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Eco-friendly and Sustainable Processing of Nanoparticles and their Engineering Applications

Kwang-Leong Choy

Kwang-Leong Choy

Professor, Chair in Materials

University of Nottingham

United Kingdom

Prof. Kwang-Leong Choy has extensive experience in thin film and coating technology as well as synthesis of nanocrystalline materials for various engineering, functional and biomedical. She has edited a book, and published over 100 papers in refereed journals and 10 patents. She obtained her D.Phil. in Materials Science from the University of Oxford, where she was awarded the Hetherington Prize and Oxford Metallurgical Society Award. She was a Violette and Samuel Glasstone Research Fellow at Oxford before joining Imperial College in 1994 as a Governor's Lecturer and was promoted to Reader in 2001. She pioneered the innovative Electrostatic Spray Assisted Vapour Deposition (ESAVD) method which led to the Grunfeld Medal Prize by Institute of Materials (UK) and a spin-out company, IMPT Ltd. The advanced coating methods based on ESAVD have been exploited commercially for the manufacture of ceramic films for engineering applications. These include ceramic components for capacitors, selective gas separation, reforming catalyst, and thermal barrier coatings for gas turbine blades. In addition, she was awarded a Visiting Professorship (2001/02) by the Swedish Engineering Research Council at the University of Uppsala.

She came to Nottingham in October 2002 and is leading a research team developing novel and cost-effective vapour processing of ceramic, polymer and nano-structured materials for engineering applications. She has been awarded major research contracts from EPSRC, HEFCE, the Royal Society, and many companies. These include Rolls-Royce, BG/Advantica, BP(USA), Norsk Hydro, IHI (Japan), Qinetiq, DSTL, Gillette and IMPT. Currently, her group is participating in four large research projects related to nanomaterials, nanocomposite and thin films, with extensive academic and industrial collaborations: EPSRC Supergen on Fuel Cells, EU FP6-EXCELL, FOREMOST and RESTOOL. She is the recipient of Innovation Fellowship funded by Higher Education Innovation (2005/06) and Regional Fellowships (2006/07) for her pioneering work on the rapid fabrication and nanostructured polymer films for engineering applications. She is organiser of several international conferences/workshops including the International Workshop on Advanced Nanostructured Materials and Thin Films for Industrial Applications (2008).

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