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Magnetic Nanoemulsions for Triggered Hyperthermic Chemotherapy

D.K. Nagesha, S. Ganta, M. Chamberlain, L. Moore, M. Amiji, S. Sridhar
Northeastern University, US

Keywords: nanoemulsions, magnetic nanoparticles, hyperthermia, triggered release


Nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery systems have the promise to improve drug delivery in the treatment of multidrug resistant (MDR) tumors. Nanoemulsions (NE) based platforms are unique for the delivery of insoluble or hydrophobic drugs. Cancer cell response to these NE can be further enhanced through the use of triggered release or stimuli to control and regulate drug release after these NE have reached the disease site. Towards this end, we have developed magnetic nanoemulsions (Mag-NE) - a thermosensitive nanoemulsion loaded with Doxorubicin stearate (Dox), a pro-apoptotic chemotherapeutic agent, and Fe3O4 nanoparticles (MagNPs). Mag-NE were formulated from DPPC, MPEG-2000-DSPE, Egg phosphotidylcholine and pine-nut oil. Presence of MagNPs facilitate conversion of applied oscillating magnetic field energy into heat, leading to instability of the Mag-NE at approximately 40-45C, resulting in drug release within the tumor mass. The use of external oscillating magnetic field, which can penetrate deep within tissue without damaging healthy cells, along with MagNPs to trigger release of Dox from within NE offers the capability to ensure local release at the site of accumulation. This method will act as an adjuvant to chemotherapy to overcome MDR through higher drug accumulation and decrease in efflux pump resulting in increased cell kill. Results from the in vitro magnetically triggered release of Dox from Mag-NE in SKOV3 and SKOV3TR human ovarian adenocarcinoma cells lines will be presented.
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