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Electrodeposited 3-Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous (3-DOM) Magnetic Materials

C. Kansal, K. Zeissler, B.N. Illy, W. Branford, M.P. Ryan
Imperial college london, UK

Keywords: nanostructure, macroporous, 3-DOM, magnetic


Nanostructuring of magnetic materials is known to have a significant effect on their magnetic properties. This is a consequence of the fact that at this scale, the dimensions of the material are comparable to the magnetic domain boundaries. In this work, the magnetic properties of three-dimensional ordered macroporous (3-DOM) structures of cobalt are studied. These structures are templated using polystyrene colloidal spheres in the size range of hundreds of nm to a few microns as a template, followed by the electrodeposition of cobalt from a simple aqueous plating bath. The template removal results in macroporous structures which were characterized using SEM, XRD and UV-Vis spectroscopy. SEM images of the final template-free structures were obtained which showed the spherical voids arranged in a hexagonal fashion. Further, the effect of the pore size and the deposit thickness on the magnetic properties of the structures e.g. coercivity, magnetoresistance and magnetotransport are also examined. The results of this work validate the effectiveness of template assisted electrodeposition for the fabrication of magnetic 3-DOM structures and also provide a systematic approach for studying the effects of deposit properties on the magnetic characteristics of 3-DOM materials.
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