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Prostate Cancer-Specific Drug Delivery and Imaging System: Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Multi-functional AuNPs

K-L Dao
Northeastern University, US

Keywords: multifunctional AuNPs, prostate cancer drug delivery system, radioimaging AuNPs, Doxorubicin AuNPs


A multifunctional gold nanoparticulate (mfAuNPs) drug delivery system that is specific for prostate cancer therapy will be presented. A synthetic modular approach is established to prepare-a)a prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) ligands for targeting the overexpress prostate specific antigen (PSA) membrane receptors of cancer cells; b) pH-sensitive doxorubicin for inhibiting the cell proliferation via the hydrolysis of hydrazone bond to release the parent doxorubicin only inside the cytoplasm at lower pH; c) a radiolabeled chelate for capturing radionuclides,use for imaging or radiotherapy. Thiolation of these individual therapeutic targets on the surface of AuNPs forming multifunctional targeted drug delivery system for prostate cancer. Preliminary in vitro results will be also presented.
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