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Novel Nanopatterning Strategies for Focused Ion Beam Lithography of Nanophotonic Structures

J.E. Sanabia, K.E. Burcham, J. Fridmann, J. Klingfus, M. Kahl and F. Nouvertné
Raith USA, Inc., US

Keywords: focused ion beam lithography, FIB, lithography


We present the ion beam lithography (IBL) fabrication of nanophotonic structures utilizing the novel and unique capabilities of the Raith ELPHY MultiBeam nanolithography system fitted to a commercially available SEM-FIB instrument. The two specific applications that we present are the photonic array of elliptical structures and the optical microresonator. Both the photonic array and the optical microresonator required several hours of IBL write time and, therefore, automated beam position drift correction was applied utilizing the built in image-based automatic mark registration algorithms. Each ellipse in the photonic array were filled with a multipass, spiral-outward patterning mode, one of the several low-overhead FLEXposure patterning modes built into with the ELPHY MultiBeam. The optical microresonator was milled using a concentric filling strategy, which employed automated switching between three separate FIB beam current settings to maximize the throughput of the task.
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