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High Speed, High Throughput, SPM Imaging and Nanomechanics (invited presentation)

S.C. Minne, B. Pittenger, L. Mininni, A. Slade, S. Hu, J. Kindt, C. Su
Bruker Corporation, US

Keywords: high speed AFM, high speed SPM, nanomechanics, QNM


The AFM has long been recognized for its ability to both image surfaces and determine mechanical properties at the nanoscale. However, until recently, the combination of these two capabilities was often a compromise between achievable imaging rate, and the amount or quality of material property data collected. In this talk we present advances in each of these areas: 1) a new microscope which, for the first time, enables high speed (10x to 100x), large area, scanning of large samples, and 2) a new way to control the atomic force microscope to acquire mechanical properties at the nanometer scale (modulus, adhesion, deformation, dissipation). This embodiment of high-speed AFM is novel in that it is a large area “scanning-tip” design, which implements small fast cantilevers. This configuration eliminates nearly all sample constraints, allowing virtually any sample to be simply imaged at high speeds. Videos of various samples scanned in both air and fluid will be presented. The system is also used with a novel control process that directly measures the instantaneous force interaction during each tapping cycle (PeakForce Tapping), and this information is used to directly control the tip-surface interaction down to 10pN.
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