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Nanoparticulate systems of Acyclovir for Topical use in Herpes treatment –formulation, characterization and evaluation

P. Srinivas, R. Devaraj
Sri Venkateshwara College of Pharmacy, IN

Keywords: Acyclovir, Herpes, transdermal, flux


Of the numerous drugs that are available for systemic treatment of HSV infection, a cream containing an antiviral agent is still the most convenient method of treating herpes simplex labialis/facialis in the general population. Acyclovir (ACV) is a synthetic purine nucleoside analog derived from guanine indicated for the treatment of infections caused by the herpes virus and is considered the safest and most efficacious for this purpose. Topical application of ACV in polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a common practice, but has been shown to be less effective compared to oral and intravenous routes. Lack of effectiveness of topically applied ACV has been attributed to an inadequate delivery of drug to the skin cells and low drug solubility. The literature supports a proven relationship between the free drug concentration at the basal epidermis and in vivo antiviral efficacy for a variety of topical formulations. Considering these aspects, development of ACV-loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticulate (SLN) drug delivery system by transdermal route was attempted for possible improvement in the permeation efficiency for effective treatment in herpes infections. The characterization and evaluation of the developed formulation was also carried out.Mean size,Polydispersibility Index,Zeta potential and transdermal permeation studies in Rat skin were carried out.Lag time,Permeability coefficient and the enhancement ratio were calculated .Comparitive studies were performed between the nanosystems,a control dispersion and marketed cream.
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