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Simple CVD method for high conductivity PEDOT films

D. Reig-i-Plessis, A. Baskaran, E. Panaitescu, L. Menon
Northeastern University, US

Keywords: PEDOT, conducting polymer, organic semiconductor


Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) or PEDOT is a transparent organic conductor that plays a key role in many electronic applications. PEDOT is used in organic LED’s, organic solar cells, display technologies, and as anti-static coatings. The most common method of producing PEDOT films currently is spin coating form a liquid solution. This method has the disadvantage anisotropic conductivity, with lower conductivity in the transverse direction. The wet process and the anisotropy are shortcomings for this method when considering applications involving conductivity between layers, or physically delicate substrates. This is especially important for organic and dye sensitized solar cells. We have produced PEDOT films in CVD at temperatures no higher than 110 degrees using a tube furnace. This CVD method uses only small amounts of cheap materials for deposition. The PEDOT coatings created were characterized by four point probe, cyclic voltaametry, SEM microscopy, EDS and optical transmission. The films have much higher conductivity than the PEDOT:PSS films, as well as a lower work function. SEM images show very uniform coverage, and thicknesses from 100 – 1000nm have been produced.
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