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Optimized and High-performance plasmonic nanoarrays for SERS using self-assembly of copolymer templates

S. Krishnamoorthy, P. Thoniyot, F.L. Yap, M. Olivo, H.Y. Low
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A-STAR, SG

Keywords: self-assembly, SERS, copolymer, nanoparticle, plasmon, sensor, nanodevice


This presentation would focus on nanofabrication of high-performance SERS substrates. Different fabrication approaches involving confined in-situ growth within templates, metal deposition on nanopatterned surfaces and self-organization of pre-formed gold nanoparticles derived out of self-assembled copolymer templates are used. The approaches aim at achieving asymmetry, very low separations, high-surface areas, along with enhanced mechanical stability and ultra-low variations. The metallic nanoarrays span several square centimeters and are realized using copolymer templates that exhibit a low standard deviation of < 5 % in their geometric characteristics. Optimization of the optical properties and SERS performance through systematic variation in the size and separations in the sub-50nm scale for metal particle arrays would be presented. Various features of importance to the economic viability of the processes used, e.g. the cost of preparation, the need for sophisticated equipments, the compatibility with semiconductor processing tools, will also be discussed. The presented approaches provide a clear advancement to the existing approaches in literature towards SERS substrate preparation with regards their reliability, uniformity, simplicity in fabrication, and scalability.
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