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NanoMedical Systems

Location:TX, US
Speaker:Randy Goodall
Primary Industry:Biotech & Medical
Executive Summary:NanoMedical Systems is commercializing a multi-month nanotechnology-based drug delivery implant. A silicon chip with 100,000’s of precision nanofluidic channels controls the flow of drug molecules from the subcutaneous implant into the body. The device is easily adapted for use with a wide range of drugs including peptides and proteins, representing billions of dollars of market space. Target indications/applications now under discussion with pharma companies include: hepatitis C, hypogonadism, type II diabetes, carcinoid tumors. PROBLEM: Most drugs require a particular, stable level in the blood for maximum efficacy. This is commonly provided by regular injections and other means with accordant peaks and troughs of drug levels, resulting in adverse side effects, wasting drug, and patient inconvenience and non-compliance. SOLUTION: The small implanted NMS device uses patented nanofluidics technology to provide continuous, precision control of extended release of drugs. Side effects and inconvenience are reduced; compliance is increased, lowering medical costs. The nanoscale dimensions within the chip are easily set according to the drug molecule size; drug adaptation to the simple reservoir is straightforward, lowering development cost & time. The silicon platform will enable on-board electronics to personalize drug delivery via sensor and remote controls.
Venture is:A-Round

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