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An investigation of nano patterned surfaces and their influence of cell behavior

M. Baum, C. Vetter, M. Wiemer, T. Gessner
Fraunhofer ENAS, DE

Keywords: nano imprint lithography, surface modification, cell, bio compatibility


In order to make nano effects useful for MEMS and biomedical applications, investigations to nanometer scaled layers and structures are necessary. Aim of this work is the evaluation of certain nano structures and their influence to the behavior and growth of living cells. A literature study shows the state of the art concerning nano patterned biological surfaces. With that knowledge the structures were designed in different dimensions ranging from 50 nm up to 300 nm. Once one will have the structures it could be helpful to duplicate or to emboss these structures for multiple uses. With nano imprint lithography it is possible to generate lots of nano patterns with a batch process. After the resist is patterned the structures have to be transferred to the substrate material using dry etching technologies. The patterned substrates were afterwards deposited with Au, Ti and SiO2 to find out the different influence of the material too. Last but not least the structured samples were placed in a usual cell culture and the behavior of the cells was explored.
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