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CondAlign AS

Location:Kjeller, NO
Speaker:Mark Buchanan
Primary Industry:Advanced Materials/Chemical
Executive Summary:CondAlign AS is a technology development company whose mission is to develop and license technology based on its patented process. Our vision is to establish CondAlign process technologies and materials in a wide range of applications. Condalign technology can induce conductive wires to form in materials to produce conductive films. Using this technology we can produce materials with 10-times lower particles thus reducing cost and enhancing functionality of the materials. This technology is valuable in the production process for numerous nanotechnology products such as: solar energy applications, ESD materials, batteries/fuel cells, touch screens, sensors, and other nanocoatings technologies etc. In general growth in the nanotechnology market still continues to be strong in particular in the nanointermediate materials. In the various application areas where this technology applies we also see strong growth. Solar cells/panels, batteries, ESD products, touch screens and sensors are among some of the stronger growing markets we are interested in. CondAlign AS was established in September 2010 and is in the process of expanding its team and development projects.
Venture is:Seed Level

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