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A Study on operatin and caracteristics of DEFC(Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell) Utilized Bio-ethanol based on Fruit Waste

N. Lee, H. Hyunsoo, J. Choi, I. Cha
Center for Organic Agrifood industrialization, KR

Keywords: direct ethanol fuel cell(DEFC), bio-ethanol, impurity effect, formic acid


This study describes performance of DEFC(Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell) utilized Bio-ethanol based on fruit waste. At the DEFC, the electrodes loading 4mg/cm2 of PtRu and 4mg/cm2 of Pt were used as anode and cathode catalysts, respectively, when the alcohol as methanol, ethanol, bio-ethanol were injected into anode. Operating temperature and pressure were 60℃ and 1atm, respectively. In performance test, it was revealed that the cell performance of methanol was much higher than that of ethanol. Comparing ethanol with mixed fuel(bio-ethanol(10%) and ethanol(90%)), the performance of ethanol was higher than that of mixed fuel. The power density was decreased(20%) after operation of 4days. Even though the bio-ethanol from the fruit wastes is corresponded with ethanol standards, it seems to be the electrochemical area of the cathode decreased, signifying the fermic acid(HCOOH) has a negative effect on the cathode catalyst layer included the membrane swelling and distortion due to the loss of performance.
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