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CellTech Power LLC

Location:ma, US
Speaker:Jeffrey M. Bentley
Title:High Efficiency Mobile Power Using Conventional Fuels
Primary Industry:Energy & Efficiency
Executive Summary:CellTech\\\'s Liquid Tin Anode (LTA) delivers the efficiency and low cost long promised by fuel cell technology. LTA generates power directly using virtually any hydrocarbon source including, diesel, biomass,natural gas and coal. These solutions are scalable from under 100 Watts to over 100 MW creating multiple platforms to address power generation needs. More intensive communications and computing have created a power gap between the best available batteries and the smallest generators. Edge devices, operating unattended and beyond the grid can now provide sophisticated surveillance and communication functions, but reliable, long-duration power supplies are unavailable, limiting solution deployment. In military applications, mission-critical sensors and communications often require weeks or months of powered operation. Remotely piloted ground vehicles provide enormous new capabilities, but their mission duration is limited by available power. Batteries and small generators using CellTech’s Liquid Tin Anode (LTA) address this need with low-cost, energy-dense, clean power solutions. LTA Carbon-Air batteries provide over 6 times the energy density of state-of-the art lithium batteries. CellTech is working with the US military and several contractors to develop batteries and small diesel/JP-8 generators with multiple near-term military and commercial applications. We are seeking funding to produce a working prototype.
Venture is:A-Round

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