConnect Ventures: Semiconductors, Sensors & MicrosystemsRoom 303
Session chair: Bill Byun, 7Capital, US
2:30Linear Signal, LLC
G. Mockett, Linear Signal, LLC, US
G. Callsen, mc10, US
2:50Nanofab3D Inc.
D. Diesk, Nanofab3D Inc., US
3:00Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.
T. McNutt, Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc., US
B. Choi, nanoLambda, US
2:30TechConnect Ventures: Transportation and Novel TechnologiesRoom 305
Session chair: Neil Cameron, Emerald Technology Ventures
2:30BRASH Engines
M. Bookman, BRASH Engines, US
2:40Electric Pipeline Corporation
R. Faulkner, Electric Pipeline Corporation, US
2:50Progen Energy, LLC
S. Telleen, Progen Energy, LLC, US
3:00NthDegree Technologies Worldwide Inc
N. Shotton, NthDegree Technologies Worldwide Inc, US
3:00Bio Nano Materials: Nanostructured Interfaces for Biotech 2Room 203
Session chair: Giuseppe Battaglia, The University of Sheffield
3:00Highly stable and orientationally coupled gold nanoparticle antibody conjugates for sensitivity improvement in LFIA
M. Ijeh, T. Vossmeyer, H. Weller, University of Hamburg, DE
3:20Phase Behavior and Macroscopic Processing of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube – Lysozyme Dispersions
D.W. Horn, V.A. Davis, Auburn University, US
3:40Small Photostable Photoswitchable Quantum Dots as Nanotools for Live Cell Imaging
S.A. Díaz, T.M. Jovin, E.A. Jares-Erijman, University of Buenos Aires, CIHIDECAR, CONICET, AR
4:00Synthesis and characterization of new nanoparticles formed by milk whey proteins submitted to a thermal gelation process
J.R. Lopes, J.S.R. Coimbra, A.V.N.C. Teixeira, E.B. De Oliveira, Federal University of Viçosa, BR
4:20Hybrid silica-coated palsmonic-magnetic biomarkers
G.A. Sotiriou, A.M. Hirt, P-Y. Lozach, A. Teleki, F. Krumeich, S.E. Pratsinis, Particle Technology Laboratory, ETH Zurich, CH
3:00Building Efficiency TechnologiesRoom 308
Session chair: Jim Newman, Linnean Solutions/USGBC, US
3:00Wireless Sensing for the Built Environment: Enabling Innovation Towards Greener, Healthier Homes
E. Gaura, J. Brusey, Ross Wilkins, Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre, UK
3:15Does Zero Energy Pay Back in Hot Humid Climates?
J. Hendricks, K. Upadhyaya, Kirksey Architecture, US
3:30Next Gen Large Area Lighting: HIDs, Robotics and Energy Efficiency
G. Davis, Lumetric, US
3:45A Multivariate Analysis of Green Building Options
P. Kung, V.C.P. Chen, A. Robinson, University of Texas at Arlington, US
4:00Rediscovering the Unlimited Energy Efficiency Potential of Buildings
N. Mouli, Maryland Energy Administration, US
3:30Cancer Nanotechnology 4Room 206
Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University, US
3:30New High Conductance DEP Devices for Detection of Cancer Related DNA Nanoparticulate Biomarkers and Nanoparticles in Whole Blood
M.J. Heller, A. Sonnenberg, University of California San Diego, US
3:50Label-free Raman Micro-Spectral Imaging of the Microenvironment of PANC-1 Spheroids
T. Chernenko, R. Shah, E. Zuser, M. Diem, M. Amiji, Northeastern University, US
4:10Microfluidic System for the High-Throughput Reproducible Synthesis of Therapeutic Polymeric Nanoparticles
P.M. Valencia, M. Rhee, R. Langer, O. Farokhzad, R. Karnik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
4:30Plasmonic Nanobubbles as Tunable Theranostic Agents
E. Lukianova-Hleb, P. Constantinou, B. Danysh D.S. Wagner, R.A. Drezek, J.H. Hafner, M.C. Farach-Carson, D.D. Carson, D.O. Lapotko, Rice University, US
4:50Ratiometric Tumor Hypoxia Imaging Agents based on Dual-Emissive Difluoroboron beta-Diketonate-Poly(lactic acid) Materials
G. Zhang, G.M. Palmer, M.W. Dewhirst, C.L. Fraser, University of Virginia, US
3:00MEMS-Based Systems Solutions and Integration ApproachesRoom 209
Session chair: Roger Grace, Roger Grace Associates, US
3:00Design for Reliability in MEMS-Based Systems (invited presentation)
A. Hartzell, Lilliputian Systems Inc., US
3:20Co-design of Heterogeneous Microsystems (invited presentation)
M.A. Maher, SoftMEMS LLC, US
3:40Improving Performance of Micro Structure and MEMS Designs by using Optical Measurement (invited presentation)
E.M. Lawrence, Polytec Inc., US
4:00Motivations for a common MEMS test methodology (invited presentation)
D. Feuerstein, SemiProbe, Inc., US
4:00Workshop on Compact Modeling 8Room 201
Session chair: Samar Saha, Suvolta, Inc.
