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Embossed and Intaglio Nano-Patterning using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM System

S.M. An, K.Y. Lee, W.H. Jhe
Seoul National University, KR

Keywords: nano-patterning, nanopipette, emboss/intaglio


We demonstrated embossed and intaglio nano-patterning using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM (Quartz Tunning Fork-Atomic Force Microscopy) system. Used materials in the patterning system were nanoparticles solution and acetone for delivery solution mica and flat plastic for substrate mica. By realizing the nano-scaled liquid ejection technique with the pulled nanopipette conbined QTF-AFM, various lithography systems can be realized with any liquid solution and sample, such as embossed and intaglio nanolithography. After filling the target solution, the inserting side of aperture was closed with commercial epoxy for the purpose of protection from the evaporation of liquid solution and control of the ejected liquid volume. After forming of capillary condensation between nanopipette tip and surface, we applied electric field to extract out the inside liquid to the substrate. The nano-patterned size could be controlled by the nanopipette’s size and applied electric field.
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TechConnect World 2011 Nanotech 2011 Clean Technology 2011 Microtech 2011 BioNanotech 2011 TechConnect Summit 2011
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