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Nanoscale Thermal Property Mapping of Polymeric Materials Suitable for Electronic Applications (invited presentation)

L.T. Germinario, K. Sahagian, R.H. Brown, K. Kjoller, T.E. Long
Appalachian State University, US

Keywords: invited speaker, localized thermal analysis, thermal property mapping, integrated heaters


This presentation describes a new approach for measuring the temperature dependence of material properties on the micro and nanoscale. MEMS-based microcantelevers with extremely sharp probes and integrated solid state heaters are combined with atomic force microscopy for localized thermal analysis (LTA) and visualization of thermal transitions of polymeric materials on the micro and nanoscale. Examples demonstrate nanoscale ordering and thermal transitions of electro-active ionic liquid-containing, zwitterionic copolymers (polybetaine), dry and swollen with the ionic liquid, 1-ethyl-3-methyl- imidazolium ethyl sulfate (EMIm ES). In order to detect and identify kinetic processes such as evaporation, crystallization, crosslinking, or decomposition, for example, multiple heating rates were also performed during LTA experiments in which a shift in the measured transition temperature is indicative of a kinetic process. Results on dielectric materials such as PMMA, PS, polyurethane coatings and PET are presented. In addition, AFM imaging of regions previously heated by the thermal probe offered direct evidence of the phase transformation and nanostructures that develop as a result of localized heating.
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