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Cline Technologies

Location:, SE
Speaker:Niklas Holmquist
Title:Business developer
Primary Industry:Biointerface nano-materials
Executive Summary:Cline Technologies is providing the world’s first nano structured chip with a density gradient. These chips are used to study cell to surface interactions and signaling as well as interactions between substances. This is crucial when studying and optimizing implant coatings, stem cell differentiation, cell signaling, regenerative medicine as well as bio film growth. The surface can be used as a surface platform to build gradients of almost any chemical compound or protein. In competing systems one has to use several chips with static particle density to see the effect of that, often very important, variable. We provide a density gradient over the surface, allowing all possible surface densities to be tried at once. This enables new findings and a more convenient solution. The invention allows for faster optimization and screening processes as well as identification of phenomena that has been practically impossible to observe until now. Furthermore it reduces scientific error and variance and the surfaces themselves, with or without a surface gradient, show superb quality. The market consists of researchers working with cell surface interactions and in the company is one of the most renowned researchers in the field, Professor Hans Elwing.
Venture is:Seed Level

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