4:00Analytical Solutions to Model the Line Edge Roughness and its Effect on Subthreshold Behavior of DG FinFETs
U. Monga, T.A. Fjeldly, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and University Graduate Center (UNIK), NO
4:20Modeling Bias Stress Effect on Threshold Voltage for Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors
C-H Shen, National Chiao Tung University, TW
4:40The accurate Electro-Thermal Model of Merged SiC PiN Schottky Diodes
M. Zubert, L. Starzak, G. Jablonski, M. Napieralska, M. Janicki, A. Napieralski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
5:00The Application of RESCUER Software to Modelling of Coupled Problems in Modern Devices
M. Zubert, A. Napieralski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
4:00TechConnect Ventures: Energy & EfficiencyRoom 301
Session chair: Bill Byun, 7Capital, US
4:00Solution Dynamics, LLC
C. Wohlert, Solution Dynamics, LLC, US
D. Mather, MTPV LLC, US
4:20CellTech Power
J. Bentley, CellTech Power, US
4:40Wifinity Tech
J. Krishnan, Wifinity Tech, IN
4:30May-Ruben Technologies, Inc.
P. Ruben, May-Ruben Technologies, Inc., US
4:40Gridco Ltd
Y. Webb, Gridco Ltd, CA
4:00TechConnect Ventures: SolarRoom 303
Session chair: Dhiraj Malkani, Rockport Capital, US
4:00Teleos Solar
M. McGonigle, Teleos Solar, US
E. Shembel, Enerize, US
4:20Ideal Power Converters
P. Bundschuh, Ideal Power Converters, US
4:30Epik Srl
A. Caraglio, Epik Srl, IT
4:40Prism Solar Technologies, Inc.
R. Lewandowski, Prism Solar Technologies, Inc., US
4:00TechConnect Ventures: WaterRoom 305
Session chair: Neil Cameron, Emerald Technology Ventures
C. Pianta, AgroSci, US
4:10Algal Scientific Corporation
P. Horst, Algal Scientific Corporation, US
4:20Blue Planet Environmental Inc.
R. Lonetto, Blue Planet Environmental Inc., CA
4:30SecureWaters, Inc.
R. Slatton, SecureWaters, Inc., US
B. Hamner, Hydrovolts, US
4:00Manufacturing at the Nanoscale: Panel - International Research and Collaboration in NanomanufacturingRoom 208
Session chair: Ahmed Busnaina, Northeastern University
-H. Shin, Kookmin Seoul University, KR
-H. Tanaka, Osaka University, JP
-Z. Cui, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
-H. Stephanou, University of Texas at Arlington, US
-J. Mead, University of Massachusetts, US
4:30Technical and Business Collaboration Opportunities: MEMS-Based Systems Solutions and Integration ApproachesRoom 209
Session chair: Roger Grace, Roger Grace Associates, US
-High Value Sensor Systems – a Commercial View
G. Pease, Hewlett Packard, US
-Overview of ATK Micro-Technologies for Aerospace Applications
N. Tiliakos, G. Papadopoulos, D. Modroukas, ATK GASL, US
-System Solutions Using MEMS Sensors for Inertial Navigation and Wireless Sensor ApplicationsM. Grimmer, MEMSIC, Inc., US
5:00TechConnect Closing Networking, Partnering & Investment Reception (3rd Floor, Boylston Hallway)Boylston Hallway

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