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Morphology Control in Chemically Deposited Lead Sulfide:From Nanocrystalline to Monocrystalline Thin Films

A. Osherov, Y. Golan
Ben Gurion University of the Negev, IL

Keywords: semiconductors, PbS, chemical solution deposition, morphology and microstructure, optical properties, photonic crystals


Chemical deposition (CD) from solution offers a simple and cost-effective route for fabrication of high quality semiconductor thin films, and is useful for deposition of a large variety of semiconductors. Previously we have showed that based on our understanding of the deposition mechanisms involved in chemical solution deposition of lead chalcogenide films, it is possible to control the microstructure, morphology and crystallographic orientation of thin PbS films deposited on various faces of GaAs and Si substrates. Such tight control allowed us to obtain a wide range of film morphologies upon demand. From size quantized nanocrystalline films, through polycrystalline films, to monocrystalline films with very smooth surfaces. Consequently morphology related change in the energy gap was observed. In this work, fundamental issues regarding the epitaxy, microstructure, chemical composition, growth control and optical properties are addressed. Furthermore, we demonstrate that CD is applicable for fabrication of nanocrystal-based composite Si-PbS photonic crystals with enhanced optical activity, potential for amplified self-focusing emitting devices with tunable emission that can be readily achieved by controlling the size of the nanoparticles.Moreover, we have demonstrated multiple exciton generation in chemically deposited PbS and PbSe films, with promising implications for future solar cell technology.
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