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Controllable Assembly and Thin Films Lubrication of Oxidized Graphene Materials

Z. Wei
Institute of High Energy Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN

Keywords: assembly, graphene, graphene oxide, coating, lubricant


Since its discovery in 2004, graphene and its derivates have been inspiring an explosion of interest both in fundamental and applied research due to their remarkable electronic, mechanical, optical, thermal, and sensing properties. Practical applications, however, require the assembly of these novel materials onto surfaces to generate functional films and devices. In this presentation, we focus on the assembly and thin films formation of graphene oxide (GO), a chemically derived graphene. We demonstrate that single-layer (atomic thickness) GO sheets can be selectively assembled onto to pre-defined areas of a substrate that were chemically patterned via micro contact printing (µCP) technique. We also discuss the formation of GO films with nanoscale thickness as well as their nanoscale frictional and lubricative properties when exposed to reducing agents. The remarkable lubricative property makes the reduced GO films an excellent candidate for surface coatings.
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