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Growth and Characterization of Serrated GaN Nanowires

Z. Ma, D. McDowell, M. Abd Elmoula, E. Panaitescu, D. Reig, L. Menon
Northeastern University, US

Keywords: nanowires, GaN, chemical vapor deposition


We describe our results on the growth of single crystalline GaN nanowires on catalyst-patterned substrates by means of chemical vapor deposition. The growth is carried out in a horizontal quartz tube inside a tube furnace wherein gallium oxide powder is used as reactor source and a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen gas is used as precursor. Growth of GaN nanowires are demonstrated on both Au and Ni-catalyst patterned substrates (either sapphire or silicon). The growth temperature is maintained at around 960°C. We show that by controlling the deposition parameters, specifically the size of the catalyst and amount of gallium oxide GaN nanowires grow in a ‘serrated’ pattern. The serrated nanowires maintain a stable, single crystalline state with very regular periodic serrations. The wires have been characterized by means of scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and energy dispersive x–ray scattering measurements. Preliminary electrical transport measurements on single serrated GaN nanowires released onto a Si substrate show that the wires exhibit improved electron transport capabilities with a resistance of 54k, which is much lower than the regular GaN nanowires.
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