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Thermotropic liquid crystal phase of gold nanorods (invited presentation)

P. Luchette
AlphaMicron, US

Keywords: nanorods, nanoparticles, liquid, crystal


Periodic arrays of nanoparticles provide a path to realization of so called metamaterials, with potential applications for use as negative index materials, hyperbolic dispersion lenses, and others. Realization of these metamaterials can require densely packed arrays of nanoparticles, potentially over large areas. Self assembly of nanoparticles provides a highly efficient route for preparation such arrays, with a liquid crystal phase of nanoparticles providing a dynamically configurable, self assembled system. While liquid crystalline nanoparticle materials can be found in the literature, reports thermotropic liquid crystalline phases of nanoparticles are less common. We report the first thermotropic phase liquid crystal phase of gold nanorods in an isotropic host. The role of nanoparticle coatings, polydispersity, and preparation methods will be discussed from an engineering standpoint, how factors such as interparticle spacing must be considered when designing LC based metamaterials, as well as some of the broader implications of nanoparticles based liquid crystal phases.
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