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New technology for metal nanorods formation

M. Balucani
University of Rome la Sapienza, IT

Keywords: nanorod, nanoantenna


Nowadays, Novack et al. proposed a new and efficient approach for producing electricity from sun, using nanoantenna (nantenna) electromagnetic collectors with an efficiencies approaching 84%. The major technical challenge to be solved is the development of economical manufacturing methods for large-scale fabrication of nanoantenna-based solar collectors. The main object of the presented work is to present the ongoing research on a new technology suitable for the large-scale fabrication of arrays of metallic nanorods suitable as nanoantenna dipole electromagnetic collectors. The actual diameter an the height of the nanorods have been centred at half of the visible spectra as to have a nanodipole antenna with diameter D ~25 nm and height H ~250nm, respectively. Each nanorod has to be provided with rectilinear orientation, uniform distribution, has to be parallel to the other ones and perpendicular to a flat substrate. The experimental work was carried on in two steps: first the synthesis of a template of anodic porous alumina, later the growing of the metallic nanorod inside the pores of the anodic template.
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