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Controlling the Size and Morphology of Silver Nanoparticles: Role of Chemical Routes

T. Ahmad
Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), IN

Keywords: reverse microemulsion, surfactants, X-ray diffraction, surface area, TEM


The preparation of nanoparticles with well defined size and morphology is an important challenge for various industrial applications. Silver nanoparticles with controlled size and morphology have been prepared successfully through various chemical routes (Inverse microemulsions, Solvothermal and Sonochemical methods) using various reducing agents, solvents and surface active agents at different reaction conditions. Inverse microemulsions produced silver nanoparticles using three different surfactants viz, cetyl-trimethyl ammonium bromide, Tergitol and Triton X-100. We have done a systematic study of the effect of the surfactants on the particle size, morphology and properties of the silver nanoparticles. Microscopic studies show the formation of spheres, cubes and discs shaped silver nanostructures with the size in the range from 8 to 40 nm. Surface area studies show that the surface area increases from 3.9 to 15.4 m2/g with decreasing the size of silver nanoparticles (40 nm to 8 nm). However, Silver nanoparticles with average size of 5 nm have been prepared at large scale (yield of 98.5 %) by solvothermal method. The surface area was found to be 34.5 m2/g which is found to be higher than the reported values so far. Silver nanoparticles have also been isolated by sonochemical route and the results will be discussed.
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