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New three-dimensional nanoscale magnetic graphene oxide for prostate cancer therapy

H-W Yang, S-J Tseng, S-L Chen, R-Y Tsai, S-T Pang, C-K Chuang, M-Y Hua
Chang Gung University, TW

Keywords: magnetic graphene oxide, Epirubicin, prostate cancer, magnetic targeting therapy


Prostate cancer is the most common diagnosed cancer among male population in Western countries. Now prostate cancer is considered the 6th most common cancer among male population. For early cancer, it can be cured by surgery or radiotherapy. However, for advanced prostate cancer, hormone-therapy is usually the only method can be given to patient. Although the disease can be controlled for a while, it will somehow develop into hormone-resistant prostate cancer (HRPC). Currently there is no effective way to treat HRPC. The purpose of this study was to develop a new three-dimensional nanoscale material of magnetic graphene oxide (MGO) with high surface area that can carry high quantification of Epirubicin (EPI), which was used for magnetic targeting therapy of prostate cancer. This technology could enhance the local concentration of EPI in the specific site with an applied extra magnetic field, reduce the side effect of chemotherapy, and increase the effectiveness of prostate cancer therapy. The results indicated that the dose of injected EPI and its side effects could be reduced as carried by MGO and guided by an extra magnetic field.
